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Zack Shadowsoul
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Outfit Desc:
Usually seen in black cargo pants, combat boots, a skin tight tank top in varying colors, mirrored shades, and a leather jacket, Zack is the poster boy for casual street wear. When going into battle, he will put on armored finger-less gloves, in case he needs to use hand to hand combat. He doesn't rely on any armor due to it slowing him down.
Character Photo:
Physical Appearance:
A lean build on a tall frame, Zack's body is covered in countless scars from his endless days of training, the worst being seen on his torso, hands, and a particularly noticeable scar on his left cheek, left by his mother after a particularly intense sparring match. His messy black hair stops at his upper back, and he always keeps it slicked back to prevent it from getting into his eyes. His Azure eyes are always inquisitive and bright when interacting with others, but seem to lose all its light when he's in battle, especially against Grimm.
Always seen with a mischievous grin, Zack is a people person with a big heart. A carefree soul, he will be friendly to anyone he meets, until he sees something he dislikes. Shamelessly hitting on women is a pastime of his that he only does for the amusement of both parties, limiting himself so that the targets of his habits would know that his intentions were innocent. Whenever there is a faunus around, he will take interest in them and treat them as equals, having always been curious about their culture and diversity.

When angered, he will become more sarcastic and show no mercy, especially if the party that angered him went after his friends and family. Earnest when it comes to his daily training and when he gets into any sparring matches, it will be hard for anyone to find someone who was more devoted to self improvement. He cares deeply for his friends, and is willing to put himself in harm's way just to keep them safe if necessary. Because of these habits, trouble tends to find him more often than not, and his actions on the battlefield tend to lack thought, especially in the way he leaps into danger in order to protect another.
Born to Lance Shadowsoul and Evelyn Dawnhearth , Zack's upbringing was always interesting, especially considering that his father is human while his mother is a wolf faunus. Both of his parents were successful huntsmen from Haven Academy, his Father being a master at hand to hand martial arts and creator of The Shadowsoul School of the Weaving Fist, while his mother was a swordsman of unmatched skill, heir of the Dawnhearth Shcool of the Rising Blade. Having done their service to the realm, they had settled down in a small village in Mystral's outskirts and opened a dojo. After a few years, the two got married and had Zack, raising him with love, and training him to be the heir to both of their styles, followed by his little sister Deu. Over time, the dojo's popularity and influence grew to the point that Lance and Evelyn had become the village's leaders.

Due to Evelyn being a faunus, many of her kind would come to settle at the village, knowing that they were accepted, and a good number of them came to become her students. Lance's outgoing nature attracted many students of his own, all competitive, but close knit to the point that the students saw each other as brothers. Evelyn was more reserved, but treated everyone with kindness, making a large number of her students women of various ages. Zack, training under both of his parents, would learn to become comfortable with anyone he interacted with, so much so that he would begin to develop the interesting habits of hitting on most women he came across, and sparring with any guy.

He would learn and master his father's style quickly, becoming quite proficient at fighting Lance to a complete standstill with joint locks and quick strikes every morning as part of his training. It was Evelyn's style that Zack found more challenging. As opposed to a conventional sword style, Kenjutsu, it was a rare form of combat known as Iaijutsu, or quick draw sword fighting. The strikes primarily started with the blade inside the sheath, and used speed and technique as opposed to strength. Evelyn would train him on both styles to make him more well rounded, but that didn't stop Zack from devoting a large amount of energy to mastering her style. Meanwhile, his sister's determination would allow her to learn and master these skills at a faster rate than him, allowing her to catch up to his level with ease.

Whan Zack became twelve years old, he began to help out around the village with border patrols and hunting trips. These trips out from the village helped instill a respect for nature, and train him in stealth. However, his training didn't prepare him for the worst the world had to throw at him. One afternoon, a small pack of Beowolves attacked the village. Zack, returning from his patrol, would stop dead in his tracks at the sight of the fearsome beasts. His fear had attracted the attention of one of the Grimm, causing it to rush him. Seeing this, Zack's training would kick in, his body moving faster than his mind. He dodged the beast once, twice, three times before the powerful blows of the creature caught him, tearing at his torso and sending him flying into a nearby building. Before blacking out, he would see the comforting sight of his mother and father's backs as they came in and slew the beasts with ease.

After that event, Zack would train even harder than before, vowing never to let fear best him when on the battlefield. Three years later, his semblance would awaken while he was sparring both of his parents and his sister at once, a shadowy duplicate standing back to back with him as he fought. The feeling of having a partner to rely on, one that wouldn't ever truly die, empowered Zack to make the decision to become a Huntsman and join the academy. After training for another three years, Zack would set out to Beacon, wanting to go someplace where no one knew his name. His goals were to better himself, refine his parents styles and make something even better, and become a Huntsman that could bring comfort and relief to others like his parents did for him all those years ago.
Flamma Animam
Weapon Image: ... nimam3.gif
Weapon Desc:
Built with the help of a close friend, Flamma Animam is a powerful Katana that can extend to the length of an Odatchi with the pull of a trigger. The blade when in katana form measures 3'6'', and 7' when fully extended. The hilt, being 2' in length, has a trigger and guard built into it, as well as a button on the opposite end. ( ... Katana.gif)

The trigger controls the blade's extension feature. When pulled, the blade splits down the center and slides open for a secondary blade to slide out. Once fully extended, the main blade closes back together, making the three pieces one whole blade, reinforced with earth dust for better durability.

The button on the other side of the trigger is one half of a safety that is used when the blade is being charged with dust, held within the six chambers at the opening of the sheath. Just below the chambers is where the other half of the safety's buttons can be found. The revolver style chambers are filled from the top with a standard sized dust shot cartridge and can be moved manually, allowing for easy loading and operation with one hand.
From Shadows
Semblance Desc:
By focusing his aura, Zack can call upon his own shadow to become a companion in battle, willing it into a shape similar to his own, the only difference being that the double's eye glow a dark red. Operating independently from himself, with the simple commands of "Attack" "Protect" and "Defend", the double allows Zack to try and control the pace of a fight, often using it to corner ranged opponents, covering allies, or even as a springboard for his own attacks. While active, Zack's eye glow with a dark glint, and his movements cause a trail of smoke to follow him, the same smoke that comes from his double.
Mistral Region
Transfer School:
Sanctum Academy
1v1 combat, adaptive, easy to get along with, tries his hardest in anything he does.
Ranged battles, fighting large numbers alone, easily gets into mischief, jumps into danger recklessly to protect others, has occasional bouts of self doubt.
Training, sparring, drinking, flirting, faunus, nature, his sister.
Discrimination, Grimm, guns, senseless killing, wasted food, his sister.
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Skill Slot 1:
Dark Double
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
Summon forth a creature, pet, or whatever you utilize, to fight alongside you in battle until it is destroyed or desummoned. Upon using this skill your summon is brought into the fight at medium range or closer of you. A summon's stat pool is equal to 1/2 of your total stats rounded up. Summon's have no aura stat. A summon's HP is equal to your Aura x5, plus the summon's Def x20. Using this skill takes up all your attacks for the turn, but your summon can attack when created.
---(Cost: 2 aura)---
Skill Slot 2:
Deflection Stance
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Using a mix of speed and defense you increase your ability to block damage. When you use this skill you add speed x2 to block with each block you make for this turn. This can be used during your Reaction Phase.
---(Cost: 2 Aura)---
Skill Slot 3:
Second Wind
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
Attack your enemies and become pushed even harder to continue the fight. Attack enemies and get your total attacking stat in health if the attack hits(Stat is effected by buffs). Applies to all 4 attacks that turn.
---(Cost: 1 aura)---
Alt Accounts:
Axel Ashbourn

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