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4th Semester
Calli Cirrus
Outfit Desc:
Generally speaking, Calli wears a pure white lightweight water-repellent sport sweatshirt, with a hood and which zips all the way up or down, over a gray t-shirt. Often, this sweatshirt is left open, and she usually keeps her hood down. Her lower body is usually covered by moderately baggy sweatpants made of a raincoat-like material, which extend slightly over gray-and-black flat-soled sneakers, which have a yellow lightning-bolt pattern on their sides.
Character Photo:
Physical Appearance:
Muscular but not bulky in build, Calli has blue-white hair, which is nearly always tied back, stormy grey eyes, which are generally full of excitement but sometimes betray feelings she'd rather hide, and pale skin. Her round face is usually lit with a lopsided smirk, projecting outward confidence and swagger.
Calli is outwardly confident, even aggressive (though not by any means hostile), and projects an air of certainty in herself and her abilities wherever she goes, constantly spewing excitement and boasts. Although her confidence isn't pride, and accordingly doesn't include denigrating others or explicitly comparing herself to them, the distinction between her attitude and outright pride is fine and hardly obvious. As a result, especially to anyone who isn't a close friend or ally, she can come across as prideful and rude. Even to her friends, her demeanor can be more than a little grating.

This is compounded by the fact that Calli is infuriatingly hard-headed: when she's decided something, or determined an opinion, convincing her otherwise is painfully difficult, even when she should know better and facts emphatically contradict her plans or views. Her stubbornness can get her into trouble, either when she sticks to a plan she shouldn't or when she clings to falsehood or foolishness in the face of reality.

Additionally, Calli is reckless and hasty. She has a tendency to act before thinking, diving into circumstances without regard for whether or not she can handle them. She hates waiting around or being reactive rather than proactive. Rushing past or overpowering rather than weathering her problems is how she deals with them, and though obviously this isn't always wise, it's almost all she does: she's pulled forward by her goals and persistence and pushed forward by her need to outrun her own hidden doubts and fears.

Despite what these traits might suggest- indeed, they often hide this about her- Calli is a compassionate, periodically altruistic girl who puts her relentless enthusiasm and absurd devotion to work in service of others, particularly friends- sometimes to a fault. While this might seem like a mere overabundance of care and morality, it is also, in it's own way, a form of selfishness, as she tends to fail to recognize how her elevation of others gets in their way and hurts those who care about her. In other words, Calli is the opposite of selfish, but in a few key ways somewhat self- /centered/, particularly in that she traditionally fails to recognize when her 'help' is not needed, not wanted, or outright counterproductive. She might be a caring person, but she's a bad listener.

Underneath all of this, Calli is deeply insecure. Her confidence is a facade hiding a soul riddled with doubt and uncertainty, which she buries as deep as she can in the fear that she will let others, or herself, down, or that people won't like her. She has a powerful need to be approved of by others, and when cracks show in her bravado, it's usually because she's admitting or revealing fear that she didn't make a good impression on others. When this happens, she becomes nervous or withdrawn depending upon circumstances. Calli projects certainty because she fears her own inner doubts- doubts that people like her, doubts about who she is and who she wants to be, and doubts that she can accomplish anything. Her outward confidence serves as a lie to protect her from herself and a shield to ensure others don't see this doubt and, to some extent, that she doesn't have to let them in to help with it.
Born in a medium-sized settlement in the Mantle region, Calli grew up in a family of scientists. She didn't quite fit in, for she was more interested in action and excitement than academics, but at the same time, her personality wasn't well-suited to the Atlesian military, and in any case she wouldn't have wanted to be a part of something she viewed as suffocating anyway.

When she was very young, Calli wasn't popular with other children, and her present-day confidence began as something she projected in order to try to fix that. As she grew older, it worked, and she became more social and popular. Only she knew the unsteady foundation her friendships were built upon, and the more it worked, the more she feared her flaws and vulnerabilities coming to light, which in turn led her to hide them further. Even at home, this became a necessity- her parents feared she wouldn't have a future with her dreams, and she could hardly pursue them, given that, without projecting certainty and capability. When she was old enough, she enrolled at Signal Academy, where with hard work and dedication she managed to earn praise and prove herself. The fact that it wasn't anywhere near home was only a plus for her, even if it made her family a bit nervous.

The opportunity to attend Beacon was an absolute dream for her, and when, on account of her abilities, it became reality- somewhat early, no less- she was overjoyed. At the same time, she was terrified, for though she'd climbed to where she'd always wanted to be, nobody but her, she thought, knew how unsteady and hard that climb was. Despite her trepidation, her optimism and desire to press on propelled her to go to Beacon, where she hopes to better herself in every way, and maybe just maybe, come to terms with her secret fears of inadequacy.
Twin Tornado (WIP)
Weapon Desc:
Calli's current weapon is a pair of double-bladed axes than can be combined into a double axe or a bazooka. She is in the process of replacing it, however.
Soul Storm
Semblance Desc:
Calli's semblance is the ability to create artificial weather, on a small scale. She can generate gusts of wind, rain or hailstorms, or even thunder or cyclones. This ability is linked to her emotions and focus, and failing to keep either in the state associated with her actions disrupts it. She's most comfortable and experienced with wind, and when she came to Beacon, had difficulty doing anything more- though she could do a lot with just wind- but thanks to experience and training with friends, she's begun to master a broader range of possibilities.
Mantle Region
Transfer School:
Signal Academy
-Dedicated and motivated
-Devoted to her friends, compassionate
-Quick thinking
-Relies on offense and speed, has bad defense
-Hides her flaws, and thus, her weaknesses
-Showing vulnerability
-Being laughed at or ignored
-Things in her way
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Semblance Enhancement 1:
Calli's Evasive lowers her defense multiplier instead of her attack multipliers.
Semblance Enhancement 2:
Calli can use Speed instead of Range when using her Flourish skill.
Semblance Enhancement 3:
Calli's Elemental Casting uses her Aura rather than her Dust.
Skill Slot 1:
Jet Stream (Movement)
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
Calli leaps up and forward while hurling herself along with a powerful wind gust from her semblance, enabling her to cross great distances. ( Costs 1 Aura. Only three targets can be attacked this turn. )
Skill Slot 2:
Sky Spirit (Enhanced Evasive)
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Activating her semblance, Calli adds the force of weather to her movements, using air currents to move faster and jump higher, at the cost of hurting her ability to defend by keeping her attention and power focused on speed.
(Adds 1/2 to Speed. Defense gets -1 multiplier to Block. Turned on or off by using skill, turning off is free. Costs 1 aura.)
Skill Slot 3:
Wind Slash (Empower)
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
Calli cuts through the air with Twin Tornado in axe form, synchronizing her slash with air currents for pinpoint accuracy and additional force.
[ Until end of turn, increases Melee and accuracy when using it by 1/2 -> Melee = 17 and Accuracy = 8. Costs 1 aura.]
Skill Slot 4:
Weathervane (Awareness)
Skill Slot 4 Desc:
By using her control of wind to directly perceive movement in the air around her, Calli can receive early warning of incoming attacks- split-second tells in enemy motion, hints of incoming projectiles, and more, enabling her to put up a better defense, often relying on that same wind or weather to help block or slow attacks.
[ Costs 2 Aura. Can be used during Reaction Phase. During the turn this skill is used, Calli adds 2xSpeed to every block she makes. ]
Skill Slot 5:
Cyclone Saberdance (Enhanced Flourish)
Skill Slot 5 Desc:
Calli takes advantage of the full potential of two of her specialties together: wind and speed. She uses the winds of her semblance to drive a combination flurry of mid-range and melee attacks, guiding spinning axe throws and hastening swings to incredible speed. Moving at hurricane speed, she rushes past her foes' defenses for greater damage.
[Costs 2 Aura. Deals (Spd+Mle)x5 in damage, and does 2x damage to any block it hits. Can be used at Medium or Close range. Calli cannot use other Melee attacks this turn. .]
Skill Slot 6:
Soul Storm (Summon)
Skill Slot 6 Desc:
Focusing and bringing forth all of the power of her semblance, Calli summons a powerful miniature storm consisting of a single thunderhead (about 7 meters square and 15 tall), capable of striking her foes with wind, lightning, and hail at range. The initial focusing of her semblance into this takes all of her concentration. Once it has coalesced, however, she can control it by tweaking and commanding it as a whole, which means she can fight separately from her storm. It cannot avoid damage directed toward it, but is surprisingly hardy. Costs 2 Aura.
Soul Storm: Rng: 14 / Acc: 8 / Spd: 0 / Def: 10 / HP: 270
Skill Slot 9:
Supercell Superhero (Enhanced Elemental Casting)
Skill Slot 9 Desc:
Calli launches flurries of ice, bolts of lightning, and sheets of rain at her foes using her semblance.

Elemental Casting - Shock / Wind / Water
Shock: Ignores Block, -1 to attack multiplier
Wind: 2x Acc, -1 to attack multiplier
Water: If deals HP damage, knocks enemy back 1 range
Cost: 1 Aur per effect. Uses Aura instead of Dust (4x multiplier, Medium range)
Gained Attributes:
Sem 1: 4 | 0 | 3 | 6 | 1 | 5 | 2 - HP 70
Sem 2: +1 to all but Range, then bonus divided 3 to Mle, 3 to Speed, 1 to Aura.
8 | 0 | 4 | 10 | 2 | 7 | 3 - HP 100
Sem 3: +1 to all but Rng, then bonus 4 to Spd, 2 to Mle, 1 to Aur. Event bonus, +2 Aur, +1 Spd.
11| 0 | 5 | 16 | 3 | 11 | 4 - HP 140
Sem 4: +1 to all but Rng, +3 to Speed, +2 to Acc, +2 to Aur

Bonuses: +3 from Death is on our Doorstep
All of this is post respec (3/21)
Alt Accounts:
Morpho Lachrymose
Aurora Aster

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