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4th Semester
Ava Blueblood
Outfit Desc:
On a mild day, Ava sports a denim top with sleeves scrunched up at the elbow. Two buttons left undone reveal a white camisole top underneath and a deep sapphire icicle hanging from a silver necklace. If the weather calls for it, she’ll throw on a leather jacket or grey zipped hoodie to keep warm. To round off her top half, a pair of gold-rimmed aviator shades hang from her neckline, rarely ever used. Distressed white jeans normally cover up her lower half, though warmer days may call for dark blue denim shorts cut off a few inches above the knee. Her footwear may consist of either converse-style trainers that contrast from Persian blue to deep Indigo, or plain white leather flats.

Differentiating from her casual get-up, she wears an athletic cyan tank and a white sleeveless hoodie during combat, keeping only the distressed white jeans. She accessorises with an adaption of the same silver necklace, tucked safely beneath her neckline. Rounding off the look is a pair of chunky lace-up platform heels, coloured white with black accents. Additional details include the hoodie’s black drawstrings and zipper teeth, as well as grey undercoating. Grenade-sized pouches of dust hang from a black nylon bandoleer, spanning across her chest and around her back. This allows the girl to store her shield, ‘Praesidium’, via suspending it on a hook. A holster sits on the left side of her hip, allowing her to sheath a combat shotgun.

During school hours, Ava wears the usual student get-up; white shirt, crimson blazer with bronze trimmings and a plaid skirt.
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Physical Appearance:
Ava stands below average at 5'2" and has a thin yet sturdy frame, granting her a straight body shape. Though Ava's physical strength is beyond average for a person of her stature, her arms are poorly defined, making her seem weak at first glance. Somewhat top heavy, Ava's well-defined lower half balances out her overall image, accentuating her curves in tight clothing.

She wears her light blue hair in a braid that falls to her middle back and brushes the rest to one side. Ava's most defining facial feature - deep sapphire-like eyes - draws attention away from her slightly petite nose.
Brimming with confidence, Ava is never afraid to stick a foot in and speak her mind. This sometimes acts as a detriment as she's developed a tendency to overshare,though she goes to great lengths to keep her most personal details secure.

Despite this, she strives to better herself with each passing day. Her self-assured attitude allows the girl to be kind and approachable to strangers and friends alike, though with this comes the lack of understanding of other's personal space.

She oftentimes forgets that not everyone appreciates being spoken to, especially when the one talking is a bubbly individual like herself. Once she recognises that she's out of her place, she'll try to rectify any and all of her mistakes leading up to the issue, usually coming off as too passive to ensure that whoever is offended ends up satisfied and on good terms with her.
Name: Ava Blueblood
Age: 20, born 29/3/1997
Race: Human
Birthplace: Regi, Southern Atlas

See the link below for Ava's Backstory, Kills and Gained Attributes: ... sp=sharing
Weapon Image:
Weapon Desc:

Ava's original weapon and her most prized possession, Praesidium has stuck with the sapphire guardian through thick and thin. As she would describe it, Prae (a nickname she'll often use to refer to Praesidium) is a large hunk of metal with a segmented handle that can pop out via the bottom of the shield, granting the girl the ability to shield incoming attacks in one moment and strike enemies with the masterfully sharp blade of an axe in another.

Perhaps the most intriguing features of Praesidium are the refined and reinforced dust crystals which sit engraved on the shield's surfaces, granting the weapon a set of unique abilities an otherwise plain sheet of metal wouldn't possess.

Applying force to a crystal on one half of the shield causes those on the other side to release a burst of stored energy, weakening with every use until the blast becomes a simple breeze in the face of an enemy. In order to recharge this ability, she regularly services the weapon with a dust specialist in central Vale that possesses the means to replace the depleted crystals.

Whilst inactive, Praesidium's handle slides into a holster on a leather strap that wraps around her right shoulder and clips to the left side of her jeans, granting her an easy way of transporting the heavy piece of equipment.
Semblance Desc:
Ava can heavily concentrate aura around any part of her body to form a physical barrier, which may be summoned (and dismissed) at will. Emotional responses trigger stronger barriers that absorb more damage before shattering, though extreme emotions cause any manifested barriers to become unstable - any time an unstable barrier interacts with Dust - depending on the element - it becomes crystalline in structure and gains the properties of said element.

Throughout her time in Beacon, Ava has trained to become more proficient in manipulating her aura, thus strengthening the capabilities of her semblance. She's practised to the point of extending her defensive capabilities to an ally, though only barriers formed from emotional responses are strong enough to stabilise on another person.
Transfer School:
Sanctum Academy
Ava can take a lot of hits without sustaining too much damage. This gives her an advantage over squishier targets in combat, as she is able to whittle them down until she can deal the finishing blow.

Outside of combat, she prides herself in her social skills, and isn't afraid of talking to anyone about anything.
Ava's combat style has some very obvious flaws; she's near useless when it comes to fighting ranged and fast-moving adversaries. She also has a great fear of being out in the dark, due the limited amount of vision it offers.

Although this doesn't apply so much in combat, she can't stand looking after animals and kids. She doesn't know how to keep them entertained after the first few hours of being with them.
+ Heading out on dangerous missions with her team and getting into maybe just a little bit of trouble
+ Eating, especially food from different cultures
+ Socialising with friends/teammates
+ Fuelling her ego
+ Sleep
- Discrimination yo
- Terrorists/Fascists
- Slithery animals (Snakes, worms, etc)
- Downtime
- Not a big fan of soup
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Skill Slot 1:
Excitant Testa
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
Shell Skill – (rewriting)

Gain 180 (Dust x 15) 'temporary' defence, Ava cannot gain nor use dodge as long as the shell is up. Melee attackers suffer 10 HP damage when striking the shell.

Costs 2 Dust.
Skill Slot 2:
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Enfeeble Skill - Using the environment as a way to gain leverage, Ava leaps into the air and smashes Praesidium into the face of her enemy. The enemy becomes dazed, prohibiting its combat effectiveness for a short time.

Debuffs an enemy's Speed by 1/2 [rounded up] until the end of their next turn. Only affects 1 attack.

Costs 1 Aura.
Skill Slot 3:
Pocket Dust!
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
Dust Infusion Skill - (rewriting)

Buffs up an ally's Melee stat by 12 (12 Dust), increases their attack multiplier by 1. Lasts one turn.

Costs 2 Dust.
Skill Slot 4:
Skill Slot 4 Desc:
Bulwark Skill - (rewriting)

Decreases Dust, Ranged and Melee multiplier by 1. Increases Block multiplier by 2.

Costs 1 Aura to turn on, turning off is free.
Skill Slot 5:
All'y Up!
Skill Slot 5 Desc:
Shift Skill - Gravity dust laced within the crystals of Ava's weapon work in conjunction with her impressive strength to deliver an ally a certain distance.

Moves a person one distance away.

Costs 1 Dust.
Skill Slot 6:
Guardian's Promise
Skill Slot 6 Desc:
Guard Skill - (rewriting)

Any damage inflicted on the affected ally will be redirected to Ava at half the value - status effects are applied in full. The ally must be within close range of Ava to be affected, though they may move ranges afterwards.

Costs 1 Aura per activation. Turning off is free. Switching targets doesn't count as using a skill.
Gained Attributes:
6 Renown - License to fight [✓]
10 Renown - Heroic Skill [ ]
15 Renown - Extra Skill Slot [ ]

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