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2nd Semester
Morpho Lachrymose
Faunus Type:
5' 1"
Emblem: ... e62f41.png
Outfit Desc:
Morpho's typical outfit consists of black combat boots, tight black pants, an equally tight-fitting long-sleeved black thermal shirt, and black gloves, all matte-black and kept very clean, with a tattered gray baseball cap on her head. Her mostly utilitarian outfit displays little skin, but isn't exactly hiding anything either due to how it all fits- though it does hide all signs of the injuries she suffered in her past. Her pants have a single thin, brilliant blue stripe running up their sides, matching the color of the straps on her heavy boots, while her shirt has a single stripe on each side running from the neck down the shoulders and all the way to her wrists. This stripe of color is orange at the top and consists of a color gradient, melting slowly into the same blue as on her pants and her boots' laces by the time it reaches her wrists. All of the stripes, as well as the entirety of her gloves, are made of a shiny material that changes color based upon the angle it is viewed from, like a holographic trading card or that shiny bit on your credit card. The single-colored stripes and laces simply change shade, while the stripes on her shirt, and her gloves, display differing bright hues of blue and orange.
Character Photo: ... 0b71b0.png
Physical Appearance:
Morpho has orange eyes and a round face, neither of which usually express much other than alertness and occasionally judgment. Her red-orange hair is generally kept tied back in a ponytail trapped by her disheveled hat, out from under which extend medium length bangs that sometimes hide one or both of her eyes. Her hair is rather short, and doesn't reach her shoulders when let down. Morpho is athletic and slim, with a lean body and more muscular legs than arms.

...and one other thing. Spreading out from Morpho's back, she's got large, bright metallic blue butterfly wings that shine and reflect any light that hits them.
Morpho is ice cold and distant at best. She rarely speaks to strangers, but will generally respond when spoken to- she’s not in any way shy, she just doesn’t care, or doesn’t have anything to say, or at least wants everyone to think that. She comes across, through her scanning gaze, apparent immunity to distraction, and steady body language, as someone who is both focused and perceptive, and she virtually never shows any sign of surprise, even when she encounters or learns something she obviously couldn’t have known.

One of the few signs of humanity and warmth, if a very limited one, that Morpho ever shows is in response to humor. She has a rather dark- that is to say, cynical and grave, but emphatically not morbid, which she hates- sense of humor, and jokes or sarcasm meeting this quality can occasionally elicit a single chuckle from her or a rare change in her expression. In these moments, its possible to see hints of a more vibrant personality behind her icy exterior, but only just.

Though capable of kind actions, she avoids displaying any compassion. Secretly, she enjoys doing the right thing and helping others, but she not only refuses credit for doing so, when possible she attempts to hide these actions entirely and do good from the shadows. Her desire to hide such things takes priority over her desire to help: if she can’t help you secretly, she’s not going to help you at all. The lone but VERY important exception to this is in combat or other life-threatening situations: much as she wants to appear like she doesn’t care, she doesn’t want to look like a monster, and she’d never let someone get seriously physically hurt or die if she could help it.
Morpho Lachrymose was born in a small fortified jungle settlement in the periphery of Vacuo, one protected by its relatively well-hidden nature as well as a few skilled fighters, including her parents. As a rural settlement, a small community, and one reasonably well-gifted with resources, her village was not without threats, and beyond that, it was a predominantly Faunus settlement. Nonetheless, it was a safe place for most of Morpho’s childhood, and she grew up in peace and happiness with a loving family, a small school full of friends, and lots of room and nature for adventure. She loved hearing stories about her parents’ exploits, before they settled down, fighting Grimm, and developed decent skills with her mother’s gun, shooting cans and targets in the forest surrounding her village, while being careful not to shoot wildlife.

All of this changed when a Grimm attack came at the worst time. Caught by surprise, and with one of her huntsmen parents incapacitated due to illness, the village was torn apart. Fortunately for Morpho’s sake, a passing Atlas patrol, on tour around the kingdoms for a show of strength, diverted its course to the village upon hearing their distress call. Unfortunately for her, they were nearly too late: Morpho was heavily injured and the only survivor of the attack. Restored and rebuilt (she has a few prosthetics, all of which she hides) with Atlas technology, Morpho received top-notch medical care, though it didn’t heal the wounds inside, and once she’d recovered sufficiently, was allowed to study combat. A sympathetic officer- or one cynically looking to improve his image or that of Atlas; she wasn’t and still isn’t sure which- provided financial resources and acted as her distant legal guardian. Reserved and withdrawn, Morpho made few friends but excelled in her classes and in combat, particularly thanks to her impressive marksmanship. Once she was old enough, she requested to be allowed to study at Beacon rather than in Atlas, and convinced her guardian that this would be best for everyone involved.
Weapon Desc:
A powerful, bolt-action sniper railgun, Infraviolet is painted a subtly iridescent shade of brilliant blue. Twin conduits on its sides glow orange, running down the thick barrel of the gun and terminating at the stock. The long, square variable-zoom scope atop it folds easily to the side for instances in which Morpho needs to fire at closer range and can’t safely use it. It does not transform, but in a pinch the barrel pops off, allowing it to be fired at point blank range but with extreme spread that renders it nearly useless beyond two or three meters. A gift from Atlas as a part of her scholarship program, the weapon is powerful but not versatile. Its scope has a few additional functions, including infrared sight and rangefinding.

For close-range encounters, upgrade added part way through her first semester at Beacon gives Infraviolet the ability to transform into a triple-barreled shotgun through a folding of the barrel and the movement of other component.
Semblance Desc:
Morpho's Semblance is the ability to use her aura to generate and manipulate light energy, from moving it to focusing and projecting it to changing its wavelength. She can do this best immediately around or by herself. Visually, her semblance tends to manifest as points of blue light.
-Not missing
-Hard working
-Doesn't show weakness
-Afraid of her feelings
-Resentful of her fate
-Physically not too strong
-Distrusts humans in particular
-Her weapon
-Certain jokes
-Professional, not personal, relationships
-Melee combat
-Too much positivity
-Loud music
-Not being given space
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Semblance Enhancement 1:
After months of training at Beacon, as well as significant personal development toward better understanding herself, Morpho has begun to master bending light with her semblance not only to hide herself, but to hide others. She can use Diffraction (Stealth) on allies, paying the cost and taking the penalty of an inability to attack on the turn the skill is used, while giving the stealth status, with both its benefits and detriments, to an ally.
Skill Slot 1:
Blueshift (Movement)
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
Using her semblance, Morpho shifts herself forward with a burst of focused light energy.
( Cost - 1 Aura )
Skill Slot 2:
Diffraction (Stealth)
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Morpho vanishes from sight by bending light around her. Coupled with sneaking skills, this makes for excellent stealth. After some time at Beacon, and both hard work and new personal growth, she’s improved this ability considerably: through careful focus she can bend light around allies instead of herself. Those affected are nearly completely invisible until they attack, as such an action entails more movement and complexity than she can hide.

(Costs 1 Aura, cost continues each turn it's active. Morpho cannot attack on the turn she uses this skill. Enhancement: It can be applied to ally, in which case they receive the standard stealth condition, including it breaking upon attack, but Morpho still pays the cost and takes the penalty of inability to attack on the activation turn.)
Skill Slot 3:
Coherence (Sneak Attack- Ranged)
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
Reappearing from stealth, Morpho discharges leftover energy through a shot from her rifle.

( Costs 1 Aura, only applies to one attack, add Accuracy to Range for attack, ends stealth )
Skill Slot 4:
Focus and Prism (Reckless Stance)
Skill Slot 4 Desc:
When Morpho needs to hunker down and do as much damage as possible she sacrifices mobility to do two things. First, to buy extra time to aim shots for max damage. Second, to use energy from her semblance to power up shots from her rifle. As a result, she does more damage, but slows her ability to respond to incoming attacks considerably.

( Costs 1 Aura. Cuts speed to 1/2 rounded down, increases Melee, Ranged, and Dust damage multipliers by 1. )
Skill Slot 5:
Photoelectricity (Heal)
Skill Slot 5 Desc:
Morpho's semblance produces light from the energy of her aura. Similar to the photoelectric effect, she can also use this light to energize the aura of another, transferring energy with light as a medium, and in doing so restore aura energy lost by others.

( Costs 1 Aura. Heals 60 HP. Morpho can only attack 3 targets this turn. )
Gained Attributes:
Sem 1: 0 / 6 / 6 / 2 / 2 / 4 / 1 ; 85 HP
+3 from A in Shattering the Horizon (Easy) - +1 to Rng, Acc, Aur (+5 HP)
+ 3 from A in Death is on our Doorstep (Easy) - +1 to Rng, Acc, Aur (+5 HP)

Sem 2: +1 to all, +3 to Rng, +2 to Acc, Aur
0 / 12 / 11 / 3 / 3 / 9 / 2 ; 130 HP
Added Photoelectricity (Heal), took Focus and Prism (Reckless) out of testing slot with second slot on update, added semblance enhancement- ally use- to Diffraction (Stealth).
Alt Accounts:
Calli Cirrus
Aurora Aster

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