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2nd Semester
Yue Fa Hong
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Outfit Desc:
As an everyday attire of sorts, Yue simply choose to wear Beacon's uniform, plus a pink scarf with a white ripple pattern as an added accessory. The scarf is thick enough to hide her neck, but not her chin or mouth, and is pretty short in length as well. Finally, the length of her socks vary depending on the season and/or the state of the day, varying between ankle-high or knee-high.

Following is her combat attire: a kimono especially made for battling purposes. It all begins with a soft cloth made of cotton and colored a light pink, then this is followed by a set of thin plates that see themselves placed over her chest, back, shoulders, belly and thighs. These plates are quite flexible and don't hinder movement at all, but they have a special property in that they harden whenever they feel pressure against them, absorbing part of the impact in order to reduce overall damage. Continuing, a less soft cloth made of polyester is then worn over the entire outfit so far, keeping it all hidden from sight. This one has wide and long sleeves, a more vivid pink color than the first cloth and is also adorned by a white ripple pattern. The cloth is folded quite neatly, ending with a v-shaped neck kind of fold, and is kept in place by a white obi with a pink ripple pattern. Extending from the waist and below, is a slightly wide and ankle-high skirt, sporting a similar pattern to the one the upper cloth has. A pair of white knee-high socks and light brown gets sandals complete the outfit - along that same scarf from before as an unique accessory.

Compared to the complicated nature of the attire described above, her pajamas are quite straightforwardly simple. They simply consist of a light pink T-shirt that sports a white ripple pattern. This shirt is also quite long, extending way down towards her knees. Although the shirt may give off the appearance that she's not wearing anything below, a pair of shorts are what people usually see whenever she lifts it up. Last, but not least, a pair of white rabbit slippers. They're white, have black whiskers, a pink triangular nose and two yellows orbs as eyes.

She also has a formal attire, which is another kimono similar to the one described above, but without the protective layer below, a proper seam and it sports different colors as well as another pattern. This one is light blue at the top and it gradually becomes white as it gets to the bottom, while a cherry blossom design adorns her shoulders, the seams and the sleeves. The right side has no design, however. She doesn't wears her scarf on this one either, too.
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Physical Appearance:
Yue's body is thin and slightly skinny, having enough flesh in her limbs to avoid looking either too fragile or weak. Her assets (chest, hips, b-) are on what you'd call the "flat" side of the spectrum, though still aiming enough to the opposite side to not be considered completely flat. Her skin's color is white — not sickly white, mind you, but just your average-ish pale white.

Her face is round and ends in a pointed chin. A pair of black, down turned eyes, straight, yet thin eyebrows that share color with her hair, a small nose and a mouth with tinnier-than-thicker lips compose her face in its entirety. The only kind of makeup she uses that's noticeable are the light purple shades over her eyelids and the mask under her eyes to cover some dark bags.

Her hair is of a pitch black color and, although long in length, Yue almost always keeps it tied in different styles, which depend on the outfit that she's wearing:

Out of battle, she has her hair on a less difficult style. Yue just ties divides it as a pair of somewhat thick and long ponytails that come from just above her neck, at the back of her head. They're keep tied by a pair of golden ornate rings. A pair of short bangs are also present, hiding the sides of her face, until they've gone pass her ears.

On her combat and formal outfit, Yue ties most of it and forms a half ball of hair at the back of her head. It is held in place by a pair of golden sticks that pierce its base in a cross. The excess of hair are styled as two half rings that arc, each one, at the sides of the half ball. Many wonder how she does this alone and even so, it only takes her a few minutes to complete such a complex thing this hairstyle is.

Lastly, when it is time to sleep, she undoes her hair and lets it flow down freely. It goes down at waist's length with a wavy style, not to mention that it's as wide as her body.
Yue’s an honest and very reserved girl, not to mention humble as well. In almost all situations, she'll be always seen with a relaxed, yet cheerful expression on her face, led by a soft smile and a somewhat slow-paced voice. This often led people to think that she was kinda... Well, slow at mind. However, Yue’s much more smart and cunning than what she usually lets out, being just as intelligent as the average person, if not a little bit more.
Backstory: ... 3090639878
Jiyi Houhui
Weapon Desc:
Those are a pair of chopping axes that can be held with a single hand without much effort, as they both are made of lightweight materials. Yue normally dual wields them, which is something that requires a certain degree of skill — thankfully, though, she has plenty of that.

The symmetrically designed axes have a medium long handle of roughly the same length of her arm. Said handle, rather than being straight-shaped, is instead a little curvy to allow for a better grasp. The head of the axes, which are actually made of materials much more heavier than the rest of the weapon, are situated at the very top of the handle and have round blades with very sharp edges — when Yue don't forget to maintain them, that is.

Then, as an additional capability of sorts, both axes can be joined together to form a much stronger weapon. This new weapon is actually a battle axe whose handle is quite more bigger than that of its original halves, making it a bit hard to carry with a single hand. Meanwhile, the head has become dual-sided and the once round blades have turned into triangular ones — this as a way of increasing cleaving power, especially against the hard coats sported by a handful of Grimm. However, high power is given in exchange for an effective mobility, as the weapon is pretty difficult to carry around.

Color-wise, the axes are predominantly red — or more presicely, crimson — and light gray, with a tiny bit of pink. The handles are crimson, but they become pink near the bit that can be tilted. The head has light gray as the base color, while the edges of the blades are of a vivid crimson.
Semblance Desc:
Yue's semblance gives her access to a couple of abilities that base themselves on the very same premise of turning her aura into pink calming ripples that are irradiated by her body. It's actually worth mentioning now that her abilities can be blocked with aura, but this requires the affected party to focus on that, so doing it in battle can be pretty hard. Finally, Yue cannot use either of these abilities on herself, as they won't have any effect at all.

The first of the two abilities this semblance consists of using the aura-turned-ripples to weaken an opponent. The ripples' relaxing properties serve to affect her target's reaction time for a while, thus reducing their chances to dodge and also defend. In addition to this, though, this first ability has a passive effect to it and that is to soothe, albeit slightly, the minds of those around her, making somewhat hard for them to display any kind of violent behavior. However, since this passive is rather weak compared to its active variant, it doesn't works on battles.

Last, but not least, the second ability gives her the power to soothe any kind of pain and heal some small wounds as well. The way this works is that the ripples can imbue the affected target to the point that their bodies' regenerative functions will, ironically, be accelerated. Not only that, but these ripples also have an effect similar to the anesthesia has on a body, thus letting the affected party ignore all kinds of pain for a while. It must be said now that only small wounds like scratches or bruises can be healed, while those more serious like deep cuts and broken bones are almost completely unaffected.

As a weird side-effect slash passive slash flaw of sorts, her semblance tends to have a negative effect on dust, making it weaker by the second, as long as it's being held near her. Distance determines how strong this effect is, being pretty strong the nearer to her it is. However, dust that was triggered before getting near to her won't be affected by this, though, as the effectiveness of this flaw drops considerably when dust is on that particular state, to the point this ability just doesn't affects it in the slightest.
Mistral Region
☽ Skillful.
☽ Aura.
☽ CQC.
☽ Very cunning.
☽ Cooking is one of her fortes.
☽ Sings rather decently.
☽ Mediating.
☾ Ranged combat.
☾ Dust.
☾ Stamina.
☾ Studying.
☾ Sweet things.
☾ Reading.
☾ The moon.
✭ Gazing at the moon until late at night.
✭ Napping.
✭ Talking with others.
✭ Dishes with pasta on them —any kind of pasta.
✭ Natural drinks —especially if they're made of peaches.
✭ Talking about her past.
✭ Leading conversations.
✭ Nightmares.
✭ Studying.
✭ People fighting for stupid reasons.
✭ All kinds of trash food.
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Semblance Enhancement 1:
Yue now has the ability to willingly increase the power of her semblance's healing capabilities. The change is, if anything, barely noticeable, however.

✭ Adds +1 to the x5 multiplier on the Healing formula.
Skill Slot 1:
Enfeeble — Melee (2 AP)
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
Yue activates her semblance, Relaxation, which makes her aura shine and become faint ripples that come out of her body. If she manages to land a hit with her axe — or her hands — on a nearby opponent, their reaction and movement speed will be noticeably lowered for a while.

✭ Upon landing a successful hit: -½ to both Speed and Defense until the end of the affected target's next turn.
Skill Slot 2:
Healing (1 AP)
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Using her semblance to turn her aura into relaxing ripples, Yue focuses them onto a nearby ally and eases their pain, healing small wounds as well. Additionally, an anesthetic effect will spread throughout their bodies, letting them ignore pain for a while.

✭ Healing capability: 48 HP.
Skill Slot 3:
Reckless (1 AP)
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
Yue uses the special function of her weapon to join both of them into a single, much more powerful one. However, said power is received in exchange for movement speed and also agility. The increase in raw power is pretty noticeable though, so it kinda pays off.

✭ Upon activation, Melee, Range and Dust's damage multipliers increase by 1, while ½ of her speed, rounded down, is taken off her base.
Skill Slot 4:
Area of Effect — Melee (1 AP)
Skill Slot 4 Desc:
Yue prepares and throws her twin axes overhead, making foes stare at them, careful as to what they might do. This gives the brunette a chance to quickly rush in and deliver a flurry of kicks for some surprise, albeit relatively low damage.

✭ Hits all enemies on Close range to Yue with an attack that pierces block at half the usual damage.
Skill Slot 5:
Embolden (1 AP)
Skill Slot 5 Desc:
Yue imbues a nearby ally with her semblance, soothing them and dragging allies to a more calm and heavily focused state that increases their ability to dodge opponent's attacks, as well as their own hit rate, for a while.

✭ Adds her Aura stat to an ally's Speed and Accuracy stats (divided evenly) until the end of their next turn.
Gained Attributes:
Semester 1: M6/ R0/ Ac5/ S2/ De3/ Au5/ Du0/ HP120

Semester 2: M9/ R0/ Ac7/ S3/ De6/ Au8/ Du0/ HP195

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