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1st Semester
Sammy Carnelian
5'6" in. (167 cm)
Outfit Desc:
His wardrobe is mostly filled comfortable fitting clothing, loose and allowing for free movement. That being said, his wardrobe is also rather effeminate. A crimson red jacket with black accents covers the top half of his body, and he wears a white undershirt beneath it. The spaces between his elbow and shoulder on the jacket are missing (connected by 4 thin threads), leaving what's left of the sleeves to hang freely. He wears slim, yet baggy pants that match his jacket in color. Slender white sneakers protect his feet. With this outfit, he's rather fond of wearing a black headband and black nail polish. As this is a casual set of clothing, Sammy prefers not to wear a claw of Siegkralle.

(Additional outfits will be added as they are needed.)
Character Photo:
Physical Appearance:
Slender and androgynous, Sammy is often confused for a girl at first glance. A few freckles are positioned below his eyes and slightly above his cheeks, contrasting against his pale and subtle complexion. His nose is small and petite.

His bright blonde, straight hair reaches down to his mid-back, but he often puts it up in order for it to be out of his way. His eyes are a gleaming powder blue, mesmerizing most who make direct eye contact with him.
If he needed to be summarized in a mere single word, without a doubt, Sam would be called smug. An aura of arrogance follows him wherever he goes, and his delicate yet conceited posture makes him always appear as if he's looking down on people.

In reality, he's rather interested in others and how they can live up to their potential, but he believes that one can only unlock their true potential through hard work and built resilience. When looking upon others who have clearly given up on living up to their potential, or who have begun stagnating on their path, his demeanor is one of complacency. Simply put, making those who are weaker than him angry is very amusing.

His mastery over his semblance has made him grow self-congratulatory over time, making him feel as if he is merely better than others. This often clashes with his desire to find a challenging opponent who can display their true potential that may rival his own.

Sammy is not easily provoked and has a very good handle on his emotions, but that isn't to say he's completely immune to them. When he's dealt with a bit too much in one sitting, the boy can lash out at others without a care, shouting at them with reckless abandon. These types of outbursts or very uncommon, and often dealt with in private, as not to tarnish his reputation.
Farnese Braunrot and William Carnelian (the eldest children of their families) were joined in holy matrimony at the ages of 22 and 25 respectively, with the marriage being arranged by their parents in order to forge a better relationship between their companies. The Braunrot family is famous for their prowess in weapon manufactury while the Carnelians are well known for their support products for hunters and huntresses, such as medkits, weapon sharpening stones, and meals ready to eat in the field. Both families had a long line of hunters, huntesses, and businesspeople. Farnese and William weren't particularly fond of one another, but they kept face in order for their companies to succeed. Braunrot Armaments and the Carnelian brand soared higher than ever before, but tragedy was not far behind. Within the short span of ten years, Farnese and William's parents had died of natural causes, leaving them in complete control of the corporations their ancestors had apent their entire lives building. While they were trained day by day to be prepared for the moment the fortunes would be theirs, the workload was simply too much for the pair, so they came to a compromise. The two enacted a merger, creating Carnelia, a single brand that held all of their hunter support products under one name.

As time progressed, the two became more fond of eachother than before. Their relationship once based off of purely business intentions was now morphing into something more pure but perhaps this was merely because of circumstance. Needless to say, Farnese and William bore a child onto Remnant, though this was not Sammy. The first child of the couple who was brought into the world was in fact Sammy's sister, Emilia, a small girl oozing with talent. Rather than using the Siegkralle handed down to her for combat purposes, she utilized them for playing piano. Graceful yet intimidating, the claws pressed against the ivory keys in such a delicate manner that dazzled all who saw her perform. Her parents were proud beyond words, and praise was evident everywhere around Emilia. Unfortunately, this built up quite an ego for her.

Upon Emilia finishing her hundredth piano recitle, William and Farnese decided to have another child. This is where Sammy comes into the picture. Upon his birth, he was called Samuel rather than the name he goes by today, and his mother experienced a number of complications during the event. Luckily enough, he and his mother came out just fine, and the Carnelian family had gained a new member.

As a toddler, it was noted that Sammy's hair grew remarkably fast, with him ending up with golden locks reaching down to his lower back by the age of four. Soft spoken and kind, he was often treasured by those around him. This would not last long, however. Unlike most child siblings, Sammy and his sister got along swimmingly, with the boy looking up to her in every way. Emilia often manipulated him for her own gain, asking him to do harmless things like grabbing cookies from the kitchen, or major things like stealing their parents' money. He did these actions with utmost joy without a second thought, knowing that he made his sister happy. As he began to grow into a young man, he began to adopt her habits himself. Springing conflicts between other students by getting others to do his dirty work was one of his favorite passtimes. Seeing how others would react with one another in these desperate situations gave him such a sense of wonder.

During his teenage years, he'd grown to very high status among his peers, always known as the kind of guy who could get rid of you if the wind simply blew a certain way. This kind of power over people gave him a wild rush of superiority. During the same time, his parents were very persistent about Sammy putting serious thought into what he'd do in the future, whether it be inheriting the company, becoming a hunter like his forefathers, or forging a new path. He'd previously received the mandatory training with his Siegkralle, like most other Carnelians, and he wished to fulfill his potential with the weapon. Years of diligence and tutoring assisted him in crafting his own fighting style, which he has dubbed Klaue. Since then, he's beated even his own father in single combat, and he doesn't plan on stopping his progress anytime soon. Knowing that an Atlas school for hunters and huntresses would merely contain students too afraid to do anything other than toss dust at their opponents, he seeked a real challenge at Beacon.

With this new opportunity, Sammy seeks to reach his true potential through battling not only the Grimm that populate the world, but defeating his fellow students as well.
Weapon Desc:
Siegkralle is a fairly unique weapon and the Carnelian family has developed an advanced system of combat based on its style. Siegkralle is a set of metal claws that slip effortlessly onto their user's fingers, lengthening their reach by only a few inches, so it's required that if someone wishes to use them, they must be agile in their movements and take many risks in their battles.

Each individual claw is painstakingly crafted by hand, skillfully made in a way that only sharpens the claws with use. The talons are made with a gleaming, silver-like material that gives them a regal appearance. Every member of the Carnelian family has a pair, and wearing a single claw on the right ring-finger is a common symbol of status.
Semblance Desc:
Raising the temperature of metals is a breeze with this semblance. Focusing his energy into his fingers, Sammy's semblance allows him to increase the heat of basic metals and alloys. The semblance begins to wear off as the metal approaches melting point, so Stahlitze can only be used sparingly. If Stahlitze begins to wear off, it cannot be used for a while, sometimes an hour, sometimes weeks. Sammy's use of the semblance must be precise and controlled, or else it could land him in quite a bit of trouble.
+ Flexible in new environments
+ Persistent
+ Not easily swayed
+ Charismatic
+ Agile
+ Silver tongue
+ Mastery over his semblance
- Arrogant
- Little to no defense
- An ego the size of a house
- Fickle
- Perfectionist
- Vain
- A bit too prideful of his bloodline
+ Cooking
+ Massages
+ Cafés
+ Being seen as intimidating
+ History
+ Talented people
+ Foreign cuisine
- Public transportation
- Wasted potential
- The stench of cleaning supplies
- Loud people
- Bad weather
- Spelling errors
- The combination of persistence and idiocy
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:

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