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1st Semester
Gin Tamachi
5ft 9in
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Outfit Desc:
Gin's casual attire is rather regular, he'll put on anything that he thinks would suit him, but on most occasions he will resort to wearing a jacket that is tan in coloration with a silver/grey shirt under it. he also wears black sneakers as well as a pair of jeans.

Of course his secondary (And more traditional) casual attire is a set that he actually had at home. It consists of a Haori, and below that, a Haori Himo. The Haori is a deep azure while the Haori Himo is simply a plain white. Of course a Hakama, colored in black, is worn followed by a set of Tabi and either a Zori or in some cases regular shoes/sneakers. This also doubles as his dress attire as well

His combat attire consists of a hakama with the left sleeve removed. the top half(the shirt) is a rather dark blue while the bottom half(the pants) is black. Emblazoned on the top half of his hakama is his own emblem, in just light enough of a blue to be noticable.
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Physical Appearance:
Gin is a rather skinny, yet well built with a fair complexion to boot. he has no scars anywhere on his body. he has bedraggled black hair and his eyes are a rather deep blue.
Gin is best described if anyone ever first met him as a rather stoic person, though he may warm up so some people, he does keep this attitude towards those he isn't familiar with.

for those who are friends with him/he warmed up to, he is a fun loving person with a heart of gold. he is a bookworm who enjoys reading about various subjects ranging from philosophy to history. he enjoys a good challenge and often strives to be the best among others. He overall can be summed up(at least from those who have known him for a while) as a lighthearted person that at some times can be witty. above those things, he enjoys the aspects of freedom and yearns to explore the world around him. naturally, he is a curious person.

He does have a disdain for guns, seeing them as weapons of the lesser skilled, but often won't say it out loud. Not only that, he also can't talk to women well, which has lead to him acting like an idiot at times.
Gin was born from a long line of huntsmen and huntresses around the mountainous areas of Mistral. The 'family' more or less could be called a clan due to the many families that it was composed of. They lived a rather secluded lifestyle, rarely going out to the surrounding villages unless it was completely necessary to do so. and with the seclusion the families had, they passed on their training to the next generation, and this process looped for years to come, the knowledge being passed from generation to generation. He was like the others, taught many things ranging from proper etiquette, to history and philosophy as well as how to fight. With the training he had, he also learned the ideals of freedom and individuality. He had a great curiosity for the world outside of the mountainous home his family had resided in. soon enough, through it all, his parents allowed him to travel the outside world, of his own will and volition. he traveled through mistral, learning various things that his 'family' couldn't teach him. eventually he caught wind of Beacon and applied for the combat school.
Semester 1
[Gin's story has yet to blossom until further development...]

-------------------------Gin's Kill List------------------------
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Meiyo aru
Weapon Image: ... 89336b8d-c
Weapon Desc:
Meiyo aru is simply an Uchigatana and a scabbard, though there are no special qualities to the weapon itself, the blades length totals at 31 inches (80 cm) long starting at the guard, a rather normal length considering the weapon. the weapon is single edged and can be used for stabbing as well as cutting.

The scabbard the blade is carried in also doubles as a single edged blade, a grip present where the guard meets said scabbard. the blade lies at roughly 23 inches (60 cm) and can be swung at his opponent like any other.
Semblance Desc:
Gin was raised to fight with a blade for years, somehow translating into his semblance. Bladestorm allows him to create blades, ranging from various types of knives, to 25 inch blades, from his aura. these blades can be formed practically from nowhere and can be controlled in various ways. when said blades are created they can float over Gin until they are needed, or they can be formed up to 60 feet away from him. if the blades do stray too far they will either weaken or dissolve and be absorbed into his aura. the blades can be designated to either defend Gin from harm, or attack his opponents. his semblance is also affected by his emotions too, the calmer or more focused he is, the more precise his blades will land, the angrier he gets, the blades will swing violently, and with more force, but with less accuracy.

Among this, the blades formed from his aura are cobalt in coloration, seemingly shimmering like light hitting water.
Mistral Region
he is well balanced in terms of close range attacks as well as defensive skills and speed.
He is an experienced combatant, utilizing surprising amounts of swordplay in his fighting style.
his aura is strong too.
he lacks ranged attacks and dust(for now)
He doesn't act well around women, more or less being an idiot around them (this seems to not be the case in combat however, where he focuses on the opponent in general instead of who they are)
He almost refuses the use of firearms, finding them to be, in the words of his family, 'Deplorable weapons, that kill without skill'
reading, philosophy, practice, his freedom, incense, tea, exploration, competition,
tea that is too hot
sour food
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Skill Slot 1:
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
Zefā (Zephyr)
Traversing the battlefield with ease, Gin closes in on his opponent quickly and efficiently

(movement: costs 1 AP)
Skill Slot 2:
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Burēdodansu (Dancing Blades)
Using his aura to summon blades, Gin's fighting style is now enhanced as summoned swords follow up his regular attacks, attacking his opponent from unexpected angles.

(Onslaught: costs 1 AP)
(Melee damage before onslaught:25)
(Melee damage after onslaught:30)
Skill Slot 3:
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
Seido (precision)
Focusing his aura into Meiyo aru and any summoned blades he possesses, he is able to deal deadlier attacks with increased accuracy.

(empower: costs 1 AP ) (uses melee)
Alt Accounts:
Charles Blackwall
Sora Tamachi

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