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1st Semester
Audra Felleflores
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Outfit Desc:
Audra wears a white, frilly-collared sleeveless shirt beneath a gray shirt that rests its neckline at her collarbones. The puffy sleeves and bottom of the gray shirt are both frilly. The shirt itself only reaches down to just above her navel, though the poofy high-waisted periwinkle skirt beneath it allows no skin to be shown there. The gray shirt has thick periwinkle stitches across her chest and down the front and sleeves, creating a 'cross' on the middle of her chest and either sleeve. The periwinkle shirt has a similar gray stitching down the front and bottom, letting out just below the frilled bottom of her skirt which is just below her knees. Another stitched cross can be seen at the middle of this. A white ribbon is tied around her waist, above the skirt but under the shirt, resting just above her tailbone giving her almost a doll-like outfit. A periwinkle ribbon is tied around her neck at the white shirt's collar. She wears white socks that come up to her mid-calf and her shoes are a darker shade of gray with periwinkle ribbons on them.
Character Photo:
Physical Appearance:
Audra has messy silver hair that is chopped off at the back just at her neck. Two braids of longer hair are tied in front of her shoulders, secured in place with more periwinkle ribbons. A pair of wide mocha eyes on pale skin paired with thin eyebrows always kept in a questioning expression give her a nearly doll-like appearance. The light freckles on her nose and cheeks become quickly visible once one sees her. Her appearance overall is delicate, and her lack of apparent muscle mass or tone and short height support it. Her symbol, a magnolia flower, is tattooed on the back of her neck.
Audra is a cynical, courteous yet rather aloof girl, suspicious of most people's motivations yet still relatively easy to gain the trust of. She is working her hardest to overcome her constant fear that she is being lied to, though she cannot help but suspect anyone who approaches her openly and willing to share a large amount of information about themselves are either lying, trying to get something out of her, or have otherwise malicious intentions. Her stance on people is that no one is to be trusted right away, it must be earned. Audra does her best to be as polite as possible without opening herself up to being seen as vulnerable, but her patience is rather limited and she can become snarky quickly, especially if she finds a problem with your attitude (which, is easy enough for her.)
Audra was raised rather strangely, with her mother almost always working leaving her father to care for her and her sister alone. While he wasn't actively abusive, he had negligent tendencies, often coming up with excuses for why he couldn't do this or that. Seeing her mother on weekends became something of a rare treat as her work seemed to even affect those after a while. There were always excuses, always something else to do. The acts of kindness she was shown by her parents were typically half-hearted or had an ulterior motive behind them, leading her to never be able to trust right off the bat that someone truly had good intentions. She still loved her family, but was growing weary of the way she was living.

When she turned 14, it was a passed-down family tradition among the women to have a flower tattooed onto their necks to serve as a symbol. Knowing that some varieties of the flower had poisonous seeds, the girl opted to select a magnolia flower as hers. Getting accepted into a combat school was a relatively easy feat, as she was able to transport herself to and from classes. Her mother wasn't home to worry, and her father would just have one less kid to keep an eye on. She didn't particularly excel, but she showed a lot of promise. At the recommendation of her teachers (and to the relief of her parents), it was suggested that when she became of age that she enroll at Beacon for a brighter future.

Her mother and father both wanted to see her become something more than what they could do for her, and as such were delighted at the chance. She was suspicious of both the teacher and her parents for being so enthusiastic about it. Despite her own doubts, she accepted the idea and enrolled for Beacon as soon as she could. It would be nice to get away from home. She could always call her sister, and the independence wouldn't exactly be a rough change from how she practically already raised herself and her sister.
Weapon Desc:
Cumulocalyx (occasionally referred to as " The Bow Staff") is, obviously, a bow, the arrows for which have a variety of normal, poisoned, or dust-infused tips. She typically sticks to the normal arrows for training and non-serious combat, not wanting to waste the precious resource (or seriously hurt anyone) more than she absolutely has to. The bow itself is made of jointed segments that can both retract in on themselves and draw the string in, effectively it into a staff which she is relatively decent at hitting people with at melee range. The segments are all gray coloured with periwinkle accents, white petal designs decorating the grip in either form.
Semblance Desc:
Passively, Audra's Semblance does very little outside of sharpening her senses slightly, enough to give her a bit of an edge against those of her peers but not anything remarkably special. Should she choose to focus it, though, she can allocate her attention to any or all of her senses. The stronger she wishes to intensify a sense, the more energy it drains from her. Focusing as much energy as possible into enhancing sight, hearing, and touch would only be sustainable for a matter of seconds. Fortunately, just expending a bit of energy to one or two is usually enough to give her a boost in battle. This only affects the "5 senses" currently, but as she matures and grows older yet it is possible she would be able to heighten or even decrease some of her other senses as well.
She has sharp eyes and a sharper wit, she takes calculated risks (and some even not in her favour, depending on the context of a situation), she has a very good idea of when and when not to show mercy.
She can be too quick to judge, she has issues with trusting people, tends to keep her problems herself, and is prone to panicking or completely shutting down in stressful situations.
Lighthearted novels, fairy-tale endings (cliché as they may be), having respectful conversations about the state of the world, dark humor, the occasional pun, more dark humor, and doughnuts. With frosting all over them, but the sprinkles only on one side. Kind of all scrunched up on the edge, you know? (That's a joke. She isn't picky about her doughnuts.)
Nosy people, intrusive thoughts, anxiousness, large empty spaces, feeling or getting lost, having one or more of her senses blocked off, and people who play their music so loud you can hear it through their headphones.
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Skill Slot 1:
Death Blossom (Flourish)
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
A volley of normal arrows is fired from Cumulocalyx, with Audra rushing in to strike foes with the staff form of her weapon as sharp pointiness rains on them from above. (Costs 2 Dust. Cannot use any other melee or ranged attacks this turn.)
Skill Slot 2:
Deadeye (Large Buff)
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Honing in carefully, focusing to enhance her vision to better perceive where it will hurt more to shoot, Audra uses her turn to Large Buff her Ranged stat. (Self buff. Costs 2 Aura. Cannot make any other attacks this turn.)
Skill Slot 3:
Barrage (AoE)
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
Lining up a variety of arrows, Audra releases a rain of arrows that, presumably, could have a variety of effects depending on which ones make contact. Or they could just hurt. (Ranged AoE. Costs 1 Dust. This uses all her attacks for the turn.)

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