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4th Semester
Jim Lavay
Outfit Desc:
Combat: Jim used to wear a massive set of plate armor that made up for his lack of proper aura. However, due to his ongoing studies at Beacon and constant drilling he has finally adapted to have a much more standard Aura. Thanks to this he ditched most of the cumbersome armor, and now wears: Black fatigues and a black long sleeve underarmor shirt. He then compliments this outfit with the Gauntlets and Boots from his former armor. The armor pieces have both his personal and team symbols etched on them as well as his last name. Finally, Jim also wears a military style leg pouch on his right leg which contains his Dust whetstones and 2 flares.

Casual/Town: Never one for much style, and the fact that he is of incredibly humble means Jim typically wears either a T-shirt, with some loose jeans or shorts, and a pair of standard shoes. Even casual gear around town he will sometimes have his sword slung across his back.
Character Photo:
Physical Appearance:
Hair: Short Dark Brown
Eyes: Emerald / Fiery Gold when his semblance is active
Body: Jim is Caucasian with a slight tan, he weighs 225 pounds. He is very muscular with broad shoulders, and minimal BMI. Despite his imposing figure he still looks trim and toned instead of outwardly bulky.
Face: Jim is always clean shaven, and has no scars or marks on his face that would stand out.
Jim's personality has changed quite a bit since he originally enrolled at Beacon. Before arriving, he was hardheaded, oblivious, immature, and never thought about the consequences of his actions. Without a question, some of these flaws still plague him today. However, he has shown vast improvements the biggest change being his maturity level. A direct byproduct of the forced teamwork that the Academy encourages as his interactions with Ava, Shana, Sierra, and many others have truly brought out the best in him.

~Positive Traits~

Loyalty: Possess' and unrelenting loyalty for any of his friend or allies and will go to the ends of Remnant for them.
Charming: Will talk to literally anyone at any time, and is usually successful at winning over their friendship.
Comedic: Almost always attempts to make light of even in the direst of situations.
Virtuous: Prides himself on being a truly good and trust worthy person
Passionate: His level of caring and intensity is unmatched as he will go to any lengths to accomplish his goals.

~Negative Traits~

Stubborn: Falls victim to a one-track mind, and gets severe tunnel vision.
Oblivious: Frequently miss subtle and even not so subtle social clues.
Foolish: Will pursue options that may be views as illogical or dangerous if he thinks it will aid him or his team.
Unlawful: Believes that the ends justify the means, and has gone above the law at times to do what he believes is right.
Passionate: His intensity can turn into rage as he lets his emotions control him.
Link to Backstory: viewtopic.php?f=45&t=8572

Jim's 'in thread' Kill Count (Google Sheet):

Jim's Events/Missions/Awards (Google Sheet):
Ruin (Left) and Restoration (Right)
Weapon Image:
Weapon Desc:
Jim wields twin colossal great swords which were originally crafted, and wielded individually by his parents. These weapons are incredibly simplistic in nature as they do not convert nor do they have a firearm built in. However, what they lack in flare they make up for in raw lethal potential as each blade is 6 feet long and a foot wide. The massive weapons each weigh in at 150 pounds, and when coupled with his incredible strength and semblance can rip nearly anything a sunder.

(WIP: Needs to be updated)
Adrenaline Rush (Unending Fury)
Semblance Desc:
Passive: Even in normal settings Jim is naturally gifted with super human strength and endurance far beyond your average hunter. An example is with some effort he can lift a car or pickup truck over his head. Another passive side effect of his physically focused semblance is his incredibly fast recovery time healing injuries and wounds.

Further explanation can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=45&t=8603
Physical/Combat: Ambidextrous, Proficient in unarmed combat, Super Human Strength/Durability

Social: Loyal, Friendly, Fun-Loving, Approachable
Physical/Combat: Reckless, Dust skills, Ranged skills

Social: Spiders, Insomnia, Impetuous, School Work
People, Killing Grimm, Combat Training, Being Adventurous, Spicy foods, Teammate, Family, Gaming
Classwork, Studying, Being idle, Losing, Retreating, Seeing others hurt, Being referred to as a Kid/Child.
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Semblance Enhancement 1:
Enhancement #1 Onslaught - Attack two additional targets while active.
Enhancement #2 Dust Infuse - Swap Aura for Dust.
Enhancement #3 Dust Infuse - Costs Aura instead of Dust.
Semblance Enhancement 3:
Power Blitz: Jim must move one range increment towards a target. He then can add his defense to his melee, however any defense added into is melee is deducted from his block until the end of his following turn.

Cost 2 Aura

Max Damage: 165
Max Damage (Onslaught): 198
Block Reduced to 0
Skill Slot 1:
Unending Fury (Onslaught)
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
When Jim activates his semblance his eyes light up in an incredible inferno and the boy further augments his already impressive strength. Despite his vast improvements in control he still uses a very aggressive combat style which leads to a lower emphasis on defense.

Activate: Cost 1 Aura

Melee Damage will now do 20x6 = 120 Damage
Defense Damage reduced 13x3 = 39 Block
Skill Slot 2:
Overwhelming Assault (Guard)
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Attacking with incredible fervor and power Jim forces his opponent through the pure strength of his attacks to focus only on him allowing his allies to attack from safety.

Cost 1 Aura

Intercepts attacks for an ally at Close range. The attack do half damage.
Skill Slot 3:
Vital Strike (Empower)
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
Focusing his strength enhanced semblance Jim takes aim and delivers an absolutely devastating blow. This ability is used for a singular purpose... To drop his foes, permanently.

Cost 1 Aura

Standard: (20+10)x5 = 150 Damage
Onslaught: (20+10)x6 = 180 Damage
Accuracy: 10+5 = 15 Accuracy
Skill Slot 4:
Bladestorm (AoE)
Skill Slot 4 Desc:
When Jim starts to get overwhelmed by multiple foes he will began to swing his massive sword around him in a whirlwind style attack. Nothing within his range can escape the cyclone of metal

Cost 1 Aura

Standard: (20x5)/2 = 50 Damage
Onslaught: (20x6)/2 = 60 Damage
Pierce Damage: (Defense Ignoring) to all enemies in close range.
Skill Slot 5:
Ignore Pain (Surge)
Skill Slot 5 Desc:
The more Jim fights and the longer his semblance courses through him the harder he is to take down. This is even to the point where he brushes off attacks as though they were nothing.

Cost 1 Aura

Gain 20 HP per target hit by melee.
Skill Slot 6:
Second Wind (Self-Heal)
Skill Slot 6 Desc:
There is perhaps no better example of the similarity between Jim's semblance and adrenaline then his ability to fight through pain. Even when subjected to a terrible injury that would force another normal person out the fight he can focus his aura inwards, and within seconds he is back in the fight.

Cost 1 Aura

Heal Himself for (13+6)x5 = 95 HP
Skill Slot 7:
Heroic Leap/Charge (Movement)
Skill Slot 7 Description:
Although not the most agile combatant. Jim is an incredibly fast sprinter due to his increased strength, or he can even use this strength to leap far distances at enemies who may be on uneven terrain.

Cost 1 Aura

May move and attack 3 Targets
Skill Slot 8:
Empowered Throw (Shift)
Skill Slot 8 Desc:
Using his tremendous strength Jim is actually able to lift and throw either an ally or foe great distances.

Cost 1 Aura

May move Ally/Foe 1 Range
Skill Slot 9:
Blazing Strikes (Dust Infusion)
Skill Slot 9 Desc:
Jim combines the raw strength on his newly refined semblance with the fire dust that courses through his reforged sword to deliver devastating, Dust-infused attacks.

Cost 2 Aura

Standard: (20+13)x6 = 198 Damage
Onslaught: (20+13)x7 = 231 Damage
Gained Attributes:
Semester 1: Mle +6, Def +4, Acc +3, Spd +3, Aur +4, Dst +1. HP: 135
Semester 2: Mle +4, Def +2, Acc +2, Spd +2, Aur +2, Dst +1. HP: 185
Semester 3: Mle +4, Def +2, Acc +2, Spd +2, Aur +2, Dst +1. HP: 235
Semester 4: Mle +4, Def +2, Acc +2, Spd +2, Aur +2, Dst +1. HP: 285
Death and Taxes: Received an A: Mle +1, Def +1, Spd +1. HP: 305
Team JAHC Trial: Received an A: Mle +1, Def +1, Acc +1. HP: 325
Renown 6+: License to Fight.
Renown 10+: Gained a Heroic Skill
Death is on our Doorstep: Received an A: Def +1, Aur +2. HP: 355
Shatter the Horizon: Received an A: Aur +1, Dst: +2. HP: 360
Alt Accounts:
Alt Accounts:
Ivory Lavay: memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=3018
Argent Lavay: memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=3180
Cassandra Lavay (Huntress): memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=3055

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