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Atro Lohengrin
1st Semester
Outfit Desc:
Atro is most often seen wearing a blank colored tee shirt in conjunction with a pair of jeans, black sneakers, a belt as his only accessory and no sign of an emblem. A remarkably unremarkable attire, symbolizing the type of impression he intends for any who look at him to believe.
Physical Appearance:
Atro possesses an unimposing average physique, which on occasion may lead some to mistake him for a visitor or civilian especially since he keeps his weapons concealed. Black hair wavy hair (originally ghost white) that drapes over his head and reaching down to his shoulders along with aquamarine eyes. All topped off with a juvenile, disarmingly innocent facial demeanor that shrouds an observant, calculating, and deceptively agile jester.
Atro is a compulsive liar who hides his insecurities, trust issues, and the full extent of his capabilities behind a fabricated persona. This emotional mask comes off as chatty, extroverted, and childish with a dash of sinister intent.

He'll make up lies that range from plausible to inconceivable, make racist remarks, occasionally mock people, and sometimes shamelessly admit to a lie shortly after making one up. Considering these are done as an attempt to mess with other people as well as make them distrust him as opposed to outright antagonism, he tends to come off more as a nuisance rather than a bully.

Those who manage to gracefully dance around or unceremoniously power through his insufferable personality are subject to......more lies. Atro rarely presents his thoughts in a straight forward manner, preferring to hide that truth in a joke or snarky remark if he can and is certainly more responsible, capable, and caring than he would have you believe. Some tense situations may cause him to snap in a negative albeit genuine manner but the subject matter has to hit close to home. Regardless, he'd attempt to downplay the outburst by writing it off as a lie.

However he is a selfish coward at heart who's fear and paranoia lead him to distrust everyone around him, including Beacon, and prioritize his wellbeing and the integrity of his lie over other things. He detests the emotional weakness that comes with having to open up and trust someone else to the point where he believes even if the person before him can be trusted, there's bound to be someone in earshot who will use what he confesses against him.

As a result, Atro passes himself off as an unremarkable nuisance for two reasons. To make people either dislike and/or overlook him along with his hidden talents and because he sees no place in the world for his former self to be in.
Sleight of Hand
Weapon Desc:
A pair of dust wrist gauntlets that Atro keeps with him more often than he needs to (or should for that matter) and keeps hidden with the use of with his semblance. Each possess two means of using the stored dust with the primary exhaust, located on the back, using it as a power source to emit energy contained to the shape of a blade by gravity dust or released as focused projectiles without it. The secondary exhaust exposes additional dust for the wielder to draw from and is dedicated for archaic purposes.
Jester's Deceit
Semblance Desc:
What would an aspiring l̶i̶a̶r̶ huntsman be without their e̶s̶c̶a̶p̶e̶ ̶p̶l̶a̶n̶ semblance?
Atro's slippery and dishonest nature is furthered by his aura adopting such properties allowing him to fabricate visually convincing lies. These fabrications are intangible and are harmless unless infused with dust.

Of course there wouldn't be a reason to lie if it wasn't for selfish reasons which allows Atro to use his semblance on himself to alter his appearance and hide from others. In fact, he's constantly using his semblance in that manner, albeit low key by concealing his weapons and altering his hair color.
-Observant: Ever so wary of what's going on around him, Atro is often on the look out for what may or may not be suspicious. This can range from someone's body language and tone of voice to things around the environment and available facts at hand.

-Underhanded tactics: While he would hold back when in the presence of anyone else, Atro's no stranger to striking below the belt. This can range from simple things like capitalizing on an opening or bizarre such as spraying a can of shaken soda at someone's face.

-Lying: Quite the expert at it too as he can manipulate his tone of voice and body language as well as include additional factors to make his lies all the more convincing.

-Agile: Not even considering his semblance Atro's elusiveness allows his to escape incoming pursuers be it an actual fight or because of his juvenile antics.

-Flexible and efficient semblance: The nature of a lie has many possibilities and Atro's constant usage of it in low key has conditioned him to be able to use it for extended periods of time.
-Distrusting: Pretty obvious due to his trust issues. Though it goes beyond merely pleading the fifth as he'll merely fabricate a past for those nosy enough to get close to him.

-Physically Weak: What you see is what you get. Deceptive agility aside, Atro's physique doesn't look like it'll do anything impressive and his preference to avoiding fights has done little to help that.

-Self absorbed: More interested in his own integrity than that of others.

-Adverse to personal honesty: If he can, he'll hide his real thoughts in a remark or joke.

-Holds back: Due to not wanting others to know the full extent of his capabilities, he'll do this to a fault even if it risks injury. Serious injury or death are the exceptions.
-Effective manipulation
-Being a nuisance
-His liquid gold (A.K.A. Vacian Kola)
-Learning more about others
-Big Speeches
-Others learning more about him
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:

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