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Aidan Nox
Faunus Type:
Emblem: ... 545d58.jpg
Outfit Desc:
A overall dark outfit. Black tight long sleeve shirt with a black worn out battle vest over it, grey combat pants with black knee pads. Black combat boots made for easy mobility. wears black gloves with similar color arm pads and elbow pads. Very Sharp claws are attached to each end of his finger tips and thumbs on his gloves. Overall he wears a black long battle trench coat with a split tail feature. An silver insignia on the back of his coat is of the Crescent Moon with a head of a wolf howling to it.
Character Photo:
Physical Appearance:
Skin is rather pale, average body shape though muscular. Black near floor length hair, black fur wolf ears and tails. Orange eyes.
Aidan is serious, no nonsense faunus who doesn't back down from fights despite the odds. Little to no humor and a not caring attitude. An embodiment of hate and range despite his calm demeanor. Though he walks a bloody and dark path, there are few who believe that there is a fire in his darkness.
He was born from a faunus mother and a human father, though his father left after getting his mother pregnant with him. He would be raised by his mother til the age of 5 when she died from
undernourishment, since she would care for him more than her self. When trying to get help from a few nearby Hunters and Huntresses they turned him down. This began his hatred for Hunters. After her death, Aidan was taken, raised and trained by an unknown woman til the age of 15. He then left to join the White Fang in hopes of making a change for Faunus kind. However an incident causes Aidan to hate the White Fang and retract from the group. Deciding to work alone, Aidan began helping people who just wanted peace between both races. However he encountered corrupted Hunters and Huntresses who would harmed and extort these people, having no other choice than to kill them. He soon became an enemy of all Hunters and associations, along with the White Fang whom he attacked and killed quite many of. Over two years, many of the citizens of the Four Kingdoms will come to call him The Big Bad Wolf, in regard to him being a wolf faunus and he savage nature. Though despite the fear he brings to many, few who were saved and protected by him believe the Wolf to be a caring person going down a dark path.
Weapon Image: ... 0121144545
Weapon Desc:
in base form is a gauntlet that can be used for unarmed combat, able to do a large amount of impact damage. However the main feature is when it extends. At will the gauntlet can extend into a large great-sword. Although the blade appears heavy, it is rather light and highly durable, capable to withstand and block high amount of damage. Sharp enough to cut through most metals and with Aidan's training, is able to cut through more. The blade part can retract and extend rather quickly allowing for mixed combat with the gauntlet and blade.
Big Bad
Semblance Desc:
If Aidan were to be hurt to the point of near death he can awaken his inner Wolf. The first stage his eyes will turn to a black sclera with his original orange color iris and a dark aura will appear around his body. At this stage Aidan's nerves is temporary cut off and can no longer feel pain or be limited by his body. His speed and strength is enhanced tenfold however Aidan is more volatile and feral. While he can withstand more damage his body, without sensing pain he will possibly bleed, shatter bones and damage inner organs. If he still sustain grave damage to his body he will reach his final form in which his aura will engulf him and will take the form of a giant black wolf. At a towering height Aidan is far more powerful at this point though weaker to magic based attacks. He will enduse a loud howl to which will bring fear to the inhabitants either animal,human or faunus. Here he can draw more strength from the fear to make him stronger. However at this point Aidan is at very least hardly if not in control.
-Very Fast.
-Very strong.
-Highly Resistant to damage.
-Capable of understanding strengths and weaknesses of others rather quickly.
-A master in melee combat
-Does not back from fights and will push his body beyond limits
-despite the extant of injury he will continue pushing himself.
-He has no long range attack
-Eating sweets.
-viewing his mother's pendent time to time
-helping less fortunate people (either human and/or faunus)
-Hunters (Corrupted Hunters specifically),
-White Fang,
-seeing innocents harmed or killed.
-seeing people feel sorry for themselves
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Skill Slot 1:
Wolf's Barrage
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
A series of quick attacks from both his off-hand and weapon. Able to cut deep and destroy armor and defense.
Skill Slot 2:
Quick step
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Able to quickly dodge oncoming attacks of any variety, though takes up a good portion of his stamina.
Skill Slot 3:
Eye of the Predator
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
Can located the strengths and weaknesses of his target. However he must not be in combat.
Skill Slot 4:
Quick Disarm
Skill Slot 4 Desc:
After using Eye of the Predator, Aidan can disarm an enemy if in close range combat.
Skill Slot 5:
Howl of the Wolf
Skill Slot 5 Desc:
Can emit a blood curdling howl that can incapacitate lesser enemies while inflicting fear on tougher ones.
Skill Slot 6:
Skill Slot 6 Desc:
Stage 1: In near death Aidan will emit a dark aura as well as changes to his eye color. His nervous system will be temporary severed and will no longer be naturally limited. He will be quicker, stronger and unable to feel pain. However at this stage he is highly feral and volatile.
Stage 2: If the fight continues, Aidan will be engulfed by his dark aura and will transform into a large black great wolf. At this stage his strength and speed and greatly increased tenfold. However he is more susceptible to dust magic. It is also likely that he is hardly if not in control at all.

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