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1st Semester
Shiro Sametto
Faunus Type:
Outfit Desc:
A white Thigh length dress, sleeveless but with a pattern that depicts a strait jacket. black knee high socks with a pair of roller blades. Four lengths of chain connect from her waist to her shoulder and hang a bit loose.

A checkerboard bandanna covers her face from her mouth down.
Character Photo: ... 114507.jpg
Physical Appearance:
Shiro's skin is albino pale and her hair matches, coming down to the back of her knees she usually keeps it in an Illusion ponytail causing it to look shorter than it is.

Her facial features are soft enough that she could be mistaken for a yonger child, but her eyes are Red/Pink and her mouth is longer than a humans and full of sharp shark like teeth some of which poke out from her mouth when it is closed.

She has scars from cut wounds up and down her arms from various types of weapons and one from a Grimm bit on her shoulder. she doesn't bother to cover these.
Here's a little thing someone did for me. ... 232054.jpg
Shiro is still getting used to social norms and isn't very adept at hiding her feelings.

While not out right spiteful, she is afraid of making friends because of her past and tends to initially push others away.

She has developed a sense of wonder and is very inquisitive to new things to the point that she will overcome her own inhibitions.

She will forget herself and begin to just enjoy things if given the opportunity.

Still deep seeded is her will to live, she is no thrill seeker but she wishes to help others live as well.
Shiro did not have an easy life, she was born to two different Faunus type parents or so she imagines as she was never alowed to meet them. Her parents were captives in the Areana and so Shiro had been born into slavery. She was trained from the time she was able to understand basic instruction on how to fight, that nothing else mattered than putting on a good show of her fights. Being so young she only understood to use the weapons they way they wanted or she would be punished. Around the time when she really became aware of what her life was she was eight and she sought companionship with the other young Faunus that had been training with her, a Bird Faunus named Sora.

During her spare time when no one was watching them she played games that they invented with each other and some of the older Faunus told stories about a life outside of the arena. When she turned ten the Humans running the arena decided it was time for her first fight.

She can still remember the stadium at the time, above the high walls behind a cage of glass, the audiance. She had gripped her weapon of choice close, A chain with a Scythe on one end. She had seen her opponent before he was only a year older, some type of cat faunus with a sword and shield. She knew what to do and began the fight without hesitation, tossing the chain end of her weapon towards him to try and snatch his weapon. he let her take it but closed on her quicker than she thought possible, he was stronger too, his shield slammed into her and pushed her back against the wall. she coughed up blood and dropped her weapon. The larger Faunus was on her in an instant, his weapon back in hand no shield this time but it didn't matter, he had her pinned. She could see his eyes, they begged for forgiveness as a voice came over the speaker

"Finish Her! she can't even last 30 seconds"

Tears had welled in her eyes and she squeezed them shut begging for life, that somehow the sword wouldn't hit her.
*Clang* the sound of snapping metal make her eyes open. the sword was stopped just and inch from her neck broken off in the middle from the force it had lodged itself in her opponents stomach they sat there both frozen until the blood dripped onto Shiro's face. Something clicked and she pushed him off of her and jumped to sink her teeth into his neck easily tearing through the soft tissue.

After that she had wanted to stop but she couldn't bring herself to loose, the prospect of death terrified her more than killing and after a year's worth of 'matches' several injures later she had started to become numb, barley caring that she was killing or viscerally harming her fellow captives, they even had her fight some of the veterans, only her 'special power' as she had dubbed it, had kept her alive. It was only against her only real friend that she snapped back to reality from the haze of what she had become because of her life.

Her opponent was Sora, his bird legs were a dead give away even though he had shaved his head and had a large amount of scars. They had both known what was going to happen and so they saw no way out, they fought brutally. The fight lasted for almost ten minutes before she was in a very familiar seen, pinned on her back with a sword to her throat, she blocked out what happened next but she woke up in the barracks with the taste of blood in her mouth and tears in her eyes.

It was only a few days later that the escape happened, Shiro had bit the neck of one of her captors and ran with all the others, and continued running until she couldn't anymore and she collapsed.

When she woke up she had no idea where she was, no point of reference and no skills besides fighting to rely on. She walked through the streets of the city she had never seen before, avoiding all contact with humans.

The smell of something she had never encountered before caught her attention, a food stand, selling something amazing smelling in bowls. curiosity got the better of her she snatched the bowl and downed it running down the street as the human running the stall shouted after her. She turned the corner to run right into a broad shouldered man wearing the crest of Shade Academy, who grabbed her fallowing the instructions of the stall vendor. She didn't respond to any of the questions they asked she just shouted at them.

"I will not go back, you can't make me, I'll kill you before you can take me." she snapped her jaw at him uselessly as he held her at arms length off of her feet.

Later after having calmed down and being 'arrested' by the Shade professor he listened to her story but by the time there was any investigation, the Arena was nowhere to be found. The professor spent the next few years educating her and introducing her to 'normal' child things. Shiro had learned of the Grimm during this time and had even encountered a large group of Ursa after refusing to leave her 'professor's' side. After learning about the Grimm and what they do she insisted the Professor continue her combat training as well.

Now Shiro has adapted some of her favorite things into her fighting style and the Professor sent her with a Recommendation to Beacon saying that it would be good for her to get out of the city that caused her life so much pain.
Sand Tiger & Thorn Chains
Weapon Image: ... 043_hq.jpg
Weapon Desc:
These Two wheeled skates have a small dust powered motor in them that is activated by putting pressure on the front of the skate and brakes by putting pressure on the back. the wheels themselves are serrated in a way that grips the ground and rips up anything it touches if it is moving fast enough. The motor is strong enough to propel her up walls with a short build up.

Thorn Chains are just that, Chains attached to her belt with gripping spikes on the end.
Pinpoint Barrier
Semblance Desc:
As attacks approach her Shiro can harden her Aura around the point of impact to dissipate the damage. The effect is visible and hovers about an inch away from her skin. the Barrier doesn't stick around long and dissipates after about 2 seconds.
Transfer School:
Shade Academy
Social skills
Long range
Food (literally anything with a nice taste)
Most Humans
Bland tastes
Very closed spaces
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Skill Slot 1:
Pinpoint block (Bulwark)
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
Using her Semblance consciously she heightens her ability to block damage. -1 to the damage multipliers of Melee,range, and dust. +2 to the block multiplier
cost:1 Aura
Skill Slot 2:
bloodlust (surge)
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Shiro gives in to her shark-like instinct and really enjoys ripping into her foe. regain health equal to melee stat.
Cost:1 Dust
Skill Slot 3:
Shark Dash (Movement)
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
Spinning the motors in her skates as fast as they will go Shiro rushes her opponent.
Cost:1 Dust
Gained Attributes:
Death is on our Doorstep: Grade A, +1 Speed, +1 Defense, and +1 Dust
Alt Accounts:
Violette Koss

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