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4th Semester
Alexander Richardson
Outfit Desc:
Tan cargo pants, combat sneakers, a green Army jacket over a white button up shirt, and a Black Richards Corp. ball cap. During Wintertime he wears a fleecy overlay over his shirt and wears a beanie and scarf. When working on mechanical projects he wears workgloves. He also has a pair of glasses he wears to help with fine tuned projects that need a closer look.
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Physical Appearance:
Alex is actually not that big of a guy. He is lean and slender with short slightly mussed brown hair. His eyes are a striking gold color. His skin is fair and hardly tanned from his years of solitude in his parents place. If he has been busy with running his company or projects he will have some 5 o'clock shadow.
Alexander Richardson is a son from a well off family, not stuck up or egotistical he believes people need to earn respect for themselves by their actions, not from their families. He also is a big fan of teamwork, always willing to work with others, but if a situation becomes to dangerous, he will try to handle it himself. He is quite responsible, almost to a fault, often time overworking himself if he feels the project can't wait. In battle, he always tries to act as the tank, taking the hits and keeping the enemies attention while the others beat it down, though that does not mean he won't attack, he likes to use his custom sword and shield to take it to the enemy, and is always up for a challenge. He likes to test himself in battle so he can improve in order to help the helpless and protect this world, seeing as it is his home.

With most of his friends and teammates gone, Alex has become protective of those who still remain at Beacon. He is really close to his recent girlfriend Silver, who he is still lacking in confidence that she will stick with him, since all others have left him.
From a Well off family that specialized in tech, which Alex has recently been helping them design better models in, he was kept hidden to protect him from family enemies and had no real friends growing up. When he got old enough he begged his parents to let him into Signal, they refused. He then started training himself in the woods out back his house whenever he could sneak out, but one day was badly injured by Beowolves, leading to an intense fear of them. Seeing his determination, they finally allowed him to go, and from there, he has been free ever since.

While at Signal, Alex focused on his studies and training, excelling in combat, but not so much with his dust studies, or social skills. He focused and worked hard, and now at Beacon hopes to become a symbol of hope for others.

He had, until recently, no real close friends, and treasures those who remain.
Guardian and Justice/Redemption(when combined
Weapon Desc:
A Circular Shield and Short Sword that can be combined into a larger weapon by inserting the sword into a slot on the back of the shield.(which is also how he sheathes it) When inserted it can be chosen to release a chain that turns the hefty club into a flail. When holstered on his arm, he uses a gravity dust device to lighten his sword and shield.
Semblance Desc:
His semblance basically allows him to radiate light from himself. When in a dark room he can light it up light a Christmas tree. In combat he uses it defensively in order to make it harder for enemies to hit him by blinding them. HE has recently been working on a way to absorb the light from around him as well as fracturing the light spectrum into various colors.
Vytal Region
Transfer School:
Signal Academy
Defensive/melee combat, technology, sewing, crafting, fairly easy to like, dancing, strategy, and managing
Ranged combat, magic, dense, overly caring and too responsible
Pizza, Barbecue, tech, a challenge, friends, dancing, learning
betrayal, being alone, unecessary violence
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Skill Slot 1:
Blinding strike
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
Light hits the the targeted enemy, debuffing speed by 4 for 3 turns. cost 2 aura.
Skill Slot 2:
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Uses shield to block attack used against allied unit. cost 1 aura
Skill Slot 3:
Radient Blades
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
Increase attack by 4 for one turn. cost 1 aura
Skill Slot 4:
Total Defense
Skill Slot 4 Desc:
Perfectly protects self from all damage for one turn. 1 aura per hit
Skill Slot 5:
Skill Slot 5 Desc:
Coats self with armor of light, buffing defense by 8 for 3 turns. 2 aura
Skill Slot 6:
Self Heal
Skill Slot 6 Desc:
Uses a self made stim shot to boost health in order to keep fighting. (aura + dust)x5 = heal cost 1 dust

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