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1st Semester
Roland McLeod
Faunus Type:
Emblem: ... al.svg.png
Outfit Desc:
Roland's standard attire involves several outstanding articles, as follows. The first and most iconic part of his wardrobe is a very worn, navy blue duster coat with three parts in the back. The upper chest, back, and collar all have black padding similar to a shooting vest. Gray stripes line the sides of the jacket, the same color as the interior. He wears the jacket with the sleeves rolled up in warmer weather and when fighting. Over this he wears a brown leather belt with a silver buckle, his symbol carved into it. Underneath, a white t-shirt and black joggers. He wears navy blue combat boots on his feet, and has bandages all over his arms.
Due to his being used to wearing and cleaning the same clothing to keep his load light, Roland is used to fighting in his normal clothes. He does, however, add kevlar armor plating on his shoulders, back, feet, and chest.
Roland wears a navy blue suit, with polished black dress shoes and a black undershirt. The undershirt is typically worn with several of the top buttons unbuttoned.
Roland will wear the uniform during class, but otherwise will not put it on.
Character Photo:
Physical Appearance:
Long brown hair tied up in a long, high ponytail with strands parting to either side of his face, revealing his piercing white eyes, aggressive and angular facial features, and a deep scowl. In terms of his body, he is in peak physical shape for his size; a barrel chest and husky appearance with toned, powerful muscles, his skin bearing scar after scar from battles past. Most notably are the scars that actually show from under his clothing and bandages: one gnarly gash creeping up across his collar bone, a small scar on his right cheek and two lacerations on his left forearm are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how much damage his body (and his psyche) show. While some find him monstrously terrifying physically, others find a rugged handsomeness to him, especially when he cleans up. Roland is also tall and fairly lanky, despite his bulky upper body. He stands 6 feet, 3 inches tall, weighs 195 pounds, and has size 13 feet. He almost always wears large clothing, and has a 34 inch waist.
(Note: The image is a heavily photoshopped pic I found on google. I don't know who drew it, sorry)
Roland has a big personality. He's intense, often saying what he feels no matter what the circumstances are. He has a very sensitive and caring side, which comes out especially when others are in some kind of pain or trouble. He's fiercely loyal, often willing to endure anything in order to protect those he cares for. He's protective of pretty much anyone who's hurting, and quick to respond to any bad-natured wrongdoing with open aggression.
While protective, Roland can be equally destructive, either by accident or by intent. When on accident, it's usually due to his earthy style and blunt honesty with others, which can be off-putting. He's also very sarcastic and dry, which doesn't help. In a bad mood, Roland gets sardonic and brooding, often lashing out at those who even slightly wrong him. People often feel they're walking on eggshells when Roland is this way. As an important note, Roland suffers from minor depression and deep-seated anger issues stemming from his unhealthy past self and his old instincts and habits.
In summary, Roland can be angry and cold, a force to be reckoned with, but also warm and kind, like a gentle giant. Being ashamed of his past and openly taking on his struggles has taken a toll on him, making him a little jaded, but still retaining some degree of boyish glee from time to time. Despite all the hardship he's gone through, Roland manages to maintain some degree of hope, as well as a willingness to work on himself and progress. This is largely due to how he views his place in the world. He feels he needs to protect others, that he has to in order to make up for a dark past; that he must become what he believes a hero should be.
Roland McLeod was born somewhere in the far uncharted north of Atlas. Found with nothing but a blanket in the raw winter by a group of nomadic huntsmen, he was raised in the warrior's style; to respect and honor others, to protect the weak, and to aspire to be strong. Eventually settling down, his adopted parents started working for Atlas nobility around the time of his seventh birthday.
This radical change in lifestyle helped Roland to learn to be flexible, and introduced him to his first friends his own age; Wilhelm, a high noble, Elise, set up to marry Wilhelm, and Edward, the son of a worker in the castle where all four of them grew up together for years. They had fun training, pulling pranks, and just having conversations with each other. Unfortunately, like all beautiful things, it had an end.
Roland, aged 13, had been training hard, trying to unlock his semblance to become a huntsman like his parents. At the same time, tensions had been growing in the castle as Elise and Edward grew close. Very close. Wilhelm, accustomed to getting everything he wanted, was outraged when Elise said she'd prefer to be with Edward. In his rage, he attempted to kill Edward, to which Roland did not respond kindly. All his training could not have prepared him for what happened next. The battle was devastating, rocking the castle gardens and resulting in both Roland's semblance awakening through sheer force of will, and Wilhelm's accidental death in the resulting devastation.
Mortified, Roland immediately fled, nothing but his torn and bloody clothes and the sword he carried in battle with him. For years he travelled all over Remnant, from Atlas, to Vacuo, to Mistral, and even Vale for a time. He was a bandit hunter, clearing out dens of unskilled warriors with almost no effort. He was deadly efficient, and often lethally so. Carving a path throughout Remnant, Roland left a lot of damage in his wake. He wasn't well known, but to those who were familiar with him had nothing but fear toward the barely adult Roland. He met the scum of the planet in his line of work: violent criminals, radical terrorist organizations, even corrupt government officials used him to do dirty work. After four years of emotionless bloodshed, he finally met his match in an old huntsman named Aizen Mugiwara. Aizen taught Roland what he had forgotten from his training; to care again. Helping the young adult to regain his sanity, he also took him under his wing to both aid in his mental recovery and to teach him how he could give back to a world that he had wronged.
After a few more years of retraining with Aizen, Roland gained a new control over his semblance, as well as over himself. Though his past still lingers in his psyche, Roland is a new person. Deciding to finally carry on with his passion, he applied to Beacon academy.
Weapon Image: ... eui_hq.jpg
Weapon Desc:
Two cleaver like blades, one a larger version of the other, the smaller one having a blade that wraps around the grip to form a guard, the bigger one having a large ovular hole mid-blade. They are black in color, but the tips and large portions of the actual blades glow white when his semblance runs through them (As they are made of the same material as Adam Taurus's katana, they conduct aura).
The Cold
Semblance Desc:
Roland's semblance grants him the ability to create diamond-hard, white ice crystals and sculptures out of seemingly thin air, however his abilities are enhanced when in areas with high amounts of water or other forms of freezable liquid. Roland uses his semblance to both defend himself and attack his opponents in close combat, seeing as how the range of his semblance is very limited (at least currently).
Mantle Region
-Strong willed
Combat: Superb swordsmanship, basic firearms skill, Mixed Martial Arts master, very strong at melee combat, will keep fighting to the end, strategizes on the fly
-Lone wolf
-Hard on himself
Combat: Suffers when fighting at range, often rushes in without thinking
-Fighting/sparring, both people and grimm
-Food, almost any kind, especially meat and sweets
-When he has them, his friends
-Cruelty, bullying, etc
-Lack of control over a situation
-Children, especially preteens
-Talking about his past
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Skill Slot 1:
Ice Spikes
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
Surrounds Roland with piercing ice spikes, which deal damage to enemies close up.
Area of Effect: Can damage multiple enemies in a radius (close range).
Cost: 1 aura
Damage: Aura (6) x Close range (5) = 30
Skill Slot 2:
Chilling Wind
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Roland's signature attack, freezing the wind using his aura-carrying sword to such a harsh and chilling caliber that it can cut through very tough opponents with ease. This is also Roland's only ranged attack.
Aura Attack: Attacks using his semblance (up to mid range).
Cost: 1 aura
Damage: Aura (6) x Mid range (4) = 24 OR x Close Range (5) = 30
Skill Slot 3:
Spike Launch
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
Roland uses his ice spike technique under his own feet, propelling himself forward with great speed.
Movement: This skill allows Roland to move from close to mid, mid to long or vice versa.
Cost: 1 aura
Damage: N/A
Alt Accounts:
Tyrael Datansebir (dead account)

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