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3rd Semester
Mavro Melani
5 feet 3 inches
Emblem: ... Mavro1.png
Outfit Desc:
Mavro rarely wears clothing with very bright or vibrant colors, often enough preferring to wear a mix of dark colors instead. he also seems to refuse wearing white as often enough his semblance would stain colors that are too light. He is often seen wearing a black V-neck shirt and jeans to match, his shoes are often left ink stained as they shine in a rather dull grey.

His combat attire is similar to his casual attire, having dark colors being preferred over vibrant or bright colors. He wears the same V-neck shirt and jeans as well as the same shoes. The only difference in his outfit is a vest with multiple pockets lining it, allowing him to carry spare dust vials as well as extra vials of ink, infused with dust.
Character Photo: ... _Mavro.png
Physical Appearance:
Mavro is fairly short for most of his family, which seems to always tower over him. He is very slim to and his hair is a light chestnut brown, completely clean due to him actually paying attention to his hair's hygiene. His eyes are a light shade of blue and his skin color is fair with very few faded ink stains covering his hands. Additionally his features are quite smooth, almost like that of a little kid.

Side Note: I can happily thank Dre, who plays Luni Tune on site for the facial photo you see, he does have a DeviantArt for commissions and he does them pretty well.
Mavro is a shy individual, and an introverted one at that. He has had very few friends and isn't very sociable, often preferring to play with the nice little figures that he creates with his semblance than to meet others. Though on occasion another person would interest him just enough that he'd actually break out of his shell to talk to others. Naturally his view on life is seen as little grey, even considering his mild loneliness in his early life. Additionally he can be a trickster when the option arises. The fact is, he is a very sheepish person.

Though what lies behind this shy and sheepish exterior is a brilliant mind that can often think of situations that others couldn't. In fact, his greatest weapon is his mind when one thinks enough. He is an extremely imaginative person too.

And other than the current facts known, Mavro is an optimist in all regards, seeing the best of a situation despite the dark circumstances that may have been known.
Backstory here --> viewtopic.php?f=45&p=99884#p99884
Mavro's kill list also Here --> viewtopic.php?f=45&t=8790#p99480
Weapon Desc:
Styló is a spear, one just about as tall, if not taller than Mavro with the speartip just ending six inches above his head. the spear itself takes an appearance to a fountain pen, with the tip bearing similarities to such. the internal workings of the spear contain two chambers, one for his ink, the other for various types of dust that combine with said ink. The tip of the spear partly opens up, allowing blobs of ink from Mavro's semblance to mix with dust, which can lead to what some could call 'ink bombs' being launched at his opponents. Additionally the speartip is not meant for melee combat and more for enhanced use of his semblance as well as dust use.

The mechanism working the speartip folds back, revealing a nozzle for allowing both jets of ink and dust to be shot from it, effectively allowing the spear to be a dustthrower. Connected to the nozzle is the fusion chamber.

Alongside the fusion chamber is moreso a set of two chambers that feed into said fusion chamber. 1st chamber is 1 big container for ink. 2nd container is several smaller containers that rotate to change dust types, collectively same size as the ink resevoir.


With this also comes the many vials of ink, all cleverly infused with dust, mainly burn and freeze dust. These vials are actively used with his semblance, allowing him to send inky fireballs with a napalm-esque effect as well as send frozen shards of ink at his opponents.
The Ink Splotch
Semblance Desc:
Mavro's life was quite lonely, lonely indeed. His semblance was something that had sought to fill that bit one could suppose. the long and short of his semblance is that he can create and control the many facets that is ink. he can often enough control the coloration, thickness, and shape of ink. often enough the blobs can assume shapes that are vaguely human or just well, blobs as well as many other shapes. Additionally he can have the ink harden to form completely solid shapes such as spikes, blades, and tendrils.

While he can essentially create a lifeform from the ink he uses, their personality is only a representation of how Mavro sees said lifeform. Ultimately the 'inkspawn' is not fully sentient as they act how Mavro thinks how they should. And while their 'personality' can grow, it is still Mavro's vision of how they should act, considering that each 'personality' is expanded upon.

His semblance is actually connected with his emotions. Most of his emotions usually results in the same thing, figures that are cartoonish in nature, seeming rather playful. When he is angry, on the other hand, the figures look more real, and start to resemble things found in the horror genre.

At a glance, his semblance seems unimpressive. But match it with his boundless creativity and dust use and he becomes a force to be reckoned with.
Transfer School:
Signal Academy
His creativity is his ultimate weapon
He is a talented dust caster
His ink is flammable
He is extremely shy/introverted
His ink is flammable
Socially inept
Not used to social pressure
Not physically strong
Comic strips
Boris the (sometimes inky) Beowolf
Playing the piano
The little blobs of ink he creates (aren't they so cute)
Having to clean ink from his clothes
Pessimistic people
Cleaning costs for ink on clothes
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Semblance Enhancement 1:
"Thinking of you"
(shell): 9) You may give an ally the positive effects of (shell).
Semblance Enhancement 2:
"Old Friends, new Faces"
10) Increase a stat value for a non damaging effect in [Summon] by 1/2.

This enhancement increases the stat pool of summon skills by 1/2

Mavro, learning to effectively control his ink in his summoned ink Grimm, has now created more resilient forms that are combat effective.
Skill Slot 1:
Illusion of Living
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
Mavro uses nearby ink to bring his faithful, clumsy, inky companion, Boris the Beowolf to life. Boris is both mans best friend and worst enemy. If one were to hurt Mavro, Boris would be their inky end.
(Summon: costs 2 Ap)
(Stat pool:26 (+13 semblance enhanced) summon stats:
Boris the Beowolf
Skill Slot 2:
Can't be Erased
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Using the ink from his semblance and a large amount of dust, Mavro creates a near invisible mesh that burns/freezes/shocks those who dare hurt him.

(semblance enhanced)
Additionally he can bestow this armor to an ally, protecting them for a duration of time and ink/dust.
(Shell: costs 2 Dp)
(current block gain=195)
(can't dodge while shell'd)
(semblance enhancement: Allows him to bestow these effects onto an ally)
Skill Slot 3:
Flow the Ink!
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
Actively controlling his ink, Mavro's attacks grow more accurate and begin to hit harder as the ink is directed at his opponents.
(uses dust attacks)
(Empower:costs 1 Ap)
(empowered stats: dust=20(13+7)(total dmg=80) accuracy=11(7+4))
Skill Slot 4:
Sent From Above
Skill Slot 4 Desc:
Mavro coats an ally's weapon in a thin layer of dust infused ink, allowing them to deal deadlier strikes to their opponents for a time.

(Dust infuse:Costs 2Dp)
(adds +13 dust to an ally's melee stat and raises the multiplier by 1) (this skill targets allies)
Skill Slot 5:
Gospel of Dismay
Skill Slot 5 Desc:
Mavro, using his patent pending ink-palm, Attacks his opponents with deadly jets of ink laced with burn dust, using his own aura to sustain the ink while burning his opponents to ashes.

Often enough Mavro's ink-palm will form hellish forms of inkspawn that only Mavro would have thought of, often appropriately named and themed around Grimm. Nyx the Nevermore and Undyr the Ursa being some of the things that may assault the targets with flame and ink.
(Catalyze: Costs 2 Ap and 1 Dp)
(current Catalyze damage: 78)
(current Catalyze DoT damage: 52)
(applies DoT for 2 turns)
Skill Slot 6:
Who's laughing now?
Skill Slot 6 Desc:
Through self-imposed trials, tribulation, failures, and successes Mavro has learned to manipulate a combination of various dust types to create armor, speed paths, or even fanning attacks with his semblance.

(Enkindle: Costs 0 DP)
(Can pay 1 dust each turn to add 1/2 dust to speed, accuracy, or defense)
Skill Slot 7:
Tombstone Picnic
Skill Slot 7 Description:
Putting his dust combination and semblance manipulation skills to the test, Mavro creates a devastating spike of frozen ink with a deadly dust 'core' of burn, gravity and freeze dust.
(Elemental casting; Burn, freeze, and Gravity: Costs 3 Dp)
Gained Attributes:
Death is on our Doorstep (B=+2pts)
+1dust, +1defense. HP:105->125
+1 all stats w/ points
+7 Float points (+2Dust/Aura, +1speed/defense/accuracy)
Sem2 Health gain: +55HP
Team Trial KRML (A=+3)
+1 all stats w/ points
+7 Float points (+2 Aura, +1 dust speed defense accuracy and melee)
Sem3 gain +55HP
Alt Accounts:
Charles Blackwall

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