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Kyrios Tefras
1st Semester
Outfit Desc:
Kyrios' clothes are often described as well into a middle class, nothing too flashy, nothing too dull, simply normal; but unique enough that it isn't normal by any standards. He seems to favor moderate, longsleeved shirts of ashy greys or even a tough, warm jacket of grey-reds that his adoptive father had given to him. Onto his lower wear, he often wears khaki pants of light grey colors -and on more formal occasions, will confine himself to dress pants when the need arises; as much as he dislikes it. His sneakers seem to share the same coloration as his jacket, often sharing a grey red color scheme.

His combat clothes seem almost the same, given some key differences being his pants and jacket. The two articles of clothing seem to have been modified with leather padding and coverings in several key areas around the chest, calves, and arms without greatly hindering his own movement. As an extra addition, he had seemed to add a bandolier across the jacket's chest for dust vials and crystals. Of course when handling his weapon, gloves are also worn for the sake of burn protection.
Physical Appearance:
Kyrios is often described as a average fellow in terms of his height, with something of a slender, ectomorphic build -which is deceivingly well built given his looks. His features are easily notable, with ashy grey hair set in what is best called a fauxhawk -although most of the time when it isn't styled, it seems to remain somewhat disheveled compared to his overall clean looks. Of course with a fair skin color, his eyes setting it apart with a fiery red. From a previous experience, parts of his arms seem covered in bandages, masking minor burns. Nonetheless, his gait seems to be one that of an enduring figure, someone who had went through and carried on through struggles and pain.
Kyrios takes many of his traits from his former family and his adoptive father, mainly seeming caring and compassionate towards others of similar upbringings, knowing of how their plight would have been. His adoptive father instilling a sense of impatience and arrogance in the child, although reinforced by what is easily a strong will. Among other traits, he shows heavy perseverance in the face of adversity. Due to previous experiences, he seems very uncomfortable in cold conditions, or even in the presence of a pale, shattered moon.

Opposite to his seeming uncomfortability around such, he seems in higher spirits around the warmer times of the year, especially around that of a warm flame -almost yearning for it in a fashion a person yearns for purpose. Ultimately, that is what Kyrios is looking for: Purpose, to find people of his own to cooperate with and find family in -a true family he can be a part of.

Given the above mentioned traits, he can be a little rough around the edges, most situations seemingly irritating him, but not very. Often enough he can be seen as a -surprisingly- responsible person with maybe a little contempt for those who are seen as the opposite of such, to put it simply, he doesn't enjoy it when people flock to him for money or are generally acting incompetent towards a job that -in his eyes- seems pretty easy. Similarily, he tends to focus on what's the easiest for him, discarding whatever is seen as the most difficult -in short, if he doesn't get it right the first time, he doesn't want to do it ever again.
Kyrios Tefras wasn't his original name by any means, not that he would have remembered his original name. Before he was simply called Kyrios Pyrkagia by his birth parents, two huntsmen that had met each other during their days as students. When it came to, they settled in the fringes of a local village, not too far as to be completely be alone, but far enough that townsfolk could arrive quickly if there was any sort of trouble. The early years of Kyrios' life were fairly peaceful, with that of a younger sister -named Agvia- a few years after his conception and the wide expanse of woods and fields under the watchful eyes of his parents, his safety was almost guaranteed. Often his nights were spent by the warmth of a fire, a loving warmth one could say. At the age of twelve, the kid was already 'playing around' with dust and wooden swords under the supervision of his father, being taught the basics of what was combat and dust use.

One day though, his parents had to depart for the night on a small business matter, and the curious kid that Kyrios was had found his way into what was his parent's dust cabinet, something that was normally left locked for good reasons, and it was then -unknown to his parent's fears- that everything would have been lost.

Although his father taught him how to use dust, he never instructed Kyrios on how to handle the powdered version of the volatile substance -only the crystallized, 'safer' form. With heavy missteps and mistakes, he left the powdered fire in a trail, fairly difficult to spot with his not too keen sight. By the time he had gotten outside, the fire was just starting -unknown to him. It wasn't for long did he notice the smoke from within the house.

The flames had already grown.

His sister was asleep at the time.

It wasn't a tough decision for Kyrios, his parents weren't around to save them this time -he had to be the big brother in this situation. He ran into the burning home, memories being reduced to naught but ash with each step. Up the steps he went to his sister's room, waking her up and pulling her out of bed to take her to safety -away from the deadly flames. Before he left the home he had taken one last thing before heading to safety, a folded picture marked by the flames, burnt at the edges. At the time of this happening, people -those of a nearby town- had passed by before seeing smoke, immediately heading ot the source without a second guess. Soon enough more of the people from the nearby town were flocking to the burning site as Kyrios and his sister sat in the grass, watching the mistake made burn away the memories left behind.

With most of the townspeople assuming the parents would come back -as per what Kyrios had tried to explain, they were put under watch for a month before Kyrios and Agvia soon were introduced into Mistral's foster system. The two seeming inseparable from each other for the year that they were stuck in the system, both adopted by a rather kind man -a blacksmith that was located around what is Haven academy, although some small ways away from the large huntsmen academy. His adoptive 'father' took Kyrios in as an apprentice to the smith's trade while Agvia had most of her time undisturbed. The blacksmith had the siblings' surnames changed to that of his own in the process as well.

He had spent what was four years living as the smith's apprentice, around the embers and flame, assisting in working weapons and tools into the shapes that were desired. At the age of seventeen he expressed desire to apply for the huntsman academy, having actually practiced with a homemade blade he had made, one others had called impractical, yet never really bothered to try for themselves. With what skills he had to retain, he was actually accepted into the academy with little trouble.

Of course that picture he had once taken still remained with him, left him to remember a goal he had in mind: to find his parents.

One year into his enrollment in Haven, he transferred to Beacon in order to further his goals even further beyond what they were before.
Cyclic Flame
Weapon Image: ... 5d5e06.jpg
Weapon Desc:
Kyrios' weapon of choice, Cyclic Flame, appears to be that of a large greatsword of an ashy black steel-nickel alloy that appears faded. The blade of the greatsword carries an unorthodox, coiled blade; seemingly making it rather unsuitable for slashing and more for stabbing or even bashing into an opponent with what of the blade's edge still remaining on the outside. The handle is wrapped in a faded gray leather, with the weapon's guard seeming to have four blunt prongs coming out at the coiled blade's end and the handle's beginning. The pommel is ringed, and also removable to allow the insertion of dust crystals, allowing deadly elemental effects to be applied via small ports located just away from the blade's cutting edge -which can allow for the expulsion of flames given his gravitation towards burn dust. The "blade's" length, when measured, appears to be roughly at four and a half feet long.
Soul of Embers
Semblance Desc:
Embers and cinders, the last stages of a fire, continue to burn against their fate of eventually being snuffed out, persevering until it's last moments. How is this relevant to Kyrios' semblance? Well his semblance, named Soul of Embers, allows for him to control and create these curious forms of a fading flame. These embers seem to provide a variety of uses, from healing, to protection, to even the use of carrying dust as well as attacking others. Nonetheless, these embers seem to range in temperature, sometimes being scaldingly hot, to calmingly warm, to even as cold as a flame went out.

As a strange visual effect, his aura seems to naturally produce these embers, expelling them when his aura flares to receive blows or even naturally shedding them as emotions run high.
Mistral Region
Transfer School:
Haven Academy
Smithing skills
Spicy food
hot sauce
Rock Music
A true family
Freeze dust
Cold temperatures
Those unsatisfied people
The pale, shattered moon
Money grubs
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Skill Slot 1:
Searing Warmth
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
Utilizing his embers in a more productive fashion, Kyrios gathers them and applies them to a friend in need, providing them with a healing warmth that he had once received. (Healing: costs 1 Aura)
Skill Slot 2:
Tefras Flame Arc
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Activating the dust crystal in Cyclic Flame's pommel, Kyrios lights his coiled sword ablaze with chaotic flames that punish those who get too close to get hit.
(Dust infusion: self: Costs 2 dust)
Skill Slot 3:
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
Utilizing his embers as he fights on and perseveres, Kyrios passively heals himself as the embers become infused with the powers of dust, some clustering towards himself to help regenerate his aura while others go on to strike out at the opposition. (Dust Surge: Costs 1 Aura)
Alt Accounts:
Mavro Melani
Chroma Prismos

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