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Oliver Hughs
Faunus Type:
Not a Faunus
Outfit Desc:
Oliver wears a loose fitting pair of camouflage colored cargo pants coupled with a pair of worn and well loved tan combat boots that he tucks the bottoms of his pants into to effectively blouse them. The long sleeve shirt he wears is brown with the sleeves being a darker hue than the rest of it, the garment being of the athletic form fitting sort, having - you guessed it - even more pockets up at the shoulders to hold whatever miscellaneous garbage he deems necessary to have on hand at all times.
Physical Appearance:
Oliver Hughs has brown hair, so dark that in a dimly lit room it appears black, cut up into a clean skin fade with roughly an inch and a half on top - just enough to comb it to the right without it looking too unkempt when things got a bit disheveled. His eyes are a rust-orange in color, though the rest of his facial features are remarkably average. That said, he takes pride in his appearance, though he'd never admit it, and in spite of the loved-but-worn clothing he sports it shows in the way he carries himself.

For his age he is fairly average in height, but has quite a bit of bulk to his frame. A broad back, chest and strong and thick limbs layered with semi-defined muscle mark his progress gained from the strength training he has put himself through over the years to achieve the large linebacker-like build.

He has an absolutely terrible farmers tan - his face and hands dark and bronzed from being regularly exposed to the sun with the rest of him being quite pale in comparison.
Outwardly the best way to describe him most accurately would be 'relaxed'. In everyday situations not much seems to stress Oliver out, at least not on the surface, and most times he can be found with an oddly warm and welcoming grin on his face when among friends. Among strangers he's sure to be, at the very least, polite. In spite of his lax attitude and carefree mannerisms the boy has a fiery and competitive spirit to him that can make him seem like a totally different person, something that has helped drive him forward towards success enough (while chasing the coattails of others) to get where he is in spite of not having a complete plan or path laid out in his mind before him.
Born to a medium sized family as the eldest of four boys Oliver led a carefree and innocent life as a child. He had loving parents, his mother a civilian-teacher and father a part of Atlas' military that did all they could for him and his siblings to make sure they had a comfortable life, though they were certainly not wealthy in any form of the word.

When he was six years old he had a keen interest in his father's profession, particularly with the romanticized idea he had in his mind about how 'Dad was strong and brave and went out to fight Grimm to protect the entire country of Atlas'. Finding no harm in it as long as he was there to supervise, Oliver's father encouraged the boys interest whenever he was not tasked out or deployed for months at a time, teaching him all he reasonably could about weapons and how to fight, though his mother was not nearly as supportive of the idea.

As time passed Oliver remained set in his mind about trying to follow in his father's footsteps, doing all sorts of physical training to better himself in order to be able to enlist when he was of age - until one day the family received a message that his father was injured badly in the line of duty. Upon returning home he'd found his father was left nothing more than a cripple in a wheelchair, having become depressed he could no longer walk or do many basic things on his own power any longer - a shell of his former self that took heavily to alcohol as a solution and Oliver's glorified image of becoming a soldier was shattered.

It was at this point when the boy was just barely in his teens that he felt being a soldier was not enough...not if his hero of all people had been broken like that. He needed to be stronger to be able to better protect the people he cared about. While continuing his own strength training on his own he constantly searched for another route - one which he hoped would end up as his new path in life to walk. Eventually, with help and advice from his mother and a few family friends he found a combat training programme that would help him hone his skills prior to applying to one of the many Hunstman and Huntress training schools across the globe.

It was not easy, but once accepted to a local combat training school the boy put more effort into anything he had in the past towards his training and a certain degree. Without any actual detailed path planned out before him (other than get stronger and apply to any school that would accept him as an aspiring Hunstman) he more often than not ended up simply following after those who were at the top of his class', figuring if they were doing so well they must be doing something right - right?

It made sense in his mind at least, so he stubbornly chased after those stronger than him. What he lacked in raw talent when it came to using his aura to its full potential Oliver more than made up for in raw physical ability during his time there, eventually graduating after his few years there just above average as far as his fellow peers' performance were concerned. Perhaps if he hadn't been so lackadaisical and immature to his approach with something he wanted to pursue as a career he'd have done better - but these were thoughts he would not soon come to realize until he was much, much older.

When the time came to apply to an official school for Huntsmen Oliver's first choice had been Atlas - though the decision was not nearly as well recieved by his family as a whole when he brought it up. He suffered quite the push back at the idea suddenly, mainly from his mother who feared what the profession he was seeking had in store for him and worried about his well being, as any mother should...though she was quite adamant in her protests about Oliver attending Atlas' academy. She would not admit it, but she excplicitly blamed Atlas' military for her husbands broken state and knew well that they routinely handpicked excellent candidates from the academy itself to join the ranks of the Special Operation's unit and that was something she was certain she did not want Oliver involved in.

Needless to say, with Oliver's ever persuadable 'go with the flow' attitude towards things, it didn't take much effort on his mothers part to convince the boy to consider his options. In the boys mind it was a resolute middle ground to keep his mother from worrying about him in excess while still making an attempt to chase after his dream. After some research, mostly on his mother's part, Oliver found just how reputable Beacon academy was - what, with how many famous and infamous huntsmen and huntress' alike the place seemed to pump out and applied to the school with less than high expectations. Worse came to worse in his mind, he would make to try and be accepted into another of the schools.

When the day finally came he himself was surprised when he had been accepted to Beacon academy. The idea of it all was equal parts thrilling and daunting with all the opportunity for growth and new knowledge he'd be given while attending the prestigious training institute, though at the cost of having to face so many new unknowns and challenges along the way. It was exactly the kind of place the boy figured he'd feel right at home in, given a bit of time to adjust.
Weapon Image: ... 8stper.png
Weapon Desc:
'Fusillade' is a quadruple barreled, repeating shotgun that is magazine fed. At the buttstock of the weapon it has a wicked looking blade that can be used in melee combat while still in it's "ranged" mode.

In it's only other form the blade simply rearranges itself along the barrel of the weapon, making it appear and function like an oddly shaped kukri knife that gets it's angle from the curve of the handle instead of in the blade itself. When pointed tip first it can still be fired with relative ease, all four barrels going off at once when used this way for an absolutely horrifying firestorm of firepower in close range combat, though the kickback is atrocious when used in such a crude manner.
Vying Might
Semblance Desc:
To put it simply Oliver's semblance strengthen's him physically, feeding off of his own determination to fight and win. The greater his desire to achieve victory the better - though it is far from a trump card. There are limits to the ability itself as far as how much stronger it is able to make him and on the unlikely chance the boy has it in his mind that victory is unachievable by any possible means he is unable to call upon his semblance at all.
Transfer School:
Signal Academy
Bold, Gregarious, Competitive, Adaptive
Procrastination, Short Fuse, Indecisive
Music, Competition, Tobacco, Relaxing, Potato Chips, Close-Range Weapons
Cold Weather, Ignorance, People Who Complain too Much, Swimming
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Skill Slot 1:
Adrenaline Rush (Surge, Cost 1 Aura)
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
Through the use of his semblance Oliver will build momentum in a fight with each strike he lands. Each blow landed strengthen's his own determination to win which in turn boosts his semblance's ability to keep him on his feet to fight with renewed vigor and strength.

[Receive total attack stack back in health - applies to all 4 attacks in a turn]
Skill Slot 2:
Relentless Assault (Flourish, Cost 2 Aura)
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Using hands and his weapon Fusillade alike Oliver unleashes a flurry of strikes and pot-shots at an opponent intending to overwhelm any attempt at defense.

[((6+4)*5=50dmg) | 2xdmg for each point against any remaining block value]
Skill Slot 3:
Clout (Empower, Cost 1 Aura)
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
A aura enhanced blow. Simple. But effective. Sometimes a clean hook to the face against an opponent is the answer...or that's what Oliver would have you believe, atleast.

[Until the end of your turn increase an attack stat and your accuracy when using that stat by ½ of your base stat.]

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