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4th Semester
Zaza Kuroda
Faunus Type:
A snow fox's tail
Emblem: ... e?size=128
Outfit Desc:
Normal: Zaza wears a dark brown sleeveless cloth top which needs to be buttoned up unless he prefers his chest exposed and right side made to be lower than its left. Zaza's pants are a lighter shade while his boots are colored the same. Other details includes his emblem on the lower front right side of his top, crossed scabbards with golden trimmings, and hand wraps covering his right hand while leaving the fingers exposed.

Alternate: He wears a black compressed long sleeve undershirt with an attached hoodie with his emblem on the front right lapel. His pants, boots, and a pair of combat gloves are also colored black. Lastly, he wears a gray scarf for warmth around his neck.
Character Photo: ... 1504067583
Physical Appearance:
Zaza has a tan skin complexion and isn't very picky about his hair as long as it'ss kept short. He often has this common look on him that makes him look sleepy and teeth resembling fangs. Due to training for an agile build, Zaza has toned out muscles. Down at his lower back lies a tail belonging to a snow fox which coincidentally has the same color as his hair.
Zaza is seen as very quiet and shy, especially around new people. It's uncommon for him to initiate a conversation with a stranger unless there's somebody he knows with him. This at least gives the fox confidence.

In combat, Zaza is completely focused which isn't at all surprising with the training put into his free time. However, he isn't always the best when it comes to working with a team. The faunus has little to no leadership capabilities and has trouble with those he dislikes. In most cases he acts on his own will.

Zaza's past would be considered darker than most people, so he doesn't like talking about it. When people get curious, an excuse comes out of the faunus' mouth. Ironically he does want to gain information about his family and the White Fang. Communication for that is needed though.

Even though Zaza has memories that could kill a good mood, he can still be playful around friends. Romance however, he becomes oblivious towards since he had a lack of that in his life.

Along with positive emotions comes negative ones. Thunder and lightning for brings fear into Zaza and interactions with his tail brings him discomfort and irritation.
In a large Mistral village, two fox faunus gave birth to a snow fox. The father Haru was a red fox who married the snow fox Aiko. Zaza himself always claimed them as caring and loving parents, but they weren't very friendly outside of the household. Like a lot of faunus, the couple had poor opinions towards humans. When the White Fang to turned into a more violent group, Haru and Aiko joined.

Everything was suppose to be fine, but at the age of 11 Zaza was given some gruesome news. An ambush attempt had failed and Zaza's parents met their demise. Zaza being a child, was sent to an orphanage, but soon ran away due to human bullies. For months, Zaza was in the slums fighting for food and shelter. Every time it rained, Zaza looked for a box, trash can, or dumpster. Sometimes water was kept out, but the sound of thundering always kept him up.

A day came where a stranger, late 30s at most, approached the poor young faunus. This woman introduced herself as Catrina Hunt, and after seeing the desperate look in Zaza's eyes, she offered the boy a home. Under normal circumstances, Zaza would immediately refuse since the offer was from a human. Starvation and exhaustion made him cave in though.

The woman led Zaza to her home in the woods. Zaza was immediately fed with warm food and given a room all to himself. The morning after the first night, Catrina had revealed herself to be a huntress, and warned Zaza that she would be away sometimes.

Even though Catrina worked, she did not fail to make time for her newly adopted son. It was hard to gain Zaza's trust since his previous parents always thought poorly of humans, but he did open up for he was just a child and easily convinced. Catrina wanted to enroll Zaza into an academy, so he wouldn't have to spend his time home all the time. Before attempting that, she wanted to teach him more about being a huntsman. Her main concern were how other students would treat the fox faunus. When she was confident enough that Zaza could handle himself, he was enrolled.

Zaza started off at Sanctum Academy. Immediately, kids were already picking on him, so often with his tail. Zaza could only feel safe around other faunus in the academy, but he wasn't always able to be around them. A one on one situation wouldn't be a problem thanks to Catrina's lessons, but groups were a different story. It hopeless until Zaza discovered his semblance. The sight of a faunus with an arrowhead to a bully's neck terrifying to the point where others left him alone.

Time passed and Zaza had graduated Sanctum, leaving a proud Catrina. She recommended that Zaza went to Beacon to start fresh which he did agree with since their relationship was great. A day on his way home though, Zaza saw a familiar figure wearing white and black with the outlines of red on a mask. The graduate trailed the stranger and found himself home. Not wanting to be spotted, Zaza hid behind foliage. He heard quick paced footsteps, so he popped out only to see the figure running with red on a blade. Zaza barged into his house with haste, but only saw a female corpse at the front door.
Weapon Desc:
Bow: Zaza's bow resembles a recurve bow. The handle of the bow is red with golden outlines at each ends. The rest of the bow is the color of silver. A string would not be available on the bow since Zaza uses his semblance to create one.

Duel Swords: Razorwind's handle splits into two allowing a duel wield. The blades itself are curved like a kukri but longer.
Semblance Desc:
Semblance Color: Orange

Zaza basically creates arrows for his bow. They end up lasting until he loses focus of them. If desired, Zaza can change the shape and size of the arrow. Most often the arrowhead. Due to the arrows being from a semblance, it possesses superiority over a regular arrow.

A uniqueness of this archer based semblance is its ability to also forge strings or ropes which just like arrows, are superior compared to regular crafted ones.. Zaza uses this capability to form a string on his bow, preventing thieves from using it. He also can attach a rope to the end of an arrow if he wanted to.
Mistral Region
Transfer School:
Sanctum Academy
Zaza's build is very similar to an archer's. In fact, he literally is an archer with a bow as a weapon and a semblance that can make arrows. He is specialized with a bow, but can hold his own in close range unlike most archers.

Catrina worried about when hostiles get close to him, so she convinced him to learn some basic close combat skills. With the speed Zaza has, he ended up being more efficient then expected. When he can, he'll lightly continue to develop his close range capabilities.
In combat, Zaza will act on his own when teamed up with somebody he doesn't like. It won't matter whether that person is in charge or not. If that's the case, Zaza won't follow orders no matter what the consequences are. Unless of course, the orders given happen to be something he can agree with. Even then, there are times he won't comply.

As a fighter, Zaza is fragile. He is an archer, so they were never expected to take hits like a warrior. Blocking, he still needs work on. He can only rely on dodging with a bit of parrying for defense. When an opponent gets past those, then he's finished. At least he knows that.

There are still weaknesses for the faunus outside of combat. Anybody who can get a hold of his tail ends up bringing a shock up his spine to freeze him up. He'll end up very agitated after this, so hopefully the joker isn't somebody he doesn't get along with. In a social sense, he's shy and just does not get romance. He's completely oblivious to it since Catrina never taught him much about it.
Training was something Zaza enjoyed very much. He spent a lot of time with Catrina when he was younger, and continued to think about her lessons every time he hones his skills. Reading and drawing he also finds enjoyable, when it's quiet. He happens to be a man of art. Even when jogging or hunting, he looks out for beautiful scenery.
To this day, Zaza still hates the sound of thunder and having his tail messed with. Both just brings back unpleasant memories.
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Semblance Enhancement 1:
Discharge (Flourish)

Gain 2 extra attacks
Semblance Enhancement 2:
Adrenaline Rush (Endure)

Swaps Speed stat with Melee stat
Semblance Enhancement 3:
Hasty Engagement (Onslaught)

Add +1 multiplier to Range
Skill Slot 1:
Discharge (Flourish)
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
Cost: 2 Aura

Zaza focuses more of his aura into a single arrow. Normally in close combat, he'll wear his opponent out with a barrage of slashes followed by the single use of that arrow. If he's too far away though, he can't really only do much other than fire.
Skill Slot 2:
Spread Shot (Area of Effect)
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Cost: 1 Aura
(Range Damage)

Zaza fires off a single arrow which will up duplicating itself while in the middle of the air.
Skill Slot 3:
Nasty Hook (Damage Over Time)
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
Cost: 1 Aura
(Range Damage)

When creating an arrow, Zaza changes the arrowhead into a flat four point star with each side folded against the shaft. Not much is thought of the weapon until after impact. After piercing through a target, all four points unfold until the arrowhead becomes flat again. Now the arrow is stuck there until broken or vanishing.
Skill Slot 4:
Critical Blows (Enfeeble)
Skill Slot 4 Desc:
Cost: 2 Aura
(Debuffs Defense and Speed)
(Range Damage)

Zaza takes a moment to breath and relax. He then locks onto weak spots of his opponent, making them his new targets. Now those spots are a main priority for devastating blows.
Skill Slot 5:
Vortex (Empower)
Skill Slot 5 Desc:
Cost: 1 Aura
(Range Buff)

While forging his arrow, Zaza will modify the arrowhead by adding a spiral to it. When fired, the arrow will rotate much quicker as it travels. The speed and force of the projectile increases, giving it easier access to pierce right through a target.
Skill Slot 6:
Grapple (Movement)
Skill Slot 6 Desc:
Cost: 1 Aura

Zaza attaches a rope to the end of an arrow to swing or climb. He'll sometime change the arrowhead to the shape of a plunger.
Skill Slot 7:
Snatch (Shift)
Skill Slot 7 Description:
Cost: 1 Aura
(Brings Closer)

The end of an arrow shapes into a claw. When shot, the claw grabs its target. Zaza follows through by pulling.
Skill Slot 8:
Adrenaline Rush (Endure)
Skill Slot 8 Desc:
Cost: 2 Aura

The faunus' heart throbs harder and his blood flows faster to the point where Zaza gains a surge of energy.
Skill Slot 9:
Hasty Engagement (Onslaught)
Skill Slot 9 Desc:
Cost: 1 Aura

Zaza prepares himself for an all offensive fight. It's not like his defensive abilities were great either way.
Gained Attributes:
(+1 Mel,Def)
Alt Accounts:
Drew Teague

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