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2nd Semester
Silver Fox
Faunus Type:
A Silver Fox
5'4" (5'7" w/ears)
Emblem: ... a81fcc.jpg
Outfit Desc:
Silver Fox wears a white overcoat that is torn and has holes on the end. The back of the coat has her emblem imprinted on it. She also has a black v-neck with white strings on the v-neck with black leggings and silver boots. She has a chocker that has a skull pendent, It represents all that she has been through for her and it was given to her by Alex so she really never takes it off, it is her most valued item.
(The photo under Character Photo is better for Silver's facial features (except her hair, her hair is correct on the chibi pic) but this one is for her outfit, also there is no shirt like hers on here so the shirt is wrong on this one but it is right on the character photo)
Character Photo:
Physical Appearance:
Silver isn't really striking when you first look at her, but the more you look and know about her she is unmistakable. The first thing that you will probably notice is that she is short, but then you realize that she has big 3 inch ears that lay on the top of her head. After that you will probably see her eye, yes eye, her one silver eye and then you see she's got a golden eye too. Then over her left eye, the golden one, there is a scar that lays right under her eyebrow to her cheekbone. After that, you will see her very messed up, but somehow it works, silver hair. Her hair often has little-braided sections in it with rings within the braids. If you get to see her smile you will see her long sharp pointy carnivore teeth. Now the last thing you will see is something that she counsels, something that she has for it holds memories of times she'd rather forget. On the inside of her right wrist lies a tattoo of a wolf. Her long-gone best friend Alex was a wolf faunus and she got a tattoo of a wolf in memoriam of him. ... 350331.jpg
Silver is known to be a very nice person and often puts others before herself in many situations. She can’t stand to see others get hurt which in turn cane make her personality change dramatically.

If a change does happen she will throw herself in the heat of the danger and risk even her own life to save someone else. This is something she is trying to work on but it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

Silver has many things that can trigger her back to her time in the forest or being captured. Most of the time she is able to suppress it but once again it is very hard to.

But on the bright side she will try her best to make everyone around her smile and be happy which most of the time is trough her being a bit of a klutz.
Silver grew up alone, she never met her parents, she never really had any friends.... well not for long at least, and she lived her life knowing that someone could turn on her at any moment.

When she was younger she was taken care of my two lovely people but sadly they died during an attack on their village and the group that attacked them decided to take Silver with them. From there she lived as a prisoner of the group and became friends with Alex, another prisoner that was the same age as her and also a faunus like her, but he was a wolf fauns while she is a fox faunus. As time likes to repeat itself, Alex also died at the hands of the leader of the group. Then on that same day, something incredible happened, she escaped but she can't remember how all she remembers is a flash of light and then she woke up in the woods. After that she was truly alone, she lived in the woods for the rest of her life training to go to Beacon, for when she and Alex were prisoners, they both dreamed of going there together. So now we will see how her story unfolds as she enters Beacon.
Elemental Rage
Weapon Desc:
Silver's weapon is a pair of metal guntlets and half metal boots that have dust running through them. She can fire different things at people using bullets with the dust encased in them, the gloves also have a sharp blade at the end of them that Silver can release by pressing a button with her thumb on the inside of the gauntlets.
Speed Gylphs
Semblance Desc:
She can make these little circlular platforms appear that can deflect attacks, but she mostly uses them like a skateboard, they appear under her feet and hands and she can glide over any surface using them.
Vytal Region
-Being able to make someone laugh
-Being a great Friend
-Her speed when she uses her semblance
-Drawing Eyes
-Creating battle plans
-Hand eye coordination
-Quick Wits
-Doesn't know when to give up (Good and Bad)
-Will die for anyone she cares about
-The dark
-She dwells in the past too much
-Anything to do with Alex's death
-Doesn't know when to give up (Good and Bad)
-Sensitive about her past
-Bottles up her emotions so she only feels happy
-The Moon
-Night time
-The Woods
-People who hurt her and or her friends
-The dark, she is terrified of the dark
-Dark Rooms
-Spicy foods
-Her past in general
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Skill Slot 1:
Earth Engulfment (stealth)
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
Silver uses the dust in her weapon to engulf herself into the earth and hide there with anyone knowing she is there.
(Cost 1 Dust)
Skill Slot 2:
Fox Eyes (Awareness)
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Silver actives her fox eyes, they read every movement of her opponent so she can predict the next move of her opponent.
(Cost 2 Aura)
Skill Slot 3:
Frosted Decay (Damage Over Time)
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
Silver shoots a special dust at someone and once they inhale the dust, it deals damage to them, the damage is 10 hp each turn. It melts away in 3 turns time.
(Cost 1 Dust)
Skill Slot 4:
Taste this! (Catalyze)
Skill Slot 4 Desc:
Silver powers up her weapon with any type of dust and either uses it to hit someone really hard with the dust's power or shoot it at someone.
(Cost 2 Dust + 1 Aura)
Skill Slot 5:
God this hurts... (Area Of Effect)
Skill Slot 5 Desc:
Silver punches the ground using her semblance to create a shockwave dealing damage to that area. (Cost 1 Dust)
Gained Attributes:
Semester 1: Melee 3, Range 3, Accuracy 3, Speed 3, Defense 3, Aura 2, Dust 4, Aura Pool 2, Dust Pool 4, Heath 90
Semester 2: Melee 5, Range 4, Accuracy 5, Speed 6, Defense 6, Aura 3, Dust 6, Aura Pool 3, Dust Pool 6, Heath 155

Manhunt For Manslayer Event
+1500 Lien
+1 Reown
Alt Accounts:
Crimson Daiz

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