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1st Semester
Erin Cherrywood
Faunus Type:
Outfit Desc:
Ripped blue jeans, black zip up hoody with a white hood and grey stripes on the sleeve, v-neck grey T-shirt, purple glasses, a purple necklace with a gold star, and black combat boots.
Character Photo: ... -687289407
Physical Appearance:
Erin has black hair with white and grey streaks that falls just passed her shoulders. Usually she wears it half up in a pony tail with the bottom half braided into two braids.

Her eyes are a bright gold and her skin is pale.

Erin's faunus trait is her tail but her head is adorned with animatronic ears that are controlled by emotion.
Erin is usually laid back and easy to talk to though she prefers solitude. Most days she has excellent self-control, but when something shiny catches her eye she can't help but to get excited. For the most part Erin isn't much of a risk-taker but when she wants something she'll go to extreme lengths to get it.

Erin isn't ambitious per say and few things perk her curiosity.

She tends to mind her own business but can be very nurturing when the need arises.

As a Faunus who has been the victim of much racism she finds it hard to truly trust anyone. Both humans and Faunus alike treat her with skepticism as most people see raccoons as dirty, untrustworthy, thieves.

Erin is a fairly honest person in that she never lies to people but rather chooses to omit information she doesn't see as pertinent.

Erin is not loyal to anyone and if a situation turns sour for her she will leave. She finds that there is no point staying in a situation that would only hold her back or bring her down.

Affection is something she never shows and romance is not something she is actively looking for; she may flirt but it is shallow and without any true feelings. She hopes to someday feel a true connection with the one but hasn't tried to delude herself into thinking he will ever show up.

Erin is typically sympathetic with the plights of others and, if asked, she will lend a hand to pretty much anyone not trying to commit a crime.

Erin is not selfless. Everything she does is for the betterment of herself and does not try to convince others that she is anything but.

Erin is optimistic for the most part. She figures that she was born with talent for a reason and does not believe she can fail to meet any of her goals.

Due to her lack of concern about what others are doing she is not very observant. Things pass over her head a lot and for the most part she doesn't care what people think of her. Unless she is in a situation that calls for strict attention she is unlikely to notice even the most obvious details.

Erin is logical as needed. She is studious and serious about her training but outside of that she just says and does whatever comes to mind.

Emotionally, Erin needs some work. She finds herself torn at the idea of breaking out of her shell and more often that not socializing with others brings more reasons to be alone. As an optimist she finds herself encouraged to try to grow, but as someone who prefers to keep to herself she finds that she doesn't want to change; in the end, she just wants someone to accept her for who and what she is.
Erin was born in Mistral to a single mother. Her father was human who stayed around just long enough to get her mother pregnant before leaving her never to be seen again.

Erin's mother worked as a seamstress by day and at various bars and clubs by night, causing Erin to be alone most of the time forcing her to become self-sufficient.

Distrusted by humans and faunus alike, due to her resemblance to a raccoon and a tendency to go after shiny things, Erin found herself with few acquaintances and no friends.

Since people were going to judge her for her faunus heritage anyway, she managed to convince her mother to scrape up enough lien through various means to buy a pair of animatronic ears which she wears at all times which are controlled by emotions. The logic behind this was to make herself even more animalistic and to drive away as many people as possible.

Most of Erin's school time was spent avoiding other kids which only helped her attract the attention of the weirdest, in her eyes, kid in her class. He made it his mission to make her more social and constantly assaulted her with idle chit-chat and jokes much to her dismay. Try as she might, she couldn't shake the guy and she eventually found herself almost looking forward to hanging out with him. Almost.

Spending most of her days studying to be a huntress helped her build up impressive flexibility and strength as well as a knack for reading others by people watching during periods of rest.

With no real aspirations other than being able to provide for herself she focuses her time on training and avoiding having to spend time with people she really doesn't care about.
Weapon Image: ... 7_1280.jpg
Weapon Desc:
She has a twin pair of black and gold claws, decorated with flower like patterns, that are mounted to gauntlets with two functionalities. One function is the gauntlets can infuse the claws with dust, providing elemental damage and utility. The second function is the use of .22 mm rounds. The claws raise up to let the bullets pass through from magazines underneath the metal that travels up her forearm.
Remember me
Semblance Desc:
Erin is able to force her aura into her enemy through open wounds and use it to attack them from the inside.
Mistral Region
Transfer School:
Sanctum Academy
- helpful
- dexterous
- excellent night vision
- studious
- excellent memory
- doesn't take criticism very well
- prefers to work alone
- distrusting
- slight light sensitivity
- quick to abandon relationships
- lack of observation
- reading
- music
- people watching
- spicy foods
- dancing
- shiny things
- sweets
- idle chit-chat
- liars
- being pressured to do something
- people who don't add anything to her life
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Skill Slot 1:
Remember Me (Damage Over Time)
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
Using her the Dust infused in her claws (melee) she rips through the defenses of her opponent creating a wound that takes more time that usual to heal.

Strike an opponent with an attack that leaves a lasting damage effect. If your attack connects with a target’s defense or health, then on top of the normal damage for that attack, they will be dealt the attacking stat as Unavoidable Pierce damage, for their next 3 turns. This only affects one target, leaving your other 3 attacks as normal attacks.
---(Cost: 1 Aura)---
Skill Slot 2:
Tourniquet (Self-healing)
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Using her aura, Erin is able to heal damage she's taken.

Cannot attack the turn this is used.
((Aura+Dust)*5= Amount healed) -> (1+2)*5 = 15

---(Cost: 1 Dust)---
Skill Slot 3:
Animal Instincts (Area of effect)
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
Once in close combat Erin uses her claws (melee) to strike the weak points of her opponents.

A single attack against any number of enemies within the range of the selected attack stat (melee) that pierces Block and deals 1/2 dmg. This uses all your attacks for the turn.
---(Cost: 1 Dust)---

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