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Rain Lavay
1st Semester
Outfit Desc:
Rain wears riding leathers. He is a motorcyclist, and because of this, he is concerned with speed and drag, and all of his clothes tend to fight tightly. He favors deep blues, dark greys, and subtle greens. His riding helmet bears a painting of a tiger, the faceplate centered in between its roaring jaws. The inside of his coat is lined with orange and black-striped fur.

He typically wears chaps over denim pants, fingerless gloves, and a deep blue jacket. His orange helmet clashes nicely with the navy, and the orange on his bike compliments it.
Physical Appearance:
Rain is a slightly taller male, with a slender build and broad shoulders. He's got a well defined chin, a good looking grin, and straight brown hair that spills to his shoulders. He occasionally cuts it short, though, and it's usually messy all the time when he does. He has hazel eyes that shift between brown and green with the seasons, most of the time they are patchy and have a mix of both colors. He tends to keep a close shave. His body is thin but well toned, much like an athlete, and his clothes tend to show this off fairly well.
Rain is a complexity. He's eager, driven, and highly tactful, however he's also cautious, spiteful, and full of regret for his mistakes. He's charismatic, but withdrawn, he's lazy, but motivated... He is all of these things, but the thing he tends to hold in his heart, is that he's a natural born leader. Rain tells it like it is, and he's not afraid to speak his mind. In fact, he's not afraid of many things at all. Confrontation, on a social level, is simply another bump in the road to him, and he flies on past just like he would on his motorcycle. Rain likes to make a joke of life because if he didn't, he'd probably be crying all the time, and who needs that, like really?

Rain is suave, brave, and logical. He's indecisive, judgemental at times, and somewhat stern, but in the long run, he is passionate about those he cares for and always seeks to bring the best out of the people he chooses to protect. He doesn't like to impose, especially on people's sleep habits, and tries to stay out of major politics, but he's quick to offer his opinion if he believes it will help those around him, and even quicker to put his foot down if he's certain something NEEDS to happen.

He can be cocky sometimes, especially with his witty sense of humor, but he can also be vindictive, too. However he's aware of both of these drawbacks in his own personality and keeps them monitored as best he can.

Rain is heterosexual (except on very rare occasions) :)
Rain is a product of an offshoot of the Lavay family. (Yes I have Jim's permission)

He is a half-cousin of the other Lavays, the offspring of their distanced grandmother, whom had a brief relationship with a man in Mistral that led to a daughter, they married and he took her family name. Their daughter would eventually give birth to Rain Lavay, as his father also took the family name as well. Growing up in an average life on Mistral's rainy, forested outskirts, Rain was named after his environment, and he adapted to it like a frog might to a puddle. He loved the trees and the grass and the water, and everything around him seemed perfectly fine. His parents were loving, caring, and gave him all the attention a single child could ever need.

Of course, the Grimm always have other plans. Repeated waves of the creatures hit Mistral from the north one winter, eventually breaking through the lines of defense in the dead of night and creeping forth in unending darkness.

They slinked into Rain's house, and the screams woke him. He ran, at the tender age of eight, to his parents defense, but there was nothing a boy like him could do. He witnessed their demise, and was forced to flee, forever scarred by this event... But he doesn't let that stop his revenge.

Since then he has survived into his teens on his sheer force of will. From street urchin to mercenary, he grew and grew, he went from stealing bread to taking any task to exterminate the Grimm that he could find. Through the years, he's upped his game, learning mounted combat first with a horse, and eventually with technological equipment, increasing his skill and deadly potential, earning money protecting the defenseless. His goal? Kill every last Grimm if it's the death of him, and it very well may be!

He ended up in Beacon after an extensive search for any other members of his family, finding many of the Lavays at the Academy. He decided he was better off with some sort of kin, and signed up for entrance, accepted off of the skills built in his past.
The Tiger's Fang
Weapon Desc:
Rain wields a long, thick spear. The tip is shaped much like a massive meat cleaver might be, except it curves upward at the end into a vicious, barbed hook. As a mounted fighter, Rain employs this in charge tactics and hit-and-run sabotage, rendering the enemy completely useless on the front line and forcing them into a defensive state. The pole of his spear is engraved with ornate depictions of tigers and dragons clashing in fierce combat.

The long polearm however doubles as a thick-handled billhook machete when its handle is collapsed, and it weighs far more than it appears to on first glance. The bladed hook is about two inches wide, six inches deep, and eight inches long, with a sinister curve to it that rolls into a deadly point on the back edge.
Adrenaline Rush (Give It Up!)
Semblance Desc:
Rain has inherited the passive Lavay clan Semblance, which manifests in his body as an unending willpower, playing slightly in to the passive natural regeneration of the Lavay line. Rain's physical stamina is incredible, he drives himself constantly without tiring, he cannot be put down for long, he'll just get back up... Because of this, his Aura is particularly large. He can pull from this large pool of energy in order to keep going well past a normal Human's limits, augmenting his body's ability to stay awake and alert beyond physical limits by burning his life-force Aura. Some have described him as a living zombie at times, witnessing him crashing at high speeds on his motorcycle only to get up and shrug it off as if he hadn't taken a beating at all. He can run in a forced march, pushing himself, for around twelve hours before he begins to tire. He can also use it to stay awake for long periods of time without suffering a loss to perception, making him an ideal soldier type that can continue to inspire his men well beyond a normal officer's busy schedule or hold a front line well passed the normal point of fatigue.
Mistral Region
-Rain is driven beyond measure
-He is also very straightforward and considerate
-Rain never gets tired ;)
-He's got a great sense of humor
-He's usually pretty laid back, man
-Hates the Grimm with a passion!
-He's a Lavay, eyyyy~
-Expert at mounted combat
-A lover, not a fighter... unless you're a Grimm!
-He's a natural leader and has a magnetic personality
-Keeps secrets probably more than he should
-Can definitely goof stuff up sometimes
-Doesn't really understand sarcasm
-He likes alcohol
-Thinks certain Faunus smell bad. It's not their fault! :[
-Not particularly good in combat when without a mount
-Can't say no to old ladies
-Chicks that have short hair but also rock it
-Getting stabbed (ouchies!)
-When he feels like someone doesn't trust him enough
-Chocolates with orange filling
-Artwork of dragons or tigers
-His motorcycle, the Reginold 5000
-Hot cocoa
-The rain
-Swimming in lakes
-Night time~
-The other Lavays, for the most part at least
-Impaling Grimm
-Sleeping in hammocks, aren't they just great?
-Going 20 over at least
-Wheelies, because why not? If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong.
-Death, both faunus and human
-The Grimm, seriously. All of them. Even the cute ones.
-Any kind of sauce on sandwiches, dry is the only way to go
-Cold cocoa
-Sunshine, boo! Too bright go away!
-People who get mad for no reason, what's up with that?
-People who can't take a hint
-People who cower behind their weapons and can't fight without them
-Problems with his bike
-Snowy days
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Skill Slot 1:
Let's Ride!
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
[Movement | 1 Aura]

Rain fuels his Semblance with his aura, allowing him to endure the G-forces associated with high speed movement on his motorcycle, enabling him to take sharper turns or snap to higher speeds without hurting himself.
Skill Slot 2:
Let's Do This!
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
[Embolden | 1 Aura]

Rain's sheer force of willpower is a sight to behold, inspiring his teammates around him. When they witness him keep going beyond all odds, they are inspired to fight harder by his side.
Skill Slot 3:
Let's Not Die!
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
[Invigorate | 2 Aura]

Using his Semblance, Rain is capable of withstanding levels of fatigue and trauma that would otherwise put a lesser man down. He might still feel the pain, but it sure doesn't stop him! Dying is for chumps!

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