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1st Semester
Outfit Desc:
(Refering to Clothing of actual RPC image)
She wears midnight purple leggings under her combat dress just to show some modesty; her blouse seems to be casual yet also appeals for a type of party-appearance as if the young lady were to go out to a dance. Additionally the girl also wears a type of loose arm sleeve that gives off some nice fashion sense while also sporting a combat appearance, the young lady's left arm is also wrapped in white bandages like it had been injured in battle and wears a glove on her right hand. The battle dress itself also carries a belt where the red seems to be designed onto the dress and yet appear as a belt, it truly gives some mysterious complication for the majority part. Also, the outfit is colored out to be a light purple with black outlining.

(Refering to Second Pairing of Clothing of actual RPC)
[url=,d.dmo&psig=AFQjCNFq84YPEJVLW0XFteuB4mPXWNuwWQ&ust=1462516980847443]Second Outfit[/url] As it states in the link this is the young lady's second outfit for when she wants to be somewhat less flashy but still carry an appealing appearance. It's really just colored primarily Red with the secondary color being Black and the leggings are the opposite color scheme. In a way this is for her to look much simpler than she usually does, but it seems to make her beauty shine even more.
Character Photo: ... o1_500.jpg
Physical Appearance:
A young lady filled with kindness, compassion and virtue for the majority part. Yukimura tends to be the type of person who will sit down with another and get to know them; doing her utmost best to understand the feelings of others (which is something natural at this point) so that she can do whatever possible to help out. Such compassion brings forth sincere friendship and loyalty from an individual such as Yukimura and more than often not has had her share of bad experiences with people.

Despite being hurt by other people in the past Yukimura really strives to see the good in others and will always find one way or another to connect with another even if it places her own person at risk. She also tends to have a type of flirtatious personality in combat against guys (and even the occasional girl just because she can), this is how you can tell she's having fun and taking it easy.

In addition to this tender compassion Yukimura is also a calm individual who seems to be very patient when dealing with things in general. Be it studies, combat, asking questions (or being asked), even with Grimm just to be able to analyze things into her own favor through cold calculation. Yet even though she's this intelligent and cunning, Yukimura tends to hold back a lot due to a subconscious fear of her own potential. That is until however, when Yukimura loses herself in a Blood Lust rage *shivers* (despite the rage only happening very rarely... it's scary).

In a sense, whenever Yukimura loses herself she turns into a sadistic b**** who will slightly torture her opponent(s) until they begin to lose consciousness and even then she may go a little further. Even going as to make masochistic flirtations to her opponent while they're in pain .Despite being within a Blood Lust rage Yukimura's morality is for the most part still intact and is conscious enough to know when enough is enough.

The worst part is that after the rage has worn off Yukimura will feel a deep sense of embarrassment and go lock herself inside the bedroom until she can stop sobbing and sniffling about her accident. Additionally and sadly, the after-effects will drain Yukimura of her energetic self-esteem and rob her of the gleeful and caring person she normally is for some time.
Revolving Reaper
Weapon Image: ... 9qn00p.png
Weapon Desc:
While it may not be very see-able in the image this is honestly a much simpler weapon designed by her to be the most effective possible in combat.

A simple thin yet extremely durable chain made out of the sturdiest and most flexible metal in Remnant that measures a good two meters in length. Attached at the tip of the chain is a Revolver Pistol that has a tweaked trigger to be much easier to pull and play out as a gunslinger. Additionally, on the barrel of the Revolver there are three miniature scythe-like blades that are colored primarily Black and the designing is colored out as Red. While designed to be lightweight, the Revolving Reaper itself is very versatile in combat that allows for different uses in battle with practical ease.
Bloody Hell (Seriously... it's fun)
Semblance Desc:
[url=]Part 1[/url], [url=]Part 2[/url]

A desire to protect others no matter the cost upon the user herself, Yukimura's wish was granted by bestowing upon her the ability to utilize her Blood in an interesting manner. By snapping her fingers or by making a click sound with her teeth, any blood that happens to be on any type of surface will implode. Of course this requires a meticulous set up and cannot be used in a carefree way, because it requires the use of Yukimura's own blood to utilize.

Additionally Yukimura is capable of turning Blood into a type of pulse impact attack though it has a short range (five meters), it has a high impact ratio that can potentially send opponent's sliding, or flying a few meters back. Strangely enough because Yukimura also has control over her bloodstream it is possible for her to create an adrenaline rush within her body and increase her overall strength by two stages.

At the end of everything due to this Semblance requires Yukimura's own blood in order to even utilize in the first place, each use also depletes 5 HP from the user. "With great power comes great responsibility (and timing)."
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:

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