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1st Semester
Persimmon Tannin
Outfit Desc:
His normal wear is composed of an long-sleeved, button down shirt with the top two buttons undone. His bare chest is shown beneath it, skin pale and free of any blemishes, and exposes a sharp collar bone. Dark slacks cover his long legs, fastened at the waist with a matching belt, with the excess shirt material tucking inside the waistband. Practical dress shoes clad his feet, tied securely, that shine from being well maintained. A pair of reading glasses hang on a chain around his neck most days.
Character Photo:
Physical Appearance:
The most eye catching feature is his long, straight pink hair. Normally kept tied up in a half ponytail, the full length reaches past his shoulders and the ends sometimes have a lavender sheen in the right lighting. With eyes the color of his namesake, they tend to radiated a warm and friendliness that tends to draw in others. His figure is rather lean and wiry, giving him a lanky appearance as due to how tall he is, that hides well defined sinewy muscles covered in fair skin. He looks as if he doesn’t spend too much time outside, but he takes care to maintain his complexion with necessary products. His facial features are softer and more feminine than that of most men, but a slightly pointed nose helps to offset that. Despite that, he is quite strong and can wield his weapon with ease.
He doesn’t like his full name as it sounds girly and his feminine appearance doesn’t help matters, Simon or Persi (Percy) preferably. He dislikes being mistaken for a girl or being made fun of for how he looks. Shy when it comes to meeting new people, but quickly comes out of his shell. Becomes very animated when talking about his interests, mainly cooking and training his mind/body. Eccentric in that he is creative in cooking, but also says some insensitive things at times without thinking about how bad they could come off to others. When some slip out, he becomes apologetic. Passionate about making his dreams come true and always willing to lend a hand. Normally, he stands straight when talking to others, but as soon as someone begins to berate him his shoulders start to hunch as if to make himself a smaller target. Finds solace in his cooking and time alone. When he is in combat, it’s another story entirely. He becomes passionate and loud as he treats fighting with the same amount of joy he puts into his cooking. The contrast between his regularly temperate demeanor can throw people off at times.
Born to a couple in the countryside, his parents own and maintain multiple successful orchards along with a flourishing winery that provided the solid foundation of a worry free childhood. He never wanted for anything, provided the best his parents could provide and he was encouraged to pursue his interests. Much of his free time was spent wandering the orchards of his family home, the wide open space covered with greenery providing him much needed quiet from his rambunctious parents. Laughter reigned in his household, as did an abundance of guests that came and go as they pleased, but he preferred to wander the grounds and relished the relative silence.
As he grew, he was pushed and prodded to follow in the footsteps of his parents to take over the family business. He enjoyed their work, helping out during harvests and other normal operations, but it didn’t speak to him or incite a fiery passion within him. It wasn’t until his uncle, on his mother’s side, introduced him to cooking and the beautiful way in which various flavors came together to a create delicious masterpiece. He left his home to join his uncle as he traveled through Vale, tasting and making attempts to recreate the foods he came across. While away, news came of an attack that left part of his family’s business struggling. A nearby raid by bandits had brought Grimm to the surrounding area and in turn they trampled a portion of the orchard, impacting their harvest for that year. After rushing home, he spent the next few years helping them to recover. This event led to him deciding that while his first passion was cooking, he could gain the necessary skills to become a Huntsman and help ensure that future harm was prevented to his family.
Weapon Desc:
His weapon of choice reflects his love of cooking, though with a violent edge. A war hammer, taking the form of a huge meat tenderizer, stands at five feet tall with intimidating spikes that shine. A opening sits in the middle of each spike to eject dust on impact on both sides of the hammer heads. The shaft contains tubes filled with dust, varying types, and can be trigger the release and amount of different combinations or a single type with a twist of the dials on the base. The chosen side of dust released is determined by inlaid buttons on the shaft. He carries a variety of kitchen knifes to use as impromptu weapons, if need be, made of a strengthened metal alloy.
Searing Flames
Semblance Desc:
His semblance reflects the fiery passion with which his love of cooking burns. He is able to convert his aura into flames that are expelled from his body through his breath, an impressive display on its own, and he can regulate the amount or intensity as he wishes. As a side effect, his normal body temperature a bit higher than a regular person’s and could be considered feverish. Depending on how sensitive someone is to heat, he could cause them to sweat under prolonged contact.
Vytal Region
Transfer School:
Signal Academy
Always polite and helpful, wonderful manners, belief in his cooking abilities.
Oblivious at times, loses confidence if berated, can be pushed around by dominant personalities, sometimes speaks without thinking.
Cooking, reading, testing new ideas, wide open spaces, a fine wine.
Crowds, yelling, being taken advantage of, being mistaken for a girl.
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Skill Slot 1:
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
Broiling Breath: He uses his fire breath to hinder his enemies ability to defend from attacks and land blows. (Cost 2 Aura: Uses Melee stat. Defense and Accuracy are lowered by half, rounded up, for one turn. Does not stack with other debuffs on those same stats. Cannot be used two turns in a row.)
Skill Slot 2:
Area of Effect
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Time to Tenderize: Utilizing his dual headed hammer, he performs a spin attack propelled by a dust trail with his weapon aimed to hit multiple enemies. (Cost 1 Dust: Use Melee stat. Need at least two targets. Does pierce damage, all damage is halved, rounded down, using all attacks for this round.)
Skill Slot 3:
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
Out of the Frying Pan: Whenever he needs to put some distance between himself and the enemy, he is able to do so by using a boost from his hammer and combined with dust. (Cost 1 Dust: Moves one range measurement away without penalty. May only attack three enemies.)
Gained Attributes:
Sem1: Mel-5, Ran-0, Acc-3, Spe-4, Def-4, Aur-3, Dus-3. HP: 125
Alt Accounts:
Laurel Wayfarer

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