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William Rookie
2nd Semester
Outfit Desc:
He wears a armour all the time called the S.O.S armour hiding his identity. He wears armour plating on Shoulders, Wrist, Legs, knees and chest and with it a helmet with night vision and heat vision black with grey stripe over it and a cobalt blue visor. There is a inbuild scroll on the right wrist and a foldebal riot shield on the left. He wears armoured boots with small thrusters to dash out of harms way and under all the metal he wears a skin suit made out of nano titanium based material allowing great flexibility but movement would be slow but luckily he has a great amount of strenght so he can move at a normal human speed. There is also armour plating on the back to and all the armour and helmet is made out of iron but he can still move in a normal speed with his strenght, and a cloak over the armour so no one can see it but his helmet with a hood.
Physical Appearance:
He does not show his face all the time but under the helmet is a grey skinned boy with black hair and green eyes. He has a scar over his right eye.
He is a quiet and calm person but very caring. His mind though, is not that good. After what happened back in the past it left him broken down. He most of the time shows no emotion and is a loner but opens up with the people he works with and cares very much about them and is a selfless person, willing to risk his life for the sake of the people he cares for but yet he lives with the mind of a soldier, not questioning his orders but deep down he has a heart and soul but still his mind is set with a personality of a broken soldier for the most but still holds a caring, calm, intelligent, quiet and selfless personality. He can also be very sweet some times showing a bit of his childhood personality
Rookie grew in the defuncted kingdom of Mantle and was raised by his father and mother and grew to be a sweet little boy. That is until the death of his mother after a sickness leaving the young man with half his mind broken at that time. Fearing that he would loose Rookie too he started training him in the art of combat and weapons. One day his father was killed when a bunch of raiders decided to raid his fathers home. He died protecting his son but one of them left a scar on Rookies right eye. He would have died when the fire that the raiders caused started burning his house down but luckily his fathers S.O.S team came to save him from it just in time and after that it left his mind now completly broken leaving him with most of his personality being one of a soldier. After his fathers squad and him had buried his father under a memorial stone they started to raise Rookie, teaching him every skill and knowledge of a S.O.S soldier. After his training he left for beacon but before he did he recieved a gift from his fathers most trusted companion, Ben, and it was his fathers dog tag and his own personal dog tag with the name Rookie carved out on it. So he left for beacon to become the hunter his father wished him to be.
The three virtued weapons
Weapon Desc:
One is a rifle painted black with a grenade launcher attachement, the second is a pistol with flashlight and also has a silencer painted silver, and the third a knife painted grey on the blade sheated on his left shoulders with a chain so the blade can be spun around. The first and second are both made for a ammunition that Rookie made being able to pierce trough stone and brick walls. They are holstered on the back and on the hip of his armour using a magnetic function to them.
Reaper's shadow
Semblance Desc:
His semblance allows him to use the shadows to his own will by teleporting, create weapons and hide in the shadows and when active his whole body will turn black like a siluett, save for the cloak, it remains as it is.
Mantle Region
He is intelligent and cunning, knowing his ropes around with military hand signs, he is good at sneaking around and his mind is not easily manipulated and does not get agrovated so easily. He holds a great amount of strenght and stamina.
His mind is broken and is more of a loner making it difficult to open up to people, even a slighest of a insult forward his father will leave him to demonize the person. Because of his armour he is a bit slow but can still move on a normal amount of speed.
He likes to read books and has a suprisingly good hobby in art pouring his feelings in to them. He is atcually fond of music but does not play a instrument except for a violin.
He dislikes people trying to get on his nerve and also dislikes people discriminating faunus. He really does not like people insulting his father and does not like to hang around to people so much.
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
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