Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on RWBY-RP. They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Board Rules

      1. Overall Board Rules
        1. Please bear in mind, newly registered users will not be capable of posting on the site or any of its subforums until you have undergone approval by a moderator. Upon completing your character profile, please send a message to the “Professors” group via the on-site private messaging system. Combat information for your characters, such as stats and skills, is not required but highly encouraged. Failure to submit your character for approval may lead to delays.
        2. The staff members of RWBY-RP reserve the right to modify or add rules at any given time. Please be sure to keep yourself updated about the rules. For the benefit and convenience of all members, a link to the rules page will be at the top of every forum section at all times. Failure to follow the rules will result in a warning, and if the warning(s) given are disregarded or not adhered to, you may be banned from the community for any length of time—including permanently—depending on the nature of your infraction(s).
      2. Regarding Site ActivityDuring your time in this community, we ask that you keep the following rules and terms of use in mind.
        1. Do not spam forums.
          1. When replying to topics, please keep your posts coherent and concise.
          2. Do not create duplicate threads.
          3. Do not bump threads that are inactive. If you feel a thread needs to be more visible to the public request that a moderator sticky it.
        2. Do not troll.
          1. I.E., intentionally attempting to irritate or provoke other members.
        3. Do not harass other members.
          1. This involves message members privately about things, such as threads, if they have expressed disinterest or requested you to stop.
          2. Do not message staff members multiple times pertaining to the approval of your character.
        4. Respect your fellow members and members of the staff, both on-site and on Discord.
          1. The Discord used by RWBY-RP is the first impression for many new and aspiring members. Remember to be courteous and respectful, both to newcomers and old members.
          2. While swearing is permitted, if done in excess, you may be asked to stop.
        5. Posting in the appropriate forums.
          1. Threads introducing yourself should go in the “Introductions” forum.
          2. Discussions and information pertaining to the RWBY show, as well as other related news, should go in “RWBY Media.”
          3. Suggestions for the website, rules, and other various systems should be posted in “Support, Feedback, and Comments.”
          4. Out of character roleplays, thread planning, and recruitment for any events should be posted in “Out of Character.”
        6. No posting links to illicit sources of copyright material or intellectual property, such as torrents and download websites.
          1. This applies to the Discord as well.
        7. No advertising other websites or Discord channels to solicit visitors.
          1. The exception to this rule is other RWBY-related sites and communities.
        8. Please use reasonably sized font in your posts and signature.
          1. Usage of smaller or larger fonts than the standard should be used sparingly.
          2. Signatures should be short and refrain from including images.
      3. RP-Specific RulesThe RWBY-RP website uses the RPG Rating Scale, meaning it uses an L:2, S:2, V:2 rating with all proper discretion advised.
        1. Respect the the world of Remnant.
          1. While most people may have their own headcanon for the show, including our own theories and ideas, there are certain constants in the show that should be respected.
          2. Faunus characters should not have the traits of mythological creatures.
          3. There are no “half breed” faunus, nor may a faunus have more than one trait.
          4. A character may not possess silver eyes.
          5. At present, characters may not become Grimm, have the abilities of Grimm, or control Grimm through their Semblance. From what has been portrayed, Grimm are solely soulless creatures with a desire only to kill humanity.
          6. If your character was created before some of these rules were in place, they may be grandfathered in to be exempt from them, such as having dual faunus traits. We will only remove the grandfathered status if a case is particularly lorebreaking.
        2. Respect your fellow posters.
          1. This includes abiding by the required minimum word count of 100.
          2. Do not break posting order. The order of posters in a thread is important, so that everyone may have a turn, and it is considered extremely disrespectful to break that order.
        3. No god-modding, shadow-modding, or metagaming.
          1. God-Modding is the idea that your character has the ability to do nearly anything, shirking physical limitations and boundaries. One example of such is the inability to be harmed by any and all means.
          2. Shadow-Modding is the process of controlling another player’s actions or reactions.
          3. Metagaming is using information learned out-of-character, such as seeing a discussion in the Discord, and applying it in-character when your character should not know it. An example of this is a character hiding their faunus heritage by whatever means, but having your character be aware of this because you saw a discussion about it. You would not and should not know this until appropriate in-character interactions are done.
        4. There is to be no using of, or referencing of Monty Oum in any form as a part of the RWBY canon. Especially as a god or diety. We would also request you refrain from using "Oum" as a replacement for "god" in Discord.
        5. Out of character (OOC) commentary should be kept to a minimum.
          1. Standalone posts of OOC information should never be made under any circumstances.
          2. If OOC communication is necessary, consider using the site’s private messaging system or using our Discord channel.
        6. No excessive swearing.
          1. Swearing should carry some type of meaning to it, such as putting emphasis on a particular moment. Cursing with disregard may be considered excessive.
          2. Acceptable curses when used sparingly include:  shit, damn, bastard, bitch, hell, ass.
        7. You may use a [Mature] tag in the title of your thread, in order to indicate that it will go into more adult material.
          1. While this allows more sexual conversations or actions, adult language, or the showing of physical harm, it does not mean it is no holds barred, and will still have applicable rules. No described explicit sexual activity, no excessive racial slurs, and no grotesque horror will be allowed under any circumstances.
          2. In cases where only more severe language is used, a [Language] tag may be used in place of a [Mature] tag.
          3. In some cases, you may be requested or required to use a [Trigger:] tag in the title of your thread to warn readers of potentially sensitive or traumatic material. While it is not necessary for threads with a [Mature] tag, you may still use it if you wish to do so.
        8. You may not, under any circumstances, engage in combat threads without permission from a staff member.
          1. The exception to this is if you have purchased a Combat License upon attaining 6 Renown on the website.
          2. Combat that does not use RWBY-RP’s combat stats and systems is also not allowed.
        9. Students that commit crimes after enrolling at Beacon may be punished, both in-character and out.
          1. Your character, the student, is enrolled at Beacon to become a hero or make up for things that happened in the lives. Crime should not be something they partake in.
        10. Posting in the appropriate forums.
          1. Similarly to the rule in the general site-wide rules, threads and posts should be made in the appropriate sections. If an interaction is happening in Vale, it needs to be posted in the appropriate district. If a district is not applicable, it should be in the general Vale forum.
          2. Mountain Glenn is inaccessible to 1st Semester students.
          3. The Lecture Hall is where information on the combat systems, guides, and other in-depth RP rules are posted.
          4. The Amphitheater is where announcement relating to RP are posted.
          5. For the majority of interactions happening in Beacon, the Academy Gardens is the generally accepted area. Otherwise, please post your threads in the necessary subforum.
        11. Any and all issues are to be reported to the professors.
          1. If you have issues with another player due to rule breaking, miscommunication, or otherwise, please send a private message to the Professors group so that it may be handled, or report the post(s) in question.
        12. No RWBY character cameos.
          1. You may not have your character witness, interact with, or be related to any of the main cast from the RWBY show, such as Ruby, Pyrrha, Jaune, etc.
          2. The exception to this is that you may mention being a part of a professor’s class. Otherwise, no interactions with with RWBY cast who are not in a teaching position.
        13. No exported (“expy”) characters.
          1. An exported/expy character is one created with the intention of deliberately copying another character from a television show, anime, game, or otherwise, sometimes only minorly changing details about them.
        14. No android characters.
          1. This rule is in place because of the portrayed idea that they are extremely rare.
          2. The exception is that android characters may be permitted with explicit staff approval.
          3. Androids do not include cyborgs such as James Ironwood.
        15. Regarding pets, characters may have them only with staff approval.
          1. Please be aware that owning a pet, and making a post with a pet, bumps up the required word count to 200 since other participants in the thread may need to react to both.
        16. No player deaths.
          1. The death of NPC character or villains is allowed with explicit staff permission.
          2. While death is portrayed in RWBY, remember that it is not gruesome or explicit.
  2. Combat Rules

    1. Stats and What They Do

      Means of Attack:A broader range of stats all with an explicit use in combat.

      Melee: A close range Means of Attack, it is described as anything that would make physical contact; such as a slash from a sword, a punch, etc. For every point in attack, you will deal 5 damage.

      Dust: A Means of Attack using dust as your weapon, with it's maximum range being medium. The benefit for dust being it's damage and use with skills. For every point in dust, you will deal 4 damage. If you use dust with your weapon you can not use it with or in place of other stats. For example you can not use your Dust stat for a long range freeze dust bullet.

      Range: A Means of Attack with a maximum of long range. it applies to anything that leaves your hands, that isn't pure dust. It can also cover multiple ranges dependent upon the gun type, please keep it reasonable! For every point in range, you will deal 3 damage, as well as an additional 50% dmg when hitting somebodies HP.

      Accuracy: This stat shows how capable a student is at hitting their targets. Compared most often against Speed in interactions with Dodge, this is the way you will find yourself hitting more often.

      Means of Defense:A selection of stats meant to help avoid or mitigate any damage you may be subjected to.

      Defense:Your defense stat determines how well you are able to take a hit of any type, and is primary stat to increase your health. Defense creates block, which is usually Defense x4. Block prevents damage from attacks that hit you, going down for whatever you absorb and resetting when the damage surpasses it, hurting you.

      Speed:This stat is a measure of a student’s ability to avoid being hurt in combat. The points put in it will directly affect your Dodge, at both a base level and through increases from taking hits. A student with higher speed will get hit less, but in the end they will still have to take a hit!

      And finally you have your aura stat!
      Aura:Aura dictates how much you can use your skills in battle.(See below.) Each point in aura is 1 point of aura you can use in battle. For every point of Aura your character will gain a small amount of health as well.

      So, with that, you've got the bare bones of the system. You understand your stats and the basics of what they can do, now, let's show you some of their bigger tricks! #
    2. Starting Health and Semester Gains

      You'll be given 21 points from the start, and each one will effect your health in the beginning. You have a base 100 health, meaning that in the calculations below, anything positive will be added to the 100, anything negative will be subtracted. For our faster students, never fear, your health can not drop any lower than 25.

      Stat Breakdown;

      Melee: -5 for every point
      Defense: +20 for every point
      Range: -5 for every point
      Accuracy: -5 for every point
      Speed: -5 for every point
      Aura: +5 for every point.
      Dust: -5 for every point

      So for example we have Student A, who's stats go as follows;

      Melee: 3 (-15 hp)
      Defense: 3 (+60 hp)
      Range: 3 (-15 hp)
      Accuracy: 3 (-15 hp)
      Speed: 3 (-15 hp)
      Aura: 3 (+15 hp)
      Dust: 3 (-15 hp)

      The total hp added was 75, so your Hp would be 175. Though the total subtracted was 75, so your end Hp would be 100.

      This is simply to start though, every 100 posts, you will go up a semester. When you go up a semester every stat you currently have a point in will get +1, and on top of that you will receive 7 stat points you may divide up among your characters stats however you wish. (No melee, melee, defense for semester 2, for instance.) Whenever you add your bonus to defense, you will earn 20 points of health per point you added. Whenever you add your bonus to aura, you will earn 5 points of health per point you added.

      Dust and Aura: Both dust and aura are strong points from the show, and play a big part here on the site as well. The more you invest into these two the more you will have for your skills, and the potency will go up as well. While Dust can be used as an attacking stat, it also has it's own separate use known as Dust Pool. For every one point you put into your Dust stat, you will also gain a point in your Dust Pool which is used to measure how much dust you have for skills. Aura also has it's own pool, used to measure how much you have for any given skill. #
    3. Stat Caps

      Another part of character stats is how much you can have in any one stat and how much you can have total. The first and most basic rule of stat caps is that you can not have a base stat over 20. Any stat over 20 will be requested to be lowered and the points in it moved. This only means your base stats on your character sheet, and not any changes made in combat. Secondly is the bigger aspect of total stats you can have on a character. Upon Semester 4 students no longer gain stats from the Semester system as they have reached the last one, but with events come extra. To determine how much extra you can have you will need to look at how many stats you have that are equal to 5 or less. The max you can have is as follows based on the 5 or less stats you have.

      If you have No Stats of 5 or less your Maximum stat points are 85
      If you have 1 Stat of 5 or less your Maximum stat points are 80
      If you have 2 or more Stats of 5 or less your Maximum stat points are 75
      If you find your character near or at their Maximum and realize you made a mistake you can ask Staff for a respec as long as you have good reason. We will determine if you may have one or not.

      *Characters that appear to be made outside of the spirit of RP, which is what this site is primarily about, will receive notification to be changed. We're an RP site first and our combat system supports that. We will not allow that spirit to be damaged by abuse.Your build belongs to you, but it should be exactly that: a build. Please spend your stats responsibly. #
    4. Combat Mechanics

      Rounding: All instances of rounding are rounded up. The only exception to this is if you need to round the effects of another person on your turn. In which case you will always round in the favor of the person who took the action. So if you are blocking an attack that changes your defense then you would round down as you have to round in favor of the one taking action. If you are using Guard and are mitigating the damage of an attack, you round the enemies damage down for the mitigation because you are taking that action. If both are taking an action you round both effects in their proper favors.

      Environmental Hazards: This includes dangers such as;exploding barrels, piles of dust,a dust crystal, traps, etc. There is no added damage to using these hazards against an opponent, and regardless of who provided the hazard, it is the one who triggers it that damage will be calculated from. In other words this is more for flair than substance. The damage will be calculated from the means of attack used to trigger the hazard.

      Overwhelm: Sometimes an attack against a blocking enemy does just a little bit more than the blocker can handle. In these cases the blocker is Overwhelmed. You become Overwhelmed when an attack against you breaks through your block and would hurt you for equal to or less than the total of the stats attacking you. When this happens you take none of that HP damage you would take from having your block broken, and instead have your current block halved until it next resets. This can happen several times in a row.
      Example: Grimm attacks Huntsmen for 50 melee with 10 in Melee, Huntsmen blocks 40 and is overwhelmed going from 40 block to 20 block, and taking no HP dmg.

      Post Combat Recovery: In some instances you may find yourself facing down more enemies than you can handle at once, or dealing with an event that requires you fight more than one group of enemy. in these situations you will leave combat between these groups, and recover some energy over the process as you rest. This will show up in how much you restore of your health, aura, and dust after combat as well as in subsequent posts. The way you determine what you get is as follows.
      HP: You regain 2x your Defense+your Aura, (Def+Aura)x2, when combat ends and every turn out of combat afterwards.
      Aura Points: You regenerate 3 Aura Points when combat ends, and 1 for every turn out of combat.
      Dust: You instantly regenerate 1/2 the Dust you spent in the last fight when it ends.
      Status and Effects: When combat ends it's effects do not. Any effects on you continue to persist until they would normally end.

      Ranges:Range describes the distance between you and your opponent/Goal. To begin with, here is a breakdown of the ranges;
      Close: Melee/Striking distance. When you are in close range, you are as close as you can possibly be to a target, and are an immediate threat.
      Medium: Medium range is the max range of the Dust stat. Here you are close to the battle, but not close enough to be in immediate danger of strong close range strikes. To reach medium range, it takes one turn, or a movement skill from either Close or Long range.
      Long: When at long range, you are out of the way and in no real danger from a melee attacker. However most attacks do not hit as hard at this range. It takes two turns to reach Long range from Close range. One from Mid. When crossing ranges without a movement skill, it takes a dedicated turn WITHOUT attacks or skills. Otherwise the movement skill would not exist! Keep that in mind when building your characters.

      So, with that in mind, you may ask yourself; "What can attack and from what range?". Well as mentioned previously, all three of the primary attack stats have a maximum range. Melee is close, Dust is Medium, and Range is Long.

      Skills: Some of the most powerful techniques in a hunter's arsenal, skills are tricks unique to said hunter that give him an advantage in a fight. There is a complete list of your available skills below. Do note a few things about skills however, unless otherwise stated, they take during your attack phase. So, no stealthing to dodge an attack sent your way. Finally, only one skill can be used per turn! #
    5. Non Skill Actions are abilities anyone may use without need for skill slots. They are something anyone can pull off given they are in the right circumstances. That is not to say they have no costs to being used. Some wont allow a skill to be used that turn, some are inefficient, and some put you in danger. As long as you meet the criteria of the action though you may perform it. Even if you have performed other skills or actions this turn. That being said they are an important tool in any huntresses kit.

      Protect: Every huntsmen knows how to protect somebody at the most basic level. If you choose to you can protect somebody within close range of you, taking the full attack for them. This comes at the cost of one attack per attack against that person you take. You can protect an ally who comes in the turn order before you, but you need to message them and tell them you are protecting them. anyone can chose to ignore being protected.

      Run: Moving is a pretty basic ability for huntsmen. For those who want to purely move a distance, or those unskilled in the ability to move swiftly, they have running. Using this causes you to move one distance in any direction, at the cost of your attacks and skill use this turn.

      Rush: While moving safely is important you do not always have this luxury, and all huntresses know this. Using this allows you to move one range in any direction for the turn, spending one of your attacks and making you unable to use skills this turn. #
  3. Skills

    1. Skill List


      Stance Skills can not stack with each other unless one specifically states that it can stack with others. When using a stance skill while another is active, if that stance has a cost to deactivating it you will pay that cost along with the normal cost of the skill you are using. Stance Skills also end when the effective points your paid for them with is at 0. SO if you paid for Bulwark with Aura and your effective AP is 0, then Bulwark immediately ends.

      Effective AP & DP: Any effect that reduces your Aura or Dust stat will also temporarily decrease your current AP or DP, unless it says otherwise. For example if you get your Aura reduced by 5, and you have 4 of a total 10 AP at the time, your effective AP will be -1 and mean you can not use Aura skills until you can pay for them again. Buffs do not increase your actual AP or DP amounts.

      Buffs and Debuffs: Any buffs or debuffs of the same effect for the same group of people will not stack. The three groups of people being Enemies, Allies, and yourself. An effect would something like a buff to the melee stat, or a buff to the range damage multiplier. if you have a buff or debuff onto you with two effects where one effect won;t stack, then the rest of the buff/debuff will still go through. For example, if an ally buffs your melee for 10, you buff your melee for 10 as well as your melee multiplier by 1, and an ally buffs both your melee stat as well as range stat by 5, you will get total 20 extra melee with a multiplier bonus and 5 extra range.

      Stances and AP/DP: All stances, unless stated otherwise, will be canceled when your effective points in the stat used to pay for the skill reaches 0. So if you pay for Bulwark with aura and your effective AP hits 0 then Bulwark is immediately turned off.

      Skill Costs: The cost of a skill that lists either dust "OR" aura as a cost must have its cost decided upon creation of the skill. In cases where the skill benefits from using either the dust or aura stat in its mechanics, the stat used and cost must be the same.

      Number of Skills: The number of skills a student may have is dependent on their Semester and Renown. A semester 1 student may only have 3 skills, and gains 2 skills for each semester they gain. Renown rewarded through events and special accomplishments may result in up to 2 additional skill slots.

      -As of the moment, these are all of the approved skills. You can use any of them, and you will be good to go; however, these are not the only skills you are entitled to. If you have a skill you would like to have, run it by a member of the staff, preferably myself, and there is a chance we will approve it. In which case, it will be added to the available skills list. It should be noted, the skills can be flared up any way you like, so long as they follow these mechanics.-

      -Do note, your semblance is not a free skill slot, and can not be accessed without skills. Your skills are what gives it form/power/and limits. For instance; If your Semblance is Fire Manipulation, and Skill 1 is "Fireball", Skill 2 is "Fire Breath", and Skill 3 is "Fire Barrier"....all you can do with fire is create/throw a fireball, breathe fire, and create a barrier. NOTHING ELSE. Not until you learn to use it better, at least. One can have some mundane skills (First Aid, Engineering, etc), but if it's anything beyond the mundane, it's going to derive from the Semblance. (Please note, your skills do not have to come from semblance, you can conceive a way for most any of the skills to be used, even if it's only "I took a professor's class.", but your semblance needs skills to be effective. It can still be used outside of battle as well.)-

      ((However, you may not under ANY circumstances create a skill and use it without running it by a member of the staff. Doing so will result in the invalidation of your combat thread. If you have ANY skills related questions, any at all, please run them by a member of the staff. As stated above, you are now required to have all skills approved before taking on the Emerald forest, and during the duration of your trial, your skills will be locked.))

      Non-Combat Skills

      -Healing: Healing is a skill only applicable to others, and can be done with dust and your aura.To find your healing capabilities you take your points in Aura and add them to your points in dust, the amount is then multiplied by 5. In the event that one of your stats is 0, you will only be able to multiply by the stat with points. You can not heal past their maximum health. ((Aura+Dust)*5= Amount healed) The turn that this is used, you may only attack three targets.
      ---(Cost: 1 aura OR 1 dust, depending on your build.) ---

      -Self-Healing: A healing skill used on yourself, and is calculated in the same manner, with the same cost and limitations. The only difference is that you are unable to attack this turn.
      ---(Cost: 1 aura OR 1 dust.)---

      -Movement: Skills that let you cover great distances in a short period of time, be it through equipment, dust, semblance, etc. It can move you from close range to mid-range, and mid-range to long range without the turn penalty. You may only attack three targets this turn.
      ---(Cost: 1 aura OR 1 dust.)---

      -Embolden: Using either Dust or your Aura you increase an ally's power for a short duration. You may add either your Aura or Dust stat to up to 3 different stats divided evenly, until the end of that ally’s next turn (Stats affected chosen on creation). This skill may be used during your Reaction Phase.
      Cost 1 Aura or Dust
      ---(Cost: 1 aura OR 1 dust.)---

      -Stealth:A skill based on hiding yourself from your enemies, as such, while it is activated you can not be attacked, but attacking breaks the illusion as well. AoE's can hit and break you out of Stealth. You can NOT attack any enemies before using this skill, or use a skill while this skill is active.
      ---(Cost: 1 Aura or Dust per turn it is active.)---

      -Replenishing:The act of restoring aura to a student in need. The transfer of aura is point to point, meaning that for every 1 point you spend, they will receive 1 aura -skill- point back.
      ---(Cost:1 aura minimum, 3 aura maximum.(Students may not exceed 3 transferred aura on any given turn.))---

      -Restock:The act of resupplying dust to a student in need. The transfer of dust is point to point, meaning that for every 1 point you spend, they will receive 1 dust -skill- point back.
      ---(Cost:1 dust minimum, 3 dust maximum.(Students may not exceed 3 transferred dust on any given turn.))---

      -Summon:Summon forth a creature, pet, or whatever you utilize, to fight alongside you in battle until it is destroyed or desummoned. Upon using this skill your summon is brought into the fight at medium range or closer of you. You decide a summons stats upon taking the skill and update it as you gain stats. A summon's stat pool is equal to 1/2 of your total stats. Summon's have no aura stat. A summon's HP is equal to your Dust or Aura x5 (Whichever you cast with), plus the summon's Def x20. Using this skill takes up all your attacks for the turn, but your summon can attack when created.
      ---(Cost: 2 aura OR 2 dust.)---

      Combat Skills

      -Shell: Using the inherent nature of Dust, you create a shell of protective dust to protect yourself from damage. When you use this ability you gain your Dust x15 in extra block independent of your own Block stat that while making you unable to dodge and you will not gain dodge when hit. It stays on you until it is broken or you choose to get rid of it. Any negative effects that do not hit your HP while you have a shell on are prevented, and any melee attacks that hit a person in a shell cause the attacker to lose HP equal to the person’s Dust when the shell was made. You can not make any attacks the turn this is used and it can be used during your Reaction Phase.
      ---(Cost: 2 dust)---

      -Invigorate: You focus your aura to protect you more effectively than would normally be possible. When you use this ability you gain your Aura x10 in temporary HP that lasts until the end of the turn. Any negative effects that hit you are negated unless they hit your real HP. Your temporary HP takes damage first. You can not make any attacks the turn this is used, and it can be used during your Reaction Phase. You can not attack each turn the Bonus HP from Invigorate is active.
      ---(Cost 2 Aura)---

      -Awareness: Using a mix of speed and defense you increase your ability to block damage. When you use this skill you add speed x2 to block with each block you make for this turn. This can be used during your Reaction Phase.
      ---(Cost: 2 Aura or Dust)---

      -Area of effect: A large attack meant to hit multiple targets. You make a single attack against any number of enemies within the range of the selected attack stat (Chosen on creation) that pierces Block and deals 1/2 dmg. This uses all your attacks for the turn.
      ---(Cost: 1 aura OR 1 dust.)---

      -Enfeeble: Use your aura or dust to weaken an enemy's ability to fight with a debilitating attack. A single attack on your turn is turned into a debuffing attack using a pre chosen attack stat (ie Melee, Dust, Range). If that attack hits then the target has up to 2 stats cut in half, until the end of their next turn (Stats Chosen on Creation of Skill). Enfeeble does not stack with other debuffs onto the same stat. A stat can not be enfeebled 2 turns in a row. If this is used on enemies controlled by players like a grimm fight, then it will end at the end of the turn before the person who used it.
      ---(Cost: 1 aura OR dust, per stat reduced. )---

      -Empower: Using the power of Dust or Aura you turn your attacks into a pressuring force. Until the end of your turn increase an attack stat and your accuracy when using that stat by ½ of your base stat (Attacking stat chosen on creation).
      ---(Cost: 1 aura OR dust.)---

      -Dust Infusions:Loading your weapon with dust, you'll be able to offer even more dangerous strikes! For one turn, you add your Dust stat to your choice of Range/Melee (Chosen on creation), and increase it's multiplier by 1. When taking Dust Infusion as a skill you may choose to have it target an ally instead of yourself. If your Dust Infusion target's allies it has the same effect of adding your dust onto the pre-chosen attack stat of an ally and increasing it's multiplier by 1 for one turn. An ally can choose to deny this if they wish.
      ---(Cost: 2 dust.)---

      -Bash:Strike enemies with your defensive skills for damage. Use your current Defense stat to hit enemies at close range using your current Defense multiplier. Each enemy who attacks you with Melee before your turn is eligible for an attack from this skill. These attacks can not exceed four, and are still able to be dodged.
      ---(Cost: 1 aura OR 1 dust.)---

      -Surge: Attack your enemies and become pushed even harder to continue the fight. Attack enemies and get your total attacking stat in health if the attack hits(Stat is effected by buffs). Applies to all 4 attacks that turn. Attack type must be selected upon skill creation.
      For Villains: If this skill is Dark Arte’d with another skill that uses two attacking stats, like a dust infusion, both stats are used to calculate gain.
      ---(Cost: 1 aura OR 1 dust.)---

      -Damage Over Time: Strike an opponent with an attack that leaves a lasting damage effect. If your attack connects with a target’s defense or health, then on top of the normal damage for that attack, they will be dealt the attacking stat as Unavoidable Pierce damage, for their next 3 turns. This effects all attacks made by the chosen stat this turn. Attack type must be selected upon skill creation.
      ---(Cost: 1 aura OR 1 dust.)---

      -Flourish: Strike your enemies with a mix of ranged and melee attacks. The attack deals Range Stat + Melee Stat then x5 ( (Rng + Mle)x5 ), with the attack dealing 2x dmg to any Block it hits (So if you have 60 block vs a 100 dmg flourish, that block will essentially be worth 30 for the attack and you will take 70 instead of 40 dmg.). You may not use other Range or Melee attacks this turn.This can be used at both medium and close range.This can not be used with a base stat of zero in either Range or Attack.
      ---(Cost: 2 aura OR 2 dust)---

      -Aura Attack: You make attacks on your enemy with your aura or semblance. These attacks deals damage equal to your aura stat x the multiplier for the range you chose for it on creation (Close range = x5, Medium x4, Long x3.).
      ---(Cost: 1 aura)---

      -Sneak Attack: Make an attack on an enemy from stealth, taking them by surprise. This attack allows you to attack before your enemy's Reaction Phase and add your Accuracy stat to the stat you have pre-chosen for the skill for the attack on a single enemy. The damage for this skill can not be prevented or reduced. You must be in stealth to use this skill, this attack will end the effects of stealth. It only applies to one of the targets you attacks the turn it is used. The attack type must be chosen when creating the skill.
      ---(Cost: 1 Aura OR 1 Dust)---

      -Catalyze: Using potent aura in conjunction with Dust, you create a wild and destructive force of dust power. All dust attacks this turn deal (Aura+Dust)x3. Any enemy hit by this will get a 2 turn debuff that deals your, (aura+dust)x2 at the time of the attack, in dmg to their block and HP if it breaks block. Any block that reaches 0 because of the effect of this skill does not reset.
      ---(Cost: 2 aura OR dust, and 1 of the other type)---

      -Shift: This skill allows you to move another person either against their will or with it. When using Shift, you target a single person to either move one distance away or one distance closer to you (Direction chosen on creation). This is dodged normally and uses up an attack for your turn..
      ---(Cost: 1 aura OR dust)---

      -Elemental Casting:Dust in it's original use, is wielded as an elemental force, a wild weapon cast by Dust users with enough skill and determination. This gives students access to a wide array of options to use for their skills. Elemental Casting allows you to pick one to three elements to combine into a single skill a student uses. You may choose one to three dusts to be able to select from for the skill. From those chosen elements you may combine them in any way you wish when you use the skill, with the cost being equal to the number of elements used. All options will be listed below, and if your student personally has a dust they are involved with you can message a staff member to see if that dust can be worked out for you. You must choose which dusts the skill uses upon creating the skill.
      ---(Costs: 1 Dust per element used in the skill)---
      Burn: Enemies damaged by this get 1/2 healing on that turn, and if an enemy is hit they lose Hp equal to your dust stat.
      Freeze: Enemies hit gain no dodge when they are next hit on their next turn.
      Shock: Ignores enemy Block with -1 to your attacks Dmg multiplier
      Gravity: Enemies hit get -1 to the multipliers of Melee and Range until the end of their next turn.
      Wind: Attack has 2x Accuracy with -1 to your attacks damage multiplier, and can not be negated.
      Energy: Enemies hit lose your Dust stat x2 in Block until it resets.
      Earth: Increases your Dust damage multiplier by 1, and ignores 25% of enemy Block.
      Metal: Your attack can reach long range and deals 1.5x damage to HP, while getting -1 to its damage multiplier.
      Water: If you deal damage to an enemies HP they are knocked back 1 range.
      Steam: If an ally is attacked by an enemy on the turn after being hit with this attack, that ally gets to add 1/2 of your base Dust stat to their Dodge for that attack

      Stance Skills
      Unless a Stance Skill specifically states otherwise, deactivating it costs nothing, and using a new Stance Skill immediately overrides one you had on before hand (Ie they do not stack unless they say so).

      -Bulwark: When this skill is active, Range, Melee, and Dust get -1 multiplier, while your Defense gets +2 multiplier to Block. This stat can be turned on or off by using the skill. Turning it off is free.
      ---(Costs: 1 Aura OR 1 Dust, per activation)---

      -Onslaught: When this skill is active, Range, Melee, and Dust get +1 to their multipliers, while Defense gets -1 multiplier to Block. This can be turned on or off by using the skill. Turning it off is free.
      ---(Cost 1 Aura OR 1 Dust)---

      -Guard: Using your skill or even your own body, you protect an ally from harm. Upon activation you will choose a target ally to protect from attacks. While that ally is in close range of you, any attacks directed at them will instead hit you for half dmg, with all effects carried with it. If your targeted ally leaves close range they will still be targeted and will continue being guarded if they get back into close range. You may switch the target you wish to protect at any time during your turn, by repaying the cost of the skill. Switching does not count as using a skill for the turn. This stance stacks with other stances. Turning this skill off is free.
      ---(Cost 1 Aura OR 1 Dust)---

      -Endure: Go into an aura fueled stance that heightens your survival ability in a fight. Add 1/4, rounded down, of your Aura stat to your Defense and Speed stats while this stance is active. During this your Aura stat will equal 0 (This will not reduce your effective AP). Any decrease to your Aura stat will instead decrease the bonus to your Defense and Speed respectively. Turning it off is free.
      ---(Cost 2 Aura)---

      -Enkindle: Go into a dust fueled stance that heightens your survival ability in a fight. While in this stance you may at any time during your turn pay 1 Dust to add ½ your Dust stat, rounded up, to either your Defense, Accuracy, or Speed for a single use. If you never use the effect of this skill during a turn it will be deactivated at the end of that turn. This requirement does not apply to the turn you first activate Enkindle. This skill can not be turned on at any time, and turning it off is free.
      ---(Cost 0 Dust)---

      -Evasive: Using quick movements or other methods you sacrifice power in exchange for speed. While in this stance your Dust, Melee, and Range dmg multipliers are reduced by 1. Your Speed is increased by ½ rounded down. Turning this off is free.
      ---(Cost: 1 Dust or Aura)---

      -Reckless: Slowing yourself, you sacrifice speed for the power to strike more fiercely. While in this stance your Dust, Melee, and Range Dmg multipliers are increased by 1. Your Speed stat is decreased by ½ rounded down.
      ---(Cost: 1 Dust or Aura)---

      Skills in Testing
      Skills that are currently employed by students and under supervision by the staff, these are skills that have yet to be fully approved, but are in the process of proper balancing. If you would like to use any of the skills below, please ASK a staff member first! Any skills you would like to see tested, run by a staff member. If you have any recommendations for a current skill in Testing, run this by staff as well. This thread will be edited accordingly, so make sure to check back often!
      When you are testing a skill, it will come with a free temporary skill slot so you do not have to replace an existing skill until it is finalized. While testing any number of skills, you will receive 1 Renown for every combat event you complete and fully participate in. When the skill is finalized and out for testing, if you have completed a full combat event while testing that skill, you will receive 2 Renown for helping us to it's finish.
      Due to the constantly changing nature of testing skills there will be a link supplied here for anyone interested in them to find them with. #
    2. Semblance Enhancements
      Semblance Enhancements are the system's representation of the advantages each students semblance gives them, and the unique ways they combine it with their fighting styles to make it their own. A semblance enhancement is a slot that allows you to input a free to use optional change to a skill that you may use at your will in combat. Each student gains one slot at semester 2, 3, and 4, totaling 3 in the end. A semblance enhancement is not tied to a specific skill slot you have, but a specific skill name itself. For example if you have a dust infusion enhancement, it may apply to all dust infusion skills you have. Some skills may not have certain enhancements applied to them, and this is specified with indicators in brackets as to what kind of skill it can be put on. Support skills are skills that target allies or yourself, and offensive skills are ones that target your enemies. There is a list of semblance enhancements you may choose from listed below, along with a short example of a semblance enhancement.

      1) Add +1 multiplier to an already positive multiplier in [Non-Stance Skill] (only works on listed multipliers and no fractions).
      2) Swap the stat a multiplier changing effect [skill] has with another stat that uses multipliers. (You must have min 1 point in said stat.)
      3) You may have [Supportive Skill] target more than 1 person, dividing the effects among them, and losing attacks for each target according to skill rules. (Ie if you heal 3 people lose 3 attacks)
      4) You can not be hit by anything in stealth on a turn you pay for [Skill] and the turn after.
      5) [Offensive skill] can be applied to an extra attack for the turn.
      6) You get 2 extra attacks while [skill] is in use.
      7) You may swap a stat value in [skill] with another stat value.
      8) You may have [Aura Skill] be paid for by and use Dust, or [Dust Skill] be paid for by and use Aura.
      9) You may give an ally the positive effects of [skill]. (Giving stealth also gives the losing stealth rules to the ally.)
      10) Increase a stat value for a non damaging effect in [skill] by 1/2. (Things like Bulwark increasing your Block multiplier does not count)
      11) Allows you to use [Stance Skill] at any point in your turn. (deactivation still doesn't use your skill for the turn.)
      12) Enemies damaged by this [Skill] heal for 1/2 as much on the turn they are damaged.
      13) Anyone may request a unique semblance enhancement if they can not find one that fits their semblance in the way they feel fits their character properly.

      An example of a semblance enhancement may be choosing "You may have [Embolden] target more than 1 person, dividing the effects among them, and losing attacks for each target according to skill rules."
      Then in a fight say you have 3 allies at 50 out of 200 HP. With 10 Aura and Dust, you use your enhancement to change your heal to target everyone, for 100 divided by 3, totaling 34 rounded up.
      Then later you have one ally at 50/200 HP and the others are fine, you may choose to not use your enhancement, and heal them for the standard 100 for your stats. #
  4. Requested Material

    1. Team Trial

      Due to the nature of RP, we have had to create a slight difference to the RWBY show's formula of teams, making it where you may form your own teams while at Beacon. Upon forming a Team those who wish to become an official team with all bonuses involved may undergo a Team Trial. There are many things to consider when thinking about a Team Trial. As it stands, there are two ways to get a team. The primary way most people try to form teams on the site is by meeting other members, discussing it in advance, and then requesting a team trial. This offers numerous advantages, such as finding less conflicting personalities, people you enjoy posting with, you may choose your leader and name, find people who post often enough or are patient with slower posting, and perhaps even complementary skills.

      The other method is to join the looking for team thread without RP, but this carries as many disadvantages as the former provides advantages.

      There are several steps that need to be taken before you can take your Team Trial. First of which is you need a Team of four people. This may seem obvious, but we have had requests for smaller and larger teams.

      Next you should come up with a Team name. There are a few rules to keep in mind for this. The First letter of the team name must come from the team leader. As we've seen in the show though, the first letter of the first or last name may be used when forming a team name.

      A Team Name should relate to color, be a color, or make you think of color in some way.

      All team members should have valid stats and skills. Team Trials are often the introduction to combat for many people, and as such you can only participate when you are ready for combat. This is important for several reasons. If your stats are wrong or you use an invalid skill in a trial, you will actually fail the trial for the entire team.

      Once all these things have been handled your team leader needs to PM a professor requesting a trial with your Team Name, all 4 members full names (links to their profiles are appreciated). We will double check each student to ensure valid skills and stats and record these. If everyone is valid, we will inform the team leader and begin working on creating the trial. This can take time since we are making a personalized spawn that should be a challenge, but within your teams capabilities. Do not PM multiple professors until you get an answer. This will result in slowing down not only your trial but any other trials we are working on. Be patient.

      Once we place the starter in the Emerald Forest is will be labeled as [Combat] Team Trial ????. At that point each member of the team posts once to establish a post order and to describe your launch. After the first round your spawn will be posted by the professor hosting your Team Trial.

      How you engage the opponents and bring them into combat is up to you. You can technically engage them all at once for a battle royal, or you can spawn a few at a time to make the more manageable. You can choose to forgo spawning some of the mobs or even flee from the spawns however all actions in the thread will be graded. The most important thing is that as a team you make decisions on how best to proceed. If a Teammate is KO'd during the trial, the entire team fails. Be careful.

      Once you have completed your objective of retrieving the relic (some Team Trials may have other objectives) you will make your way back to the cliff where you were launched. At this point your team leader should PM the professor. At this point the professor will grade your thread and provided everyone has passed their response will include naming you an official team and you will be PMed you grades.

      Training Threads

      Training threads are sanctioned matches between students under the supervision of a professor. They exist to let you learn with another roleplayer, fight for story purposes, or simply if you wish to do so for fun.

      - You must have 50 posts before engaging in a Training Thread.
      - A training thread must consist of an equal number of participants. 1v1 2v2 ect ect.
      -All threads must have a staff supervisor to check over the posts for each combat turn.
      - All combat rules must be followed completely.
      - Your character profile will need to meet the rules and expectations of the site.
      - A battle will end when a students health reaches 25hp or below.
      - The arena floor is medium distance at maximum unless stated otherwise by a professor.
      - Training threads are a privilege, if you abuse the privilege it will be revoked.
      - As the name implies these threads are for training only, you will not gain stat points for participation.

      Story Missions

      Story Missions are character story plot centered missions. These allow characters to resolve conflicts or storylines that may not otherwise be able to be completed in a standard thread. Whether it's attempting to find records of who your parents were in hospital records and facing the security of the location, dealing with a spectre of your past come to finish the job they started, or you need your character to fail in battle potentially suffering a dose of humility and an injury, story missions will offer you the way to get those threads approved.

      Please be as detailed as possible when filling out the application, and if you feel there are important fields for your mission that are not listed, you are free to add them for your personal application. If you have questions regarding your application please send a message and we'll do our best to assist you. To submit your application you will PM that to Terra Fennel. An example application can be found here viewtopic.php?f=8&t=6168#p72854

      Semester 2 for the primary character.
      All characters involved must be combat valid.

      Primary Character:
      Characters Involved :
      Location :
      The Plot :
      Enemy/Enemies involved:
      Details about their strengths and weaknesses:
      Special Details:

      Story Mission FAQ

      A story mission is a special request by a student or group of students to further their own character storyline with some of the tools staff have at their disposal to further that goal.

      How do they work?

      Story missions can have as many variations as a students imagination allows. Something as simple as investigating an area, to something more in depth such as a retrieval mission of an item important to the character. The option of having personal storyline foes appear also becomes available in this kind of event.

      How do I request one?

      A story mission does need to be submitted for approval to the Mission Professor (Terra Fennel). Creative missions that still fit Canon are more likely to be approved. Creation of new types of Grimm, special dust variants not seen in the show, or fights with Villains are less likely to be approved. You can still request these, but each mission is approved or denied on a case by case basis. The more information you can provide on what will be done, the better your chances.

      Can a mission be Private?

      Story missions are inherently private as the revolve around a certain character or groups story.

      What's the Reward?

      Story missions offer Lien, with the chance of Renown depending on the difficulty of the mission. Renown values for story missions are inherently lower than those from events. #
  5. Events

    1. 11. Seasonal and Special Events

      11. Here on RWBY-rp we have three types of event for students to enjoy. The first of these three events are seasonal, or special events. These events, as the name implies, are focused around non combative, or hazardous times of celebration. They may involve things like the Maidens Feast, a Summer season celebration, Winter celebrations, or any other event of a similar nature. These events are typically filled with various staff created threads for the enjoyment of all students. these could be competitions, gatherings, special areas, or whatever else the staff may feel fits the mood of the time.

      These events will be announced in the amphitheater, show up in the World Announcements at the top of every forum, and show up in the news feed. They will all come with their own rules and additions. They will also often be shown on the banner of the site just below the header of the page. These events often are a part of the entirety of the site, and are there for people to use in their own roleplaying as well as joining in on the staff made fun. Students are even allowed to make threads for the events, like parties or such, as long as they do not make their thread look like an official staff made event thread. #
    2. Grimm Events

      Grimm events are the second of the event types we have, and unlike the seasonal events they are primarily combat based material. When a Grimm event occurs it will be announced in the same manner as seasonal events, with the various rules for it posted for all to see. As students of Beacon Academy it is the duty of these students to fight and defend the world as best they can. This is especially true of dealing with Grimm. Grimm events often involve an event of Grimm attack or various other things the beasts may be doing, that require students to combat it. When these events occur, there will be multiple threads for various difficulties, each setup for students of varying strengths and semesters.

      These events being combat based does not mean they are not effective on the world of the site. The effects of the Grimm events will show up in more events, and situations within the site. The condition of the event will even play a part, whether or not students were able to complete their objectives effecting things that may happen in the future. Grimm event threads, when completed by a group of students, will reward those who were involved in it. Each student will be graded according to their roleplay, combat mechanics, and reliability to determine the value of this reward. The reward in question for Grimm events is Renown, one of the 2 things you can earn over time that are not actual stat points. #
    3. Villain events are the third form of event on the site, and are also one of the most impactful on the site's history. Villain events are orchestrated by those who have applied for villain status and been approved through the rigorous examination process. These events are the site's equivalent of Roman's, Cinder's, or Neo's fights. They can be anything from massive scale to small scale. Each Villain has full control over what they wish to do with minor guidance by staff. These events are announced just like the others, and will be available for all to know. Each event will have it's own rules decided by the villain, and it's own situations, so it is highly important you read the rules for an event whenever one occurs.

      Like Grimm events, Villain events come in varying difficulties, catering to certain students. There are 3 tiers of villain, and as such three tiers of villain event. Tier 1 villains are more for the average semester 2, Tier 2's for the average semester 3, and Tier 3's for the average semester 4. Most villain events have a core thread that will involve the villain themselves, and be a roleplayer vs roleplayer combat thread. On the side, often there are threads containing npc's similar to grimm fights, where students will fight enemies controlled by themselves. A villain has full control over what they do in these events as long as it does not seem they are abusing their power, and they personally make the grades for the event. Villain events, like Grimm events, offer a reward for completing a thread, graded based on your roleplay, combat mechanics, and reliability. The reward for these events are actual stat points you may apply to your character, with a max obtainable from one being 3. #
  6. Villains

    1. Villain Tiers

      Tiers will be used to create a baseline of power for both the villain and students. First, a villain's tier will serve to reflect the power that the villain in question has from the start. Secondly, it will be a warning to students who aim to fight them.

      So, to begin, what do our tiers look like?

      Tier 1:
      - 40 Base stats
      - 10 Bonus stats to divide between Villain and Captains as you wish
      - 3 Skills and 2 Dark Arte's
      - 3 Skills to divide among Captains
      - Tier 1 Villains can not be created with a stat over 15
      -The weakest of the tiers initially, but certainly no pushover. Tier one villains are strong enough, and durable enough to fight through semester 3. A group of 3rd semesters can give them issues. They are primarily going to be fighting against lower semester students, giving them a chance to fight a villain for the first time. Take them seriously, as even a higher level student will fall to them.

      Tier 2:
      - 40 Base stats
      - 10 Bonus stats to divide between Villain and Captains as you wish (+ Tier 1's Bonus stats)
      - 5 Bonus stats just to Captains to divide as you wish.
      - 4 Skills and 2 Dark Arte's
      - 4 Skills to divide among Captains
      -The middle group, made to bring the pain and keep themselves rolling for as long as possible. Without a good strategy, these villains will be tough to conquer. Their primary targets will be students in 2nd semester all the way to 4th. Take them seriously, as they will not be easy.
      -Gains strength through purchasing upgrades.

      Tier 3:
      - 40 Base stats
      - 15 Bonus stats to divide between Villain and Captains as you wish (+ Tier 1 and Tier 2's Bonus stats)
      - 5 Bonus stats to Captains to divide as you wish (+ Tier 2 Captain Bonus)
      - 5 Skills and 2 Dark Arte's
      - 5 Skills to divide among Captains
      -No holds barred, the strongest villains we have to offer at the moment. Without a good strategy and team, you will not defeat them. These villains are going to be mean, and will not give you much time to act if you don't make time yourself. Their targets are going to be strong 3rd semesters and 4ths, they will not go easy on you what-so-ever.
      -Gains strength through purchasing upgrades.

      Now, to accompany the villains, they are allowed captains if they so choose. They must be submitted for approval along with your villain application. A captain serves as a stronger accomplice to the villain, and another threat for students to deal with. They can be anything from a sidekick, secretary, to the literal captain of your troops. However they fit into your story, you are allowed no more than 3. Captain's stats are dependent on the tier that their villain is. In the event that the villain does not want their tier's extra points, they are able to give them to their captains as they please. The base guideline for Captain stats for each Tier is as follows.
      Tier 1
      1 Captain: 20
      2 Captains: 18, 16
      3 Captains: 16, 14, 12
      For each Tier above Tier 1, each Captain gets +9 to their base. This does not include any bonus stats that comes with your tier and is purely the very minimum they have.
      Villains also have unique passive abilities dependent on their skill sets. Passives are a skill that like it's description, is a passive ability. They can be conditions, constant effects, or anything else you think of. They have few rules, but the ones they do have are extremely important. First of all, they can be easily over powered, and if a villain is approved, their passive can be still disapproved, and told it needs to be changed. Secondly, they are meant to have an effect on the way students approach the battle in some way. This is open to interpretation, but in general if a way that it effects the way students have to approach you is not seen, it needs changing. Lastly, and most importantly, a passive is heavily focused on the villain characters. It must have a strong tie in with the character in some way, and also the villain's motifs or character aspects that are meant to be of importance. A good way to look at it is as their primary skill, something that can not be learned in a one year class, but is always a part of that villain.

      Once your villain has a tier, that tier is not always final, once your villain reaches a certain point, or the staff deems it necessary, you can be escalated a tier. #
    2. Villain Application

      How do I become a villain then?
      1. You submit this application to a professor. Be warned that the highest amount of quality control will be used in selecting applicants.
      2. Your character is scouted out by a Villain in RP and is approved by one Professor.
      3. A professor recognizes your skill as an rper and asks if you'd like to make a villain.

      Be warned that being a villain is a job. You will be responsible for enriching the experience of the students. This will include, but not limited to:
      -Hosting events
      -Adding depth to the rp world.
      -Giving opposition for students aside from monsters.

      Benfits of being a villain:
      -Hosting your own events
      -Not needing to find a team.
      -Get to help direct the path of the rp world.

      If you wish to make a villain there are a few requirements you must meet first on the site to be considered.
      - You have been active on the site for at least the past 2 months
      - You have at least one Semester 2 student or higher
      - You have gotten at least 3 B's or 2 A's in a combat event, mission, or story mission
      - You have not gotten a strike on any of your accounts within the past 2 months. Keep in mind this means strikes not individual warnings.
      If you meet these criteria then the application and character sheet can be found right here. viewtopic.php?f=33&t=3352 #
  7. Earnable Materials

    1. Lien (Currently Out of Date. Will be Updated Soon

      Lien is what the people in the kingdoms and towns use to purchase goods and property, and those citizens are taxed by their representing kingdom and city. Now for the student life, pretty much everything is provided for you by attending our institute. However we do not cover any non-circular expenses or expenses done on your down time..

      Goods and service will also become available outside the school grounds. And while all students will start off with a fixed amount, the only means to acquire more Lien is through events, basic missions, and story missions both in-character and out-of-character.

      However, and this is the most critical bit of information about Lien, unlike performing individual transactions would increase and decrease your Lien on hand, we made it so that way each student is graded on his or her own Total Net Value. As of this moment each student's Total Net Value with Lien is set to 3000 Lien. It will never decrease with a purchase you make, it simply serves to set a limit of what and how much you can play way, sort of like budgeting.

      Now then, out in the commercial districts, there will be a shop, run by the site staff to sell you other goods and assign quantity of how much each player can have. For example, a motorcycle may require a student's total net worth to be a minimum of 4000 Lien. And you are under that value, you can not purchase a bike, but once you make it to that amount or higher, you may now equip yourself a bike. The act of buying items will be free to be roeplayed or not depending on what you wish.

      Other goods and services will be made available officially by merchants established by the staff of RWBY RP. Students may not unofficially act as merchants. Nor is trading or exchanging your total net worth allowed. So you can not make 10 accounts and have them swap their net worth to your main account, they will continue to stay at their own net worth. In addition, students may not combine their net worth to make a purchase either. So if 2 two students agree to go 50/50 for a 4000 bike, this is not acceptable.

      Students coming for a wealthy family may not have their total net worth increased because of their family. By enrolling into our school you have been cut off from your family's wealth by Beacon Academy as you were only allowed to bring the clothes on your back and the weapons in your hand. As huntsmen and huntresses in training you are expected to be able to earn your own way. This also includes families and friends outside the school mailing you money while attending school. #
    2. Renown

      14. As you do more in the World of Remnant, we believe it makes sense for you to earn prestige in a way the not only shows that you're becoming well known, but also more skilled. Outside of Villain events and gaining Semesters there really hasn't been a proper way to do this thus far. We attempted adding Grimm and Hunter points, but since they came from two separate sources, didn't really fit what people imagined as a world cohesive system, and rewarded similar things people didn't seem that excited. As such Grimm and Hunter points will be converted over into one total. Renown.

      Renown is a combination of your skill and experience in battle and how well know you are as a Huntsman or Huntress in training. There will be several ways to earn Renown. The first of these will be Grimm Events where a major grimm attack needs to be thwarted in some fashion. The will also be other World Events that will vary in difficulty and theme, but similar to Grimm Events will be available to those to participate. There will also be Character Story Missions. Each of these three things will reward Renown. Depending on the difficulty of the event and grades different Values will be rewarded. Full reward at A, lesser reward at B, no reward at C or lower.

      As you may have noticed Missions and Villain events themselves do not offer Renown. With the addition of Grimm Events, World Events, and Story Missions, the old style of Mission will be discontinued. The Bounty Board will primarily be used to announce new events and will show in the announcements when an event is going on. Hosted missions that are currently in place may be continued at the hosts discretion. Those that are participating in a hosted mission that is discontinued will receive special consideration for certain events going forward.

      Renown Rewards
      License to Fight – 6 Renown
      Heroic Mission and Skill – 10 Renown
      New Skill Slot – 15 Renown
      New Skill Slot – 20 Renown

      License to Fight - This is permission for the character to enter in combat outside of Villain, World, and Grimm events and Training threads. Any participants must agree for combat and be eligible via License to Fight. Combat rules work as normal, and either participant may request a professor to view the combat in case of a rule break. Consistent rule breaking may result in temporary or permanent suspension of LoF. Be aware that any fights still need to fit within the world and may carry IC consequences even if rules are followed. Attacking another student can be considered a serious offense. Remember, first and foremost students at Beacon are training to be heroes.

      Heroic Skill - viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1244#p35009

      New Skill Slots - These, simply put, allow you to take an extra skill outside of the normal allotment for your Semester. Currently this maxes out at 8 skills. #