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2nd Semester
Isilo Nonya
Outfit Desc:
Isilo wears a black hoodie with a lone Beowolf howling at the moon, black pants with two sword scabbards on the left and right sides of his waist, he also wears a thick black and white checked bandanna. When he's not in combat he almost always has his headphones on, he also wears black sneakers.
Character Photo: ... 751yf7.jpg
Physical Appearance:
Isilo's hair is black, his complexion is white and his eyes are green/gray. Isilo's Faunus features are his teeth and nails can extend to fangs also he has an amazing sense of smell and he can see in the dark also he has excellent hearing.
Isilo generally tries keeps to himself, but with his team and friends he is a little more talkative and open, but at his time at Beacon he has become more talkative towards more people since it's quite a social environment. He is normally sarcastic, but can be serious when it is appropriate. Also he finds to hard to feel for others, nonetheless he is very loyal to his friends and would gladly take any number of bullets for them.
Isilo was raised in a small village just outside of Vale. The village had been comprised of all faunus, more specifically all wolf faunus, they called themselves The Ibutho. The Ibutho had been Isilo's family, they considered each other family even if not related by blood, The Ibutho had been a hunter gather type of village they had no crops and the huts they had when Isilo had been born were just becoming wooden. The Ibutho had only been around for about fifty years so it was a very new and small tribe, however they had always done one thing every member had to kill at least five creatures of Grimm on any one day to enter The Ibutho officially, they do this when they are ten, keep in mind all The Ibutho had was their faunus traits and primitive weapons like stone swords and spears, when Isilo had done this he had come back with twenty confirmed kills and ten possible ones. The tribe elders and Isilo's blood parents decided that he was a fighter for the tribe, however he had done better then anyone else who had done this test, so they decided that he should become a huntsman. After that day Isilo went out into the forest ,next to the village, every day to kill more and more Grimm. By the time he was fifteen he would be getting fifty, at least, confirmed kills every day. Then on his sixteenth birthday the entire tribe had gotten him his twin sabers that he would need to enter beacon. After that he went into Vale to get into Beacon and passed the entry exam with retaliative ease. So now that he has arrived at Beacon he is wondering what the future will bring
Isihogo and Isiphepho
Weapon Image: ... utters.png
Weapon Desc:
Isihogo and Isiphepho are the twin swords used by Isilo. The swords do not double as anything, making Isilo only be able to be in melee combat, however both of them are imbued with dust. Isihogo is imbued with fire while Isiphepho is imbued with ice. The level of damage the two swords can cause is wildly varied, it can be anything from making a spark or snowflake to lighting a forest on fire or freezing an entire building soild in the middle of the summer without it melting. Isilo can control this effect to a certain degree by thinking about how powerful he wants the dust effect to be, however if he enters Berzerra then all of his attacks are to the most extreme level, this also the only way he can use the most extreme level of attack.
Semblance Desc:
Isilo's semblance works like a sort of bezerk rage it can only activate if either he is very near death or if he sees one of his good friends hurt. When his semblance activates he loses all control and targets his enemies with an endless furry of slashes from his swords, or if he is disarmed he extends his claws and fangs to a lethal length, then tears them to pieces, then moves on to his next target. When he is in this state he thinks anyone near him an enemy, so when he enters this state all of his allies move away from him. The effects that Bezerra has on him are; gains extreme speed, stamina, attack power and his reflexes become incredible, however he disregards all forms of defense while in this state. Bezerra lasts until there is no one left within his sights, then he reverts back to normal, on most occasions he passes out afterwards, this does not happen when he enters the rage because he saw an ally get badly wounded.
Mistral Region
Isilo is very effective on his own whether it is a group of enemies or one very strong one. Works very hard in classes, staying focused, fairly fast and physical strong, can kinda cook.
Isilo can have trouble coordinating attacks with others and may attack out of turn or not even listen to his teammates whatsoever. He is also very anti-social so he sucks at talking with people, as well as the fact that he has little empathy and sympathy may make others fell uneasy around him.
peace and quiet, music, rock and metal generally, he has a certain appreciation of nature, also is really interested about the creatures of Grimm.
cake, cupcakes, muffins, just pastries in general, abusive people, power hungry people, large groups of people, socializing, people being jerks to his friends, his semblance, boredom.
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Skill Slot 1:
Purge (damage per turn)
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
Isilo lights Isihogo on fire making it inflict fire damage.
4 damage per turn, Lasts for 3 turns.

costs: 1 dust
Skill Slot 2:
Permafrost (debuff)
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Isilo freezes Isiphepho to nearly absolute zero temperatures making anything it touches become very cold slowly it down drastically.
Nullifies speed by x. Lasts for 3 turns.

costs: x dust.
Skill Slot 3:
Beshesha (Movement)
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
Isilo uses a burst of speed to either charge his enemies or dodge and attack.

costs: 1 aura
Skill Slot 4:
Dumela (Surge
Skill Slot 4 Desc:
Bezerra kicks on slightly and Isilo forgets about some of the pain that he had gained throughout the fight.

costs: 1 aura
Alt Accounts:
Sinnsyk 'Sin' Umenneskelig

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People say death is the ultimate peace, but peace breeds jealousy and chaos, which turns into war and rebellion. So death does not bring peace, it brings pain and agony. -Isilo
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