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2nd Semester
Maria Ravenheart
Outfit Desc:
In the heat of battle, Maria is usually found wearing a specially designed battle dress, optimized for quick movement and maneuverability while sacrificing protection. The breastplate, crafted with titanium alloy, provide just as much protection like any other armor set; however, the alloy reduced the weight of the chest piece by a significant amount compared to conventional steel armor. Shoulder plates were removed in favor over freedom in movements. Around her hips was a utility belt, encased by a shell of the same metal alloy. The belt contains a reeling system, with 10 meters of cable wire wrapped all around, connecting to her weapon, Whirlwind. While small in size, these wires could hold up to 225 kilograms of weight. Prefer speed over protection, Maria wore a pair of charcoal dark shorts, allowing her to move freely. She wore protective armor pad on her knees and elbows, with her boots having metal plating over the heels, all adding to her ability to slide effectively while running.

While not in combat, outside of Beacon, Maria settled with her normal attire. A plain white sleeveless shirt with dark ocean blue jeans. She usually wears a brown leather vest over her shirt. In certain occasions, Maria wears a pair of black leather gloves. Her footwear, however, remains unchanged in most of the time.
Character Photo:
Physical Appearance:
Maria has crimson red hair and a pair of gleaming emerald green eyes. Her skin tone is rather pale, slightly tanned. Her composure is rather small, standing only 5'4". Her body was rather slim; however, she is strong and passionate.
Maria is a cheerful person. She always stayed positive, looking toward the positive side of life, never to be discouraged by troubles along the road. However, being positive didn't mean that she was naive. Maria knows what's right from wrong, and being positive did not mean she would be blind from reality.

While being judgmental, Maria isn't one who would voice her opinion loud without consideration. What others think of her mattered tremendously to the redhead. She had always wanted to keep a good image of her name. Of course, that wouldn't stop her from silently judging others; all masked under a convincing gentle smile.

The red-haired girl is an adventurous kind. She loves exploring the unknown wilderness. For her, life was never meant to be contained within a cage; everyone should be free to leave and fly free. That was what she believes in, and what she would die for.

While she's reckless in battle, Maria isn't one without a brain. She's observant and calculating. With her keen emerald eyes, Maria eyed every detail about those she's interacting with, either in battle or daily life. While she was able to pick out many tiny details, Maria can't read others like a book. She could only presume what might happen and react accordingly.
Maria Ravenheart was the first daughter of the Ravenheart Family- a wealthy family among the upper class in Atlas. From young, she was always reminded that a day would soon come where she will be the heir of her father's legacy; yet, being bound to a place without her saying was never what she wanted.

From a young age, Maria had always dreamed of something bigger out there, waiting to be uncovered. A life contained within a cage was never what she wanted. Because of this, her ideology clashed with the destiny that her family had set for her. For Years, she hid behind a curtain, acting ever so modest to her family. In secret, She ventured out to the wilderness outside Atlas. Behind her family's back, she traveled to the world surrounding the city, exploring towns and villages for new and exciting discoveries.

Alas, her secret couldn't last forever. Her family discovered of her affairs behind the curtains, and for that, Maria was punished. She was forbidden from leaving the mansion at any time, not until she had learned her lesson. She was furious of this nonsensical punishment from her family. No more shall they dictate her life. Her wings will spread free, and she will break away from the cage that holds her back. An act of defiance, for the first time in her life. No longer shall she be chained by her fate.

From a very early age, her father had been personally supervising her training with the art of the blade. Now she stood tall before her father; her mentor. Father and daughter clashed together, fighting in the name of Fate. She had never been able to best her father in a duel, and in this moment, it was no exception. However, during the heat of the battle, she felt as if a flower has blossomed within her heart. Her mind was clear. Her movement was as smooth as a stream of flowing water, and her strike was true. Her Aura was unlocked, and with a final strike, she landed a victory blow.

With victory earned, Maria was set free from her family. However, along with that, she was stripped of the heir position of the family's legacy, and she will not receive a single glimpse of support from her father. She would be on her own the moment she stepped foot out of the mansion. And yet, she left without a second thought. The rest was history.
[Will unlock more as story progresses]
Calls of Fate | Whirlwind
Weapon Image:
Weapon Desc:
Calls of Fate is a standardize hybrid between a rapier and saber, perfect for cutting, slashing as well as thrusting attacks. It shapes provide good maneuverability, perfect for quick close quarter combat.

Whirlwind is a small dagger she kept strap to her belt. The dagger has a special grappling mechanism, consuming air elemental dust. The cable cord contained within Maria's belt, allowing her to quickly draw the dagger from the sheath. The cord could reach up to 10 meters in length (33 feet). The air compression created by dust could shoot the blade out at the speed of 350 m/s. The grappling mechanism could be used to swing from building to building, as well as ascending to higher ground. Besides that, it could also be used in combat as an extendable blade.
Red Lightning
Semblance Desc:
Maria had the ability to transported herself to the object that she had linked herself to, usually something of her arsenal or that is important to her. Using her semblance, she could instantly blink toward the object. Once the link has been established, it can't be broken; however, establishing too many links can cause painful headaches to keep track of all the links at once. However, the ability does have a certain range that Maria could transport herself to her linked object. The furthest that she has gotten to was roughly 10 meters before the link becomes undetectable.

A link could also be established onto a person, but she had never tried it before.
-Lack of Social skill
-Classical Music
-Confine space
-Bossy, possessive individuals
-Large crowds
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Semblance Enhancement 1:
Through intense training, both in her physical capability and her mental strength, Maria had finally mastered the highly intense maneuverability of Blade Waltz. She can now add even more speed to her move, making it even harder for the receiver to keep track and react to her attacks. Her Flourish attack will now use [Speed] instead of [Range]
Skill Slot 1:
Grappling Shot
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
Maria put her dagger to good work. Using the Grappling hook mechanism, she could climb up vertical height easily by reeling in after the dagger blade is pinned to an object. This also let her dash between good distance using this technique, even shooting herself up into the air with enough momentum. However, if the situation required her to act quickly, Maria could then use her semblance, allowing her to instantly transported to the blade where it lands, effectively reduce the travel time to mere instantaneous.

---(Cost 1 Aura)---
Skill Slot 2:
Duelist's might
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Maria channels her aura into offense. Her speed and strength are increased by a notable amount, while her blade would start glowing. Each attack followed after radiated with a visible pink splash of aura. Although Maria could only sustain this form for so long, it's enough to deal a significant damage to anything standing in her path

[Aura Attack - Close Range]
---(Cost 1 Aura)---
-[Damage = Aura * 5]
Skill Slot 3:
Heartseeker Strike
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
Learning the enemy during the fight, Maria could locate the weak points of each enemy. Using her swift maneuver and pinpoint precision, Maria delivered a series of fierce and deadly strikes to an enemy, piercing through their defense and hit them where it hurt most. The Heartseeker strike will find its way through armors and mail, piercing the target's heart.

[Empowered - Melee]
---(Cost 1 Aura)---
-[Melee & Accuracy + 1/2]
Skill Slot 4:
Blade Waltz
Skill Slot 4 Desc:
Setting up the battleground with her linked hairpins surround her enemy, Maria unleashed a barraged of attacks; all the while alternating herself between locations. Each step flowed to the next one in a movement so graceful it would look as if Maria was waltzing, not fighting. The chain of cuts, thrusts, and slashes coming from all direction happened so fast it left her opponent little room to evade or parry.

[Flourish (Melee only)]
---(Cost: 2 Aura)---
-[(Melee + Speed) * 5)
Skill Slot 5:
Serene Heart {Stance}
Skill Slot 5 Desc:
Maria calmed her mind and hearth, letting herself become one with the serene flow of the earth. At this time, Maria sank into a trance-like state, completely sever herself to the world around her. Instead, she can now feel the flow of movement from everything surround her. Using the disturbance within the flow of the earth, Maria could weave herself between the enemy's attack and push them aside with little troubles

---(Cost: 1 Aura per turn)---
-[Speed + 1/2 ↓ | Dmg multiplier -1]
Gained Attributes:
[Easy Clone] Death is on Our Doorstep - 1 Point
→ 1 to DEF
Semester 2 - 1 Point every stat + 7 Points
→ 1 to MLE
→ 3 to SPD
→ 3 to AUR
Team Trial [KRML] - 2 points
→ 1 to SPD
→ 1 to ACC

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