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Yury Belikov
Outfit Desc:
Yury tends to be very poor at taking care of his clothes, despite washing them frequently. He is averse to ironing and therefore much of his wardrobe is creased and worn, with patches of mud and ink here and there from working in the garden and the study respectively. The most noticeable item of clothing in his attire is a long, charcoal-grey quilted gambeson that reaches down to his thighs, secured with dull brass buttons.

Underneath he wears an off-white shirt (usually with the sleeves rolled up) with a clerical collar that can be seen above the neckline of his gambeson and pearl-grey woollen trousers that are cut off just above his ankles. He is often seen with a worn black leather satchel over his shoulder, with various books and documents spilling over into his hands. He has largely done away with his armour, but still wears a set of silver greaves, sabatons and gauntlets when the need for combat arises. Otherwise, he wears a golden, cross-shaped emblem secured by a simple leather cord around his left wrist and sturdy brown leather clogs on his feet.
Physical Appearance:
At first glance, Yury does not make a particularly striking first impression as a combatant, and should one look again, more closely, it is likely that that impression would not change. Standing at a little under average height, his thin face and hollow cheeks give off the air of malnourishment, not helped by his naturally pale skin, lanky white hair and drooping eyelids. If not for his youthful profile, deep golden eyes and the gentle sloping of the corners of his mouth in an unrefined but persistent smile, it would be easy for Yury to look like quite worn-out and melancholy. Despite the lack of visual impact due to his bony features, boyish face and relaxed gait, under his loose clothing he has a deceptively sturdy, well-built frame which has served him well as a frontliner in many missions.
While earnest and diligent by nature, it would be difficult to claim that Yury is by any means a born educator. Being one of the youngest staff members at Beacon, he finds many of his older colleagues overbearing and intimidating, some of whom were his seniors when he was at school. He is also thrown by the sheer level of reckless violence his students are capable of, leading him to be rather fearful for their well-being (both physical and legal). His awareness of his inexperience as a teacher can manifest as his somewhat awkward presence in the classroom, and he has a tendency to offer tea whenever he doesn't really know what else to say or do. He is also occasionally prone to brief bouts of mild depression when discouraged, such as when nobody signed up for his last class so it got cancelled. This being the case, he would rather focus on training, research and various hobbies over having to teach classes. This can make him come across as meek and passive as a professor, and combined with his youth compared to the other teachers, may give the impression of being a pushover.

However, despite his apparent reluctance, Yury is first and foremost a man devoted to his principles of compassion and humility, and strives to guide the students under his care to the best of his abilities. Awkward though he may seem, he is fastidious in his teaching methods and accepts no less than the best from his students. He is also a sympathetic mediator and takes to his role as counsellor far more readily than he’d like to admit (he also loves having an office to call his own). When his high moral standards are tempered by his mild disposition and welcoming familiarity, Yury is a formidable force in the face of antagonism - those who confront him in anger may often find themselves disarmed by his impenetrable sincerity.

Having specialised in social anthropology in other regions during his time as a Huntsman-in-Training, Yury is well-versed in the different cultures of Remnant as well as various schools of philosophical thought, and often ventures into unknown territory in the midst of conversation. He has a variety of hobbies which he enjoys investing time into, but what he considers to be one of his life’s greatest tragedies is that he has the tendency to be inexplicably terrible at all his favourite pastimes yet finds that he takes to activities he is averse to with surprising aptitude. While he enjoys gardening, most of his attempted produce either dies or tastes awful, and his latest distraction in video games is constantly met with little success. In contrast, he is exceptionally gifted in combat against the creatures of Grimm, which he finds highly distasteful.
Beacon Academy graduate, took up missions in Mistral and Vacuo.
Returned to alma mater to teach Humanities, with probationary role as school counsellor.
Weapon Desc:
A weapon designed specifically to subjugate particularly large Grimm, Ascalon is a heavy spear with a broad, double-edged bladed head. The pole handle can retract and be pulled into the blade head into a shorter two-handed grip, allowing it to be used as an arming sword. The spear head can also extend further and split in two to form a longer and wider blade, turning the weapon into a greatsword. Yury is able to switch quickly between each form between attacks to maximise his versatility in battle.

The shaft of the spear houses a Dust compartment and a Dust-powered light that uses lightning-type Dust to produce flashes of light that exceed 1000 watts. The retraction mechanism that forms the fuller and rain-guard of the sword also has a barrel built into it, from which powerful mid-range lightning strikes can be released. However, the Dust mechanism's main purpose is to provide a forceful recoil and bright flashes to complement Yury’s attacks, distract his opponents and feed his Semblance.
Semblance Desc:
Yury’s Semblance allows him to take in and store light to be converted into energy that heightens his physical abilities.
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