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4th Semester
Ax L. Rose
Faunus Type:
Major Mitchell's cockatoo
Outfit Desc:

Ax's usual attire consists of ripped up dark-gray jeans, black leather steel-tipped boots with a slightly elevated (2 1/2 inch) heel, and a matching tight leather jacket that's too small to even close properly, with a black bra beneath. Her clothing is ornamented with a plain black collar, metal shoulder and knee pads, and a heavy belt loosely slung so that it hangs asymmetrically from her waist. She accessorizes with cyan-jeweled lightning bolt earrings and a similarly styled navel piercing, and can occasionally be seen wearing fingerless gloves when not using her gauntlets for combat. She wears studded leather bracers and an assortment of other multi-colored bands on her wrists.
Character Photo:
Physical Appearance:
Ax has fair features and light-toned skin. She has a slim/lithe build with clearly visible muscle definition, and a considerable bust. She is somewhat tall and has rather long and lean legs with powerful thighs, though her usual jeans slim them out a bit, making this less noticeable. Her hair is pink-and-white ombre, and is shaved on one side of her head in the style of a sidecut. Her face has a very feminine profile with full lips, long eyelashes, a somewhat small nose, and dark eyebrows. Ax has a pretty involved routine regarding makeup and hair-styling.

Ax's personal emblem is emblazoned on her chest as a tattoo in black, and has an ornate red rose pattern on her left hip. Feathers are on her forearms, the tips of her ears, and she also possesses a noticeable set of tail feathers. These feathers bristle in response to certain stimulation and with changes in her mood. They tend to stand on end when her mood is particularly intense. Her tail feathers twitch vertically, and don't naturally move horizontally.

Ax's fingernails are nearly nonexistent, appearing sometimes uneven and clearly bitten. Aside from her tattoos, she has no obvious beauty marks or scars.
Ax has a clear reputation - some find her intimidating. She is known to be socially outgoing, extroverted, and emotionally insightful. She is also known to be unreasonably competitive, impulsive, and is a notoriously bad sport in sparring matches. She's creative and skilled as a musician, and tends to get in trouble with authority figures often.

A more detailed look into Ax's personality can be found on Ax's extended profile here: ... 694#p97934
Ax L. Rose doesn't have much of a documented history and even people from Atlas are unlikely to have heard her name. This is mostly because her real name is Anirien Leadbeater, and she did not change her name to Ax until she left Atlas for Vale less than a year ago.

'Anirien' was once a member of a popular pop band called 'The Baby Blues' when she was young that was active for about 2 1/2 years. Her career ended after a terrorist attack bombed one of her concerts before she was a teenager.

A significantly more detailed look into Ax's backstory can be found on Ax's extended profile here: ... 933#p97933
Electra Heart
Weapon Image:
Weapon Desc:
Ax's weapon was formerly called 'Royal Blue', and was named as such by the weapon's co-creator, Ax's former mentor. After making modifications over time, Ax has decided to celebrate the 'completion' of her weapon post-customizations by renaming it to something she felt is more poetic: Electra Heart. Her weapon is a mechanically sophisticated hybrid between a magnetically controlled battleaxe and an electric guitar that functions like a generator. It is designed to use a variety of dust types; most prominently it uses gravity dust and shock dust. Ax additionally uses a number of other accessories to compliment her use of Electra Heart.

A more detailed look into Ax's weapon, combat accessories, and combat style can be found on Ax's extended profile here: ... 314#p98314
Semblance Desc:
Ax has the ability to both detect and feel the emotions of others around her, as well as 'project' her own emotions so that others can experience them, or feel an awareness of them. Ax is additionally able to use her emotional state to manipulate her dust - intense emotions enhance the productive qualities of dust under her influence. When dust is being amplified by her semblance, it glows pink.

The emotional component to Ax's semblance is complex and easy to misinterpret. Please read the detailed explanation of her semblance on Ax's extended profile here: ... 315#p98315

Ax, at her best, has a positive mindset well-suited to teamwork. She is brave, self-sacrificing, and violently protective of others. She's creative and considerate of others' emotions thanks to her semblance. She shows skill at understanding and communicating with others. She thinks outside the box in combat and has a combat style that favors adaptability and creativity over specialization and rote response. Ax has a natural talent for manipulating and working with dust, and has technical skill in music both instrumentally and vocally on par with a professional.

Ax, at her worst, is incredibly prone to acting before she thinks things through, and her emotions often get the best of her. She can sometimes be aggressive, standoffish, and confrontational. Her stubbornness can get her and others in trouble. She's easily goaded or baited into making unsound tactical decisions. She's competitive and has high expectations of herself, but takes it extremely hard when she fails at anything. She is prone to internalizing her aggression and taking things out on herself, feeling obligated to 'punish' herself for her mistakes.
-Peanut Butter
-Old school video games
-Smoking (trying to quit)
-Excuses (giving and receiving)
-Inexpressive people
-Aggressive come-ons
-Empty flattery
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Semblance Enhancement 1:
Black Betty (Dust Infusion) can target the self, or an ally.
Semblance Enhancement 2:
Juke Box Hero (Endure) grants a bonus to Defense and Speed equal to 1/4 Ax's DUST stat (in place of AURA). Aura is still considered to be 0 while the stance is active.
Semblance Enhancement 3:
Rock You Like a Hurricane (AOE) deals damage based on Ax's DUST (in place of RANGE).
Skill Slot 1:
Stars of Orion
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
[Elemental Casting (Shock, Burn, Metal) - Consumes 1-3 Dust]
Skill Slot 2:
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
[Empower (Dust) - Consumes 1 Dust]
Skill Slot 3:
Black Betty
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
[Enhanced Dust Infusion (Melee) - Consumes 2 Dust]
Skill Slot 4:
Skill Slot 4 Desc:
[Self-Healing - Consumes 1 Aura]
Skill Slot 5:
Juke Box Hero
Skill Slot 5 Desc:
[Enhanced Endure - Stance, Consumes 2 Aura]
Skill Slot 6:
Dr. Feelgood
Skill Slot 6 Desc:
[Healing - Consumes 1 Dust]
Skill Slot 7:
Skill Slot 7 Description:
[Shell - Consumes 2 Dust]
Skill Slot 8:
Skill Slot 8 Desc:
[Damage Over Time (Dust) - Consumes 1 Dust]
Skill Slot 9:
Rock You Like A Hurricane
Skill Slot 9 Desc:
[Enhanced Area of Effect (Ranged) - Consumes 1 Dust]
Gravity's Union (TEST SKILL - Occupies a temporary skill slot)
[Magus (Melee) - Consumes 1 Dust]
Gained Attributes:
Ax's attribute gains are tracked along with all her other detailed combat stats in this post: ... 682#p99682
Alt Accounts:
Telu Satou

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