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2nd Semester
Clayton K. Pendalton
Faunus Type:
Great Plain Wolf
Emblem: ... 8joi4u.jpg
Outfit Desc:
Wears Atlesian Officer Uniform with a gray duster (in combat/Training)

Wears Vales School Uniform (in class/out on campus)

Wears gray shirt and black comfortable pants (sleeping)
Character Photo: ... cb17a6.jpg
Physical Appearance:
Kinbok has black hair and has a wolf tail that is always out (showing is Faunus Heritage)

Kinbok is not only a young, but very fit he can be handle himself in a fight on speed and strength but strength to an extent other then someone who has more strength then he does, but he does have more speed then them.

He carries the scars and bruises on his back as a sort of crime or show of his 'failures'

Faunus Trait: A wolf, with tail that is shown more then anything his eyes show it more but the tail is usually a dead give away that he is a Faunus.
Kinbok is and will always act as if he from Altas military official, he acts like a soldier, and officer to people he either finds, like a Civie, another Soldier, he hates when people disrespect Atlas Authority.
Kinbok is strict on his word and he is that kind of kid to 'follow by the books' Kinbok does have a little soft spot for some people and when he's confused he is literally 'Confused' Kinbok is a stiff of a person but he does change after leaving Atlas and is away the whole military status.
Clayton the youngest of the three brothers of the Pendalton name he was given the opportunity to join a special task force from the Atlas military giving him the more mature attitude than the average student or teen.

Clayton was sent to a special team fit with others like him he was given the title as team leader, in which he gained experience as a leader for many years, he gained the trust from the team he felt comfortable to work with these selected few and like any team they worked perfectly getting the job or assignment done.

His education was of the highest making him perform in school faster than normal giving him the privilege to go and attend Beacon, he declined it at first stating he felt right at home in Atlas wanting to stay and some professors sided with him and others said he was too dangerous and asked him to reconsider again Clay declined.

That all changed when Clayton and his team a Medic (Brittany), A ranged sniper (Bradly), and a up-close infantryman (Derrek) they were assigned to deal with a protest gone bad seeing that Clayton was Faunus maybe he could have calmed the situation down, unfortunately, they wanted answers seeing Clayton was just more proof that Faunus should all be treated equally this stirred violence making the protest turn into a war.

Hundreds were harmed included Clayton's old team luckily they weren't killed only severely injured Clayton felt responsible for this terrible event in his life and decided to attend Beacon to become the best leader and know what exactly what he could do to never hurt the ones he loves.
Vector Smg (Rightous Justice)
Weapon Image: ... 194e62.jpg
Weapon Desc:
An SMG Vector that has been engravedhas multiple attachments a holo sight, large suppressor, and a hand grip the back stock is able to be put to the side and has a extended mag capable to hold 50 bullets, the vecto has a small projector on the side showing the amount of bullets the mag has.
Perfect Aim
Semblance Desc:
This is how he hit right on the dot with anything he can throw, fire, or even spit out he always hits his target only thing is it takes time to use it and he can do it only 3 times a week
Transfer School:
Haven Academy
He's obediant to higher ups and takes orders, he is reliable, understanding and is like a human watch dog.
He realises to much on his own, and finds others weak, thinking he can only save them, he also loses from time to time which makes him train harder and cause him to strain himself more and more.
His family
His weapon.
His older brother Brian
The night
Listens to others
Being a soldier
Atlas haters
Losing someone
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Skill Slot 1:
Fire (Cost=1 Dust)
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
When he fires and uses a half he clip of his mag and deal normal amount of damage and he make sure to aim for his target.
Skill Slot 2:
Blind Fire (Cost=1 Dust)
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
when he is under fire or attack and no time to aim Kinbok will fire random shots at his target or if he is also under cover he 'blind fires' at his target normally for oppressive fire, and a useful distraction.
Skill Slot 3:
Side Arm (Cost=1 Dust)
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
Kinbok has a side arm he rarely uses but if he does he hasn't or haven't gotten the chance to reload his primary weapon which he uses the side arm as a minor replacement for a primary but for only that turn.
Alt Accounts:
Brian D. Pendalton
Tanner Nox

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