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1st Semester
Alexander Korasumi
Outfit Desc:
Alex wears a blue undershirt with a Black best that is covered in silver trim. A Navy Blue dress shirt with a slight orange Musical tint finishes the top. Going down to his black slacks that are reinforced with Kevlar. Making them more pronounced and sleak with silver detailing to match the pristine look. And multiple cargo pockets lead down the pants. Continuing to a pair of dark orange socks and a pair of obsidian steel-toed boots. The laces are a mix silver and orange. Adorned on his hands are a pair of silver gloves as well a a tiny black fedora in between his bunny ears.

Though Alex is usually a flashy person. He does have a more incognito set of cloths he tends to wear. A plain white shirt interwoven with steel mesh to allow for it to take a hit. Slightly faded black jeans that have just a hint of silver and orange around the seems. Pure white socks and dull orange tennis shoes. His hair is left flowing only held back by a headband. A Black hoodie with orange fluff around its edges. A single silver chain going around and creating a faux belt. That hold his weapon up.
Physical Appearance:
Alexander has porcelain white skin. A lean and athletic build with slightly broad shoulders. His hair is nearly pitch black, glossy, and shoulder length. Usually tied in a simple ponytail but with his bangs still hanging in his face. His bunny ears share the black coloring, but closer to an obsidian tint. The tiniest bits of purple showing in direct light. They naturally flop at the midpoint. But stand tall when he's focused. Or flop flat on his head when he's in combat. He has long/thinner fingers, with a build medium torso build. And well defined leg muscles. His deep crystal blue eyes fade out into a winter white on the edges still bordered by the normal black outline. His front teeth while not super noticeable. Are just a tiny bit bigger then normal. His face is decently androgynous allowing for him to pretend either direction. Even if his build mostly spoke of male. Just a little work and skill and he could easily pull off female.
Alex is an outgoing kinda guy. Who surprisingly isn't very fond of the spotlight. Having had enough of it for a lifetime. He is laid back and spontaneous, but never does anything without at least a small thought. He's both reckless and patient. With a tendency to say what's on his mind. But on the battlefield he never plays around. His mind focused and resolve steeled. He aims to become someone to respect and look up to. While fading into history as a side character. He loves to party and flirt. But when dating he's surprisingly faithful. Whenever he does something big. It's usually done in such a way that it's quickly forgotten. Though lately he's gotten a bit more reserved, but he's still a social butterfly.
Alexander Korasumi better known as Alex is a Rabbit faunus. Whom at an early age awoke his aura and semblance. When his birth parents died defending him from a large flock of large-variant Nevermore. They managed to hold out for an hour. Which for people whom were only in the town militia was rare. But then again with their only son in danger they did what any parent would do. Since he was pinned under a building at the time. The only way to protect him was to unlock his aura. When they finally fell it was gruesome and bloody. He was milliseconds from death when a team of Huntsmen came to his and the town's rescue. He was freed and they did the only thing they could. Sent him to a Mistralian Orphanage in hopes he'd be fine.

Alexander lived his early childhood in the orphanage. And for a child haunted by his parents death and the discrimination of his race. He was surprisingly upbeat. The reason for that was his family motto. "Even in the darkest depth, as long as light shines hope shall win". And he lived by that motto in his own unique way. He had a knack for music and could be found listening to it at all times. Always ready to party and a smile usually on his face. And never letting it show that he buried his dark emotions under his upbeat personality.

At the age of 11 he was finally adopted. By a young husband and wife who co-owned a talent agency "Star Dust". They had been scouring out a double for their Daughter Alexa. Who was just turning 10. Alexander caught their eye for 4 reasons. 1) He looked quite similar to Alexa. 2) He had musical, vocal, and minor acting talent. 3) His name could be shortened to Alex. 4) He had the ability to perfectly mimic other people's voices. Which was thanks to his semblance. Something he'd recently learned to use. But only he knew was thanks to a semblance.

From the moment he entered the Korasumi household. Alexander was put under strict lessons. He was being taught proper etiquette for both males and females. His singing and musical talents were being fine tuned by tutors. His parents strictly coached him in acting. And at age 13 he'd been force fed so much in his studies he didn't have to worry about passing school. It was also at this age that he was forced to dress up as his sister. For her grand debut into the entertainment world dubbed "Alex".

By age 16 his sister became famous. She had sponsors fighting for her. Businesses gave her discounts wherever she went. Boys and girls fawned over her. And her parents spoiled her rotten. Sadly for Alexander he got none of that. While he was Alexa's double. He actually worked almost all her jobs. Her fame was built off of mainly his talent and Semblance. Which he'd never told his adopted "parents" about. At first he thought it was just the power to recreate sound. But in actuality it was control over vibrations around him.

During his off time between age 13-16. Alexander had been going to Sanctum training academy. Something his adopted parents allowed only, because it helped keep him fit and quick witted. But what they didn't realise was that Alexander was high ranked in his class. And was aiming for Beacon or Atlas academy. A shot to leave his strict family. Though he would miss his new sister. While she did get all the glory. She'd never let it get to her head. She treated him kind and fairly. And had always made it known that she wouldn't be famous without him. But she understood why he had to leave. She couldn't blame him in the least and was actually the one to push him to apply.
Halfway through age 16 he'd gotten accepted into Beacon. Which to him was a Oum send. He couldn't believe it, but he had one large obstacle. His "parents" would never let him go. He hadn't even expected to get in. So he didn't plan on how to get there. Low and behold his Sister came to his aid. She'd been planning for his leave for a while. A bullhead ticket to the main capital of Mistral. Where he'd be able to catch the Beacon transport. A suitcase with new cloths as well as combat attire. And a metal box that held a specially made weapon. All for him the cost had been significant, but didn't make more than a small dent in her growing fortune. She'd even booked a fake gig that would require Alexander to be in Vale in her place. When she told him about her plan a day after he got his acceptance letter. He had hugged someone besides his dead parents for the first time ever. They had talked all night long. Before Alexa shoed him away. His journey as a Huntsmen was finally starting. And he could finally be the light of his now personal mantra, his family Motto. And he owed this chance to be his own person to his sister. He'd no longer be in her shadow. He could be whoever he wanted.

Recently Alex went back to visit his parent's graves at his first home. The fallen settlement having been partially reclaimed by vegetation and nature. Reminding him of a horrible time in his past. But a grand smile sat on his face as tears flowed and he recounted his life to his parents. Telling them about every experience he could. Something that had allowed him to truly vent for the first time in many years. Though he soon had to leave as his negative emotions were beginning to attract the attention of grimm.
Base and Treble
Weapon Desc:
A pair of curved Topaz colored daggers with Navy blue accents. Their handles each infused with air & energy dust and high powered mini-speakers. And attached to a pair of obsidian power gloves by wires infused with metallic dust. Now their design is a bit more streamlined and sleek. The topaz coloring more dulled down and non-reflective. With more Navy blue and black detailing added in to the design.

The daggers/glove also have the capability to Mecha shift into a pair of stereo embedded gauntlets. Which sport 2 energy cannons at the upper wrist section. While glowing different colors at will. Each color based on the dust or his aura in use at the time. The mecha shift function now was less clunky then its original design. Now more form fitting and better plated. As the topaz, navy blue, and black swirled into a whirlpool of musical power. The stark white of the non filled veins shining across as the only linear design of the gauntlets.

Both these forms are connected wirelessly to a high-tech visor. The visor houses a small high level computer system that keeps tabs on his weapons current capabilities and damage taken. As well as a giant music library and a wireless connection to his scroll. It's sleek silver design with hints of orange and black detailing. Came together for a much more powerful and striking look.

The weapon's inert form is a Microphone and small amp/stereo. That seems to look to clean and well crafted to actually be made to play any sound.
Feel the Beat in Motion
Semblance Desc:
Alexander has control of vibrations in his own body and a short radius around himself. With control over vibrations he's able to recreate waves in his area. Such as sound waves and radio waves. Allowing himself to mimic any sounds he's heard perfectly. And send the sound waves traveling. So he can throw off his voice or be his own personal stereo.

Also with the use of his semblance in combat it becomes a vibrating force field kind of like a second skin. That allows him to move faster. As well as react to things quicker as he can feel the attacks coming within his radius. While also making it harder for attacks to penetrate his defenses.
Mistral Region
Transfer School:
Sanctum Academy
Quick and adapts quickly
Knows his limits
Disguise capabilities
Works well as a pair
Gets tunnel vision when angry.
Doesn't listen to authority well.
Not big on teamwork
Not good at working with more then 1 person

When he spots an Nevermore his crystalline eyes always glow a light aquamarine. He will not allow a nevermore to survive as long as he's conscious.
Doesn't worry about his own personal well-being.
Sweets, Vegetables, Fruits, Animals, Girls of any race, Free falling, dancing, singing, books, music, pranks, and more recently meditation as well as a good romance novel.
Humans, orders, Step-parents, Fans (Of his Sister's alter ego Alex), overly affectionate guys, paperwork, and boring places. Nevermore/birds in general.
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Skill Slot 1:
Skip the Track (Movement)
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
With a light glare of his aura. Alex can swiftly and deftly move in and out of combat ranges. His body's momentum shifting with a sudden shift of energy and his skill in choreography allowing him to effortlessly land. While continuing on like it was walking or breathing.
Such as close to mid and mid to long. As well as vice versa.

Cost: 1 aura
Skill Slot 2:
Drop the Base (Flourish)
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Alex focuses his aura and starts attacking his enemy with blinding speed. As he slams his gauntlets and releases the energy cannons at them in quick succession. The flurry of attacks are both powerful and graceful. Showing off his training as a pop-star. The attack deals _(Range+ Melee) x 5_ with enemies hit by the attack having their current Defense left count for half (rounded up. So 20 def becomes 10) You may not use other Range or Melee attacks this turn. This can be used at both medium and close range. This can not be used with a base stat of zero in either Range or Melee.
Cost: 2 Aura
Skill Slot 3:
One with the Music (Endure Stance)
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
Alex's body shines before he suddenly picks up speed. His reflexes suddenly heightened. As he lightly exudes basic beats. To whatever song he has in his head. His aura increasing his defenses by vibrating the air near his skin.
SPD +1 Def+1 till stance is left. Aura stat become 0 till deactivated. (Doesn't reduce effective Ap)
cost: 2 Aura to activate, free to deactivate

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