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Jade Mallory
Faunus Type:
Outfit Desc:
Jade wears a very pale green dress shirt with lace hemming under a jade-green vest. A dark red tie rests around his neck with a white lace hem, never seeming to stay tied for more than a couple minutes at a time - as such, it is typically left on and untied, sometimes tucked in and sometimes not. A pair of slightly darker green pants that seem to be of a rather slim fit cover his legs until they give way to a pair of black knee-high boots, red lacing running up the front of them. On the outer side of either boot printed around where the ankle lies is his symbol in jade green. The boots themselves have a reasonable platform of about one inch and a thick heel of three inches, leaving him standing at what appears to be 5'10", though his actual height is 5'7" without the boots. He simply wears them so often that most people would call him 5'10".
Physical Appearance:
Jade has vaguely long, minty-green hair with a pair of furry black cat ears poking out visibly from the top of his head. His hair itself covers most of his forehead, with two long strands barely reaching either side of his shoulders framing his face. The two chunks have dark red ribbons tied around them. The top and back of his hair is fairly messy, held loosely back in the bottom by a thicker red ribbon that sort of resembles a cross between a low ponytail and a headband, but on the bottom. Somehow, despite seeming as if it should be slipping off his hair, it constantly holds firm. His eyes are a jade color, matching his name, and he has exceptionally long eyelashes. His skin is an olive tan. Between his unremarkable frame, lack of height, and choice of hair decoration it would be easy to mistake him for a flat-chested female at first glance.
Jade is a slightly despondent, amusingly somewhat jaded boy. Lady Luck seems to get a laugh out of kicking him while he's down, and sometimes it'll get to be too much for him to take. He tends to bottle up his more intense emotions, though he'll show being happy, or sad, or irritated just fine - sometimes without the cause of the feelings themselves being very clear and almost irrationally at times. He is partially scared of becoming too close to people, as he feels that his own constant bad luck will hurt them too as it hurt those he loved in the past. He does secretly crave intimacy, but he's constantly too afraid of hurting any good friends or even potentially romantic partners to express these feelings. He tries his best to not hurt anyone around him, but his tired and fairly blunt manner of speaking often lead to accidentally coming across as more of a jerk than he intends to.
Jade, for as long as he can remember, has never been the most fortunate boy. He was born to Chloris and Hina Mallory in what was essentially a faunus slum. While no one had much to their name, all the families for the most part were content to share and all took responsibility for and cared for all the younger kids, as that was how the community thrived best. Their education might not have been the best, but from even a young age they were taught how to fight and defend themselves. He always managed to trip over his own feet, or stumble on a block, but despite his slip ups he showed enough promise that no one gave up on him - he was an excellent dodger, and generally very accurate with his strikes. During this time, he made friends with a boy named Garnet Faust. They rapidly bonded, growing as close as brothers - which, as far as the community cared, they pretty much were all one huge family anyways.

When he was around eleven years old, a strange group of masked, identically clothed people came down upon their community. They extended a hand out to the older faunus in the village, offering them a second chance at a better life. While Jade was almost bouncing with glee at the luck that seemed to have finally come to him, to get a better life, his parents were strongly opposed. As a matter of fact, the village was nearly split perfectly down the middle as to those who wished to go with the strange people and those that did not. Among those who wished to leave was Garnet's only surviving parent, and as such after much bickering did half of the village pack up and leave. No harm came to those who did not want to go with the men and women who now identified themselves as the White Fang - they were simply warned that "next time, you aren't going to have a choice" and those who wished to leave were gone. That night, Jade's father woke him in a hurry, telling them that they had to leave as there were some bad people coming.

He had already shoved as many supplies as she could into a ratty bag, and before Jade could even really wake up or question anything he was being hastily led along by his father - he hadn't even had time to question where his mother was, or what was happening. He just saw a warm glow emanating from around the corner of the decrepit building he'd left as he took one last glance at the life he would be leaving behind. His father still took great effort to make sure the boy got training and even miraculously managed to enroll him in a beginner combat school - it's what his wife would have wanted. He eventually learned that the Fang had returned that night to scoop up the remaining members, not killing anyone immediately but forcing them to come along. His mother was among them. Hurt and upset, as he thought from what he knew the White Fang was supposed to be making sure Faunus weren't getting hurt, he swore that he would save both his mother and Garnet and everyone else by becoming a proper Huntsman!

It was around this time that his luck was becoming even more unstable - he had miraculously made it out of the raid, but lost his mother and best friend - he'd have rather remained with them. He was enrolled in a combat school by a stroke of luck that would allow him to potentially reunite with them - but he had hardly any credentials to his name, and he was looked down upon for his past. He received a letter of acceptance from Beacon - but he wasn't sure if he was happy about it. Yet, still, he continued on with a silent hope burning in his soul. He had to do this if he wanted to find out what happened to his mother, to Garnet, to his old home - six years or more later, it wouldn't matter. They would have records somewhere, and he wouldn't stand a chance of ever seeing them and getting closure if he didn't become a Huntsman... right?
Weapon Desc:
Infelicitas is fairly simple, as far as some weapons go. They are a pair of cutlasses with a slightly wider base than that of an average one, where if Jade desired he could add dust for an extra kick to his attacks. He will occasionally add dust to the chappe of his blades, though as a general rule he keeps it for when things are looking grim as he does not particularly trust the somewhat unpredictable nature of dust attacks. His attacking style is meant to more to confuse and disorientate enemies, dashing in and out and flipping over them and spinning, and spinning, and spinning... The blade itself is green, with a black grip.
Semblance Desc:
Jade's semblance, quite simply, allows him to give a boost of good luck to an ally or himself. A shot that might have missed due to environmental factors might make contact, a severe blow that would have critically damaged something important might be off by just enough to avoid it... none of the effects are predictable, though generally one can have a decent estimate by the situation. While he believes that what he is doing is boosting their luck for the better, what it actually does is draw their bad luck into himself which ends up being 'stored' and redistributed across his normal life, typically not affecting him instantaneously. He does not so much make them have good luck as remove any bad luck which essentially loops around to being the same thing - tipping the balance of lucky and unlucky not by piling more onto the lucky side, but by removing the weights on the unlucky side. (This cannot be used to remove an enemy's Good Luck [yet?])
He plans ahead for most scenarios, can adapt to nearly any situation, and is incredibly good at improvisation.
He tends to overthink things TOO much, would take unnecessary risks in the name of 'i'd be unlucky enough to get caught in it anyways', and has no ranged capability.
Pretty much anyone around him who isn't outright punching him in the face, twirling around, cute boys, good luck charms, Pumpkin Pete's Marshmallow Flakes, sunny days, fishing.
Laser pointers, people calling him by pet names, any weather above 20 degrees Celsius (68 Farenheit), windy weather, people remarking on how he's a faunus whether negatively or kindly (like... yeah? and? i have two sets of ears, big deal. don't make me any more r' less important than the other guys.)
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Skill Slot 1:
What Goes Around...
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
... comes around. Jade knows this all too well, from unfortunate slip-ups to being in the wrong place at the wrong time. This grants him Awareness, adding Speed x2 to each Block he makes this turn. Can be used in the reaction phase. Cost - 2 Aura.
Skill Slot 2:
Spin, spin, spin, spin, spin~
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Spinning and twirling so much in such a practiced manner allows Jade faster Movement to close a gap between distance in range - typically from Medium to Close. Cost - 1 Aura and 1 of his attacks this turn
Skill Slot 3:
Old Lady Ohgane
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
The dust reserves in Jade's blades light up on contact, burning with the anger of a ghostly old lady... or maybe just with the effects of a normal fire attack. Jade insists vehemently that the "ghost fire attack" is haunted. Melee DoT. Cost - 1 Dust.

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