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Raechel Blanca
1st Semester
Faunus Type:
White Sheep
Outfit Desc:
Raechel firstly and always wears a headband, unless she takes it off while sleeping away. It doesn't matter what color it is, or what the theme is, she will always wear some sort of hairband behind her black sheep ears, showing bundles of soft, fluffy and almost curly hair bouncing about. Nonetheless, she either keeps the hairband or not.

Other than the little things, Raechel also wears of a long-sleeved black turtleneck thin fabric sweater, holding what seems to be a light pink cloud and sheep-looking symbol. However, it is usually covered by her short-sleeved black-buttoned coat in the color of cream white, also soft and comfortable in battle. The back of her coat also has of her emblem as well, however having a sort of whimsical design than it's original. Other items for her top body include a chocolate brown shoulder bag for her Dust and other useful items, and lastly a bracelet her little sister made out of beads and yarn. It's in the color of pink and black as well, tangled in a braid with white beads.

For her bottom attire, she also wears of black shorts that go down half her thighs, along with black sheer tights. With these, they rip off fairly easily, however she doesn't mind minor damage. Lastly having star pattern socks underneath, she finally wears gray boots, easy for running and difficult to break.
Physical Appearance:
Rose bud eyes with black pupils are the highlight of her form. It focuses around her color scheme of white and pastel pink, all around having fair light skin with freckles across her soft and somewhat chubby face. Although not exactly a fan of makeup, she still has thin pink lips, sweet with a smile. Lastly, she has white, curvy wonderfully soft hair like sheep's wool, touching up to her shoulders, and because she is a Faunus, she has dark gray sheep ears.

Despite being fairly taller than average of a normal female, she also has a somewhat hourglass figure. A little chubby, her arms an average and her chest the same, she also has round hips. Lastly because of her attributes as a Faunus, she has a small sheep tail, although usually unnoticeable with all the layers of clothing she wears.
Raechel can be described as calm, caring, and optimistic. She acts quite positive, and she acts humble. She is generous to help others, both humans and Faunus, and only wishes to make people happy. She is quite selfless, sweet, and respectful.

However, her other personality traits can be listed as clumsy, dozy, shy, and anxious. She acts timid when meeting new people and always apologizes. Plus, she trips and doesn't know where she is going, while walking on two left feet. As well, she tends to doze off and become extremely drowsy.

Still, Raechel does her best to be attentive, assertive, and active despite her tenancies to nod off.
This is Raechel Blanca.

Raechel was born as the only female of five children, being in between two older siblings and two younger ones. Her family was an interracial mix, her father being a human and her mother as the White Sheep Faunus that she is today. They lived peacefully in the Vacuo, making a living by managing a famous pastry shop named Shepherd's Cake. As well, the two parents raised their five children, and happily continued with the quiet, yet somehow buzzing life.

Raechel's two older siblings were Ramos and Eugene. Ramos was the eldest, a human brother who helped his mother and father at the bakery. He made deliveries in Vacuo and was usually driving around. However, leaning towards his profession in photography and journalism, he began to explore around outside of Vacuo and is now studying in Minstral. As for Eugene, the second-eldest White Sheep sibling, he usually stays home and devotes himself to the family business. Of course, he enjoys writing and making stories, and even makes short films. Eugene secretly dreams of diving into the movie industry, and becoming either a director or an editor. However, he focuses on taking care of the bakery business, while at the same time, managing his and Raechel's two younger brothers.

Raechel's two younger siblings, in the meantime, were Faunus-twins named Coyan and Kory. The two male twins were always mischievous and playful. As kids, they both buzzed around, playing tag or running around the kitchen. They always cause mayhem, especially towards Eugene, however towards Raechel they adore her. Nonetheless, despite their energetic and devious personalities, they still do their part in helping around at the pastry shop, while still attending school.

Raechel's life has been simple and sweet. She has always been in Vacuo, and she has a talent for baking and cooking. Things have been fine in her life as a normal, average citizen, however something always ticked her off, as if something was missing in her life. Could it be excitement? Adventure? She wasn't too sure.

However, going through the news about the White Fang, she and her family were obviously upset and worried. People kept hurting each other, and worse, going through conflict back and forth. Nothing seemed positive in the kingdoms about this circumstance, let along White Fang's actions on fighting back. People have gained injuries, and things aren't the same. Or at least, they've gotten worse overtime as the White Fang plans on more attacks and a bad reputation onto the public.

Raechel felt a strong righteousness as this happened as she kept watching the news, and viewing the outcomes in the different kingdoms. Humans may have discriminated and have segregated Faunus, however things have changed. Humans now have changed. She knew that they didn't deserve this type of conflict. And even if history tells humans have done wrong, they can make things right again. They can make peace with one another, human and Faunus.

Such as Raechel's parents, human and Faunus. And surely enough, so do other people.

And so with this selflessness and strong emotion towards stopping this conflict, she finds a profession to ensure she can help people from conflict such as this: huntsmen and huntresses. People like them were able to help along side, and protect citizens from getting hurt. Of course, when she aspired to be like them, and told her family she was reaching towards being a huntress, they were obviously hesitant. They all knew it was both a noble yet dangerous line of work.

However, they understood her wishes. And wished Raechel the best, and tells her that they are always here in Vacuo.

With this, she attends to classes in Shade Academy, learning the ways of becoming a huntress. She practices her fighting techniques, exercised her body into progressively becoming accustomed to fighting, and eventually she randomly found her Semblance in the dead of night when she was having a dream, and waking up she was floating on a cloud. All in all, things have been hard on her, and everything was a challenge. She fears if she is even capable enough to becoming a huntress, and helping people in need, especially from the White Fang.

Soon enough, she reached to Beacon Academy, becoming accepted as a student in the prestigious school for huntsmen and huntresses.

This is Raechel Blanca.
Dreams & Nightmares
Weapon Desc:
Dreams and Nightmares is a large round shield combined with a mechanism to turn the shield into an opposing large Falchion with the blade hidden under the large layer of the protecting shield. The color scheme for Dreams and Nightmares is in white, black, and wisps of pink, having slots for Dust crystals to engineer an element from the hilt to the blade. The blade is in fine silver with specific carvings, telling a story by its black and light patterns.

Dreams is the shield form. It combined with a magnetic field that is attached to her arm with an opposing magnetic force to attract it close to her. Her shield is a combination of crystal Dust as well, allowing the Dust to retract to the curved edges, allowing the element to slowly unleash around the shield. She can use this addition of Dust to defend herself in opposing elemental attacks (ie. If Ice Dust tries to impact her, she can use Fire Dust to protect herself and melt the ice quickly than her weapon getting stuck).

As for Nightmares, it is quite the opposite. Inverting from its shield form by a mechanism of simple machines, the blade unsheathes and releases its blade form. Used for mostly melee attacks, through the carvings and inscriptions, her Dust crystals can mend its way into them, creating a new effect to her weapon. In turn of this, she can not only land devastating attacks, but also can have similar properties to her shield in small attacks since the blade of the Falchion is large.

With Dreams and Nightmares, the weapon she created is a powerful pair of offense and defense for one Huntress.
Semblance Desc:
Cloud is a type of Semblance that allows Raechel to create, shape, and manipulate clouds. She is able to solidify the molecules of these clouds by her aura combined, so they can act for different purposes. Due to these clouds being abnormal to ordinary clouds, they are almost thicker in compound, and do not lose their form like how rain clouds lose their water molecules. In turn with her aura mixed in, she can use these clouds for various properties such as healing or defending, since they have a different structure and are thicker and fluffier.
Transfer School:
Shade Academy
- BAKING; Raechel loves to bake. If it is ever making a cake, or a couple of cookies or patries, she would definitely make it. She is actually thinking of running her own bakery.
- COOKING; Other than baking, Raechel enjoys cooking and making meals. She is still practicing and continues to read recipe books, but her dishes taste wonderful.
- OPTIMISM; Raechel may be shy at times, but she also exerts optimism. She doesn't think too much on the worst case scenarios and tries to bring light on situations.
- GOOD LISTENER; Raechel is a good listener whenever it comes to situations where people are stressed and need to vent. She would listen, never gossip people's personal information, and do her best.
- STRENGTH; Raechel can lift many textbooks in one sitting. She also exercises when needed, and practices her punches by boxing at the gym.
- CLUMSY; Raechel can be rather clumsy and forgetful.
- DISTRACTED; Raechel can be a bit distracted if her attention is drawn elsewhere.
- SPEED; She isn't normally fast, but she tries her best to be as quick as possible, especially in combat.
- ANXIETY; She worries about not just herself, but other people. She strives to help everyone, however she knows that is impossible and that would only cause her to suffer. Still, she continues anyways, and worries.
- SWEET FOOD (ex. candy, pie, and especially cake!)
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
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