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1st Semester
Marneus Kohle
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Outfit Desc:
Marneus doesn't like fashionable clothes so this is why he always wears the same outfit under his armor. His outfit is composed of a dark blue tunic with same color pants. He also has black boots and brown leather gauntlets. Marneus wears his sleek armor under his wide tunic. The only visible parts are his greaves and pauldrons. There is a vertical black stripe on the front of the tunic and the armor. The greaves and pauldrons use the same color pattern. On the left shoulder of the armor, there is his coat of arms, a black raven on a grey full moon. On his back, Marneus carries his chainsword.
The only time Marneus don't wear this outfit is when he is at school and wear the Beacon uniform.
Character Photo: ... kdCaWdfWGs
Physical Appearance:
Marneus is a tall and muscled young man who stands straight most of the time. As he trained throughout his childhood he is very strong and broad-shouldered. He has short black hair and dark eyes. His eyes are black but can become purple when his semblance is active. He is expressionless most of the time but he can also be seen with a wry smile and a spark of mischief in his eyes when he is happy.
Marneus doesn't like other people because he has grown as a lone child and he is used to solve his problems by himself. That explains why he doesn't have many friends but also why the ones he consider as friends are important in his eyes. Marneus is honest and doesn't hesitate to say the true even if it can hurt his friends. He doesn't talk too much and almost always with cutting remarks. He used to be very sarcastic and likes to be ironic when he speaks.

However, he also tended to be very pessimistic. He sees the world as it is, a really dark place where only the strongest survive and not the nicest or anything else. Marneus can often be found walking around during sunset, waiting for the darkness to surround him.

He likes to be at Beacon and train to become a Huntsman. As it's the first time he is in a school he is not used to the way of speaking to the professors but he tries his best. He never speaks first and tries to be as discreet as possible in class.
Marneus was born in a village south of Vale called Wittenheim but was left when he was still a baby. He was raised in an orphanage whose Director was called Sicarius. Sicarius was an ex-Huntesman who was injured during a mission next to Atlas. Marneus took him as an exemple to follow and wanted to serve his kingdom as the old man did.

He started to train with only one objective: become a Huntsman as cool as Sicarius. He became stronger and stronger under Sicarius supervision. Marneus and Sicarius were so close that Marneus had no real friends in Wittenheim. That old wise man was everything for Marneus, a father, a friend, a teacher.

Marneus learned everything he could have learned about life with Sicarius. Sicarius teached him everything from walking to fighting. Marneus adopted the same combat style as Sicarius. Slow but powerfull, using strength instead of speed to destroy what he was facing. But Sicarius also teach him how to behave like a true huntsman. He said that he should always try to help people in need and find true friends with which he would be able to protect humanity.

Marneus however enjoyed solitude and darkness. He often escape from the orphanage at night to walk under the moon. Strangely, he felt safe when he was alone in the dark. Gradually, his appeal for darkness became a semblance. Marneus didn't use darkness only as a way to be stealthy but also as a true weapon. Under the watchful eye of Sicarius, Marneus learned the rudiments of becoming a Huntsman. Finally when Marneus was 18, Sicarius decided to send the young man to Beacon to get tested in order to join the prestigious Academy.

But the night before Marneus departure, Sicarius' old age catched him up. The doctor of the city said to Marneus that Sicarius was living his last night. Marneus entered his room. Sicarius smiled at the teenager : "Well I think it's time to say goodbye... A huntsman die but an other one is born....". Marneus didn't said anything, but as he took his, the old man uttered his last words : "I trust you, kid....".

Marneus stood up in the middle of the room. There was no sound, only the crackling of the burning torchs in the night. There was nothing left for him here. He looked at Sicarius one more time, grabbed the invitation letter and then leave this small village forever. He disappeared into the night depths, his real home. He now had one objective: become a Huntsman.
Noctis Pace
Weapon Image: ... p=drivesdk
Weapon Desc:
Marneus's weapon was crafted for him by his master. It's a two-handed chainsword with a length of 3'7" which can also became a high stopping power machine gun. Even if the weapon is very heavy, the high quality of Noctis Pace makes it easy to use for Marneus.

When it is in chainsword mode, Noctis Pace can cut into most solid objects. Even if it take time, the weapon is also a very useful tool. However Noctis Pace requires incredible strength to control it.

In machine gun mode, Noctis Pace can reach up to 300rpm. It seems low for a machine gun, but above this limit the gun become uncontrollable, even for Marneus. The box type magazine contains a 100 bullets belt. Even if it's hard to hit a target with it, the powerfull ammunitions allows Marneus to deal serious damage to his targets with short bursts.
Shadow Manipulation
Semblance Desc:
Marneus has the ability to manipulate shadows as a malleable substance, using it to create spikes, barriers, waves and even a blade of what looks like black molten magma. Marneus can use any shadow in its field of view. The bigger the shadow is, the bigger Marneus's creation can be. However, Marneus's semblance don't work when there's no light at all, because no light also means no shadow.
His Aura is totally black.
Vytal Region
Physical strength
Can easily manipulate heavy weapons
Can easily see in the dark
Gallows humor
Killing Grimm
Night, darkness
Be alone
Cleaning his gun
Morality lessons
People in general
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Skill Slot 1:
Noctis Fury (flourish)
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
Marneus use all the power of his chainsword, Noctis Pace, to strike his enemies with a mix of ranged and melee attacks.
The attack deals (Range + Melee) x5, with the attack dealing 2x dmg to any Block it hits. Marneus can not use other Range or Melee attacks this turn. This can be used at both medium and close range.
---(Cost: 2 aura)---
Skill Slot 2:
Shadow Toughness (endure stance)
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Marneus implement his master's training and use his Aura to improve his survival ability.
Add 1/4, rounded down, of his Aura stat to his Defense and Speed stats while this stance is active. During this his Aura stat will equal 0 (This will not reduce his effective AP). Any decrease to his Aura stat will instead decrease the bonus to his Defense and Speed respectively. Turning it off is free.
---(Cost 2 Aura)---
Skill Slot 3:
Patient Hunter (reckless stance)
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
Slowing himself, Marneus sacrifices speed for the power to strike more fiercely.
While in this stance his Dust, Melee, and Range Dmg multipliers are increased by 1. His Speed stat is decreased by ½ rounded up.
---(Cost 1 Aura)---
Skill Slot 4:
Night Blade (aura attack)
Skill Slot 4 Desc:
Not unlocked yet
Skill Slot 5:
Night Shield (invigorate)
Skill Slot 5 Desc:
Not unlocked yet
Skill Slot 6:
Blackout (stealth)
Skill Slot 6 Desc:
Not unlocked yet
Skill Slot 7:
Shadow Grapnel (shift)
Skill Slot 7 Description:
Not unlocked yet
Skill Slot 8:
Dark Wave (area of effect)
Skill Slot 8 Desc:
Not unlocked yet
Skill Slot 9:
Darkness Hammer (empower)
Skill Slot 9 Desc:
Not unlocked yet
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