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1st Semester
Telu Satou
Outfit Desc:
Telu's approach to dress varies between shades of trendy and practical in terms of day-to-day attire- 'businesslike' can be a common perception. She's fond of darker colors but occasionally will opt to dress in brighter pastel tones if the weather is nice and she's in a good mood.

Telu's combat attire is composed of several layers - her innermost layer is an asymmetrical top that leaves a fair portion of her midriff exposed and matching dark-gray leggings with holsters for ammunition and combat accessories. The covered sleeves is artificial muscle fibers composed of a ballistic-mesh fabric, with a lightweight beryllium and tungsten brace over her forearm to be used as an armguard. Over the inner layer Telu wears a vest/hoodie modified with integrated armor plates of ablative ceramic coated in a tungsten alloy weave. It is in essence designed to be lightweight, effective, and easily repaired - Telu has prioritized combat effectiveness over style alone - her free arm is as unencumbered as can be allowed for the purposes of making it easy to use her semblance with one hand at least at all times.

Telu's school uniform is more or less unremarkable.
Character Photo:
Physical Appearance:
Telu's skin is of a rosy-pale complexion and she has deep blue eyes that take on a more vibrant turquoise color in light. There are some faint but noticeable freckles high on her cheeks below her eyes. She has a somewhat pear-shaped body type in general but is otherwise quite small to a degree that she appears almost fragile without gear. Her bust is unremarkable but present, and her features are otherwise clearly feminine. She has a narrow waist with noticeably wider thighs, with a slight thigh gap whilst standing comfortably. Her stature is a bit diminutive with raven-colored, somewhat short hair. She has slightly plump lips, long lashes, a tiny nose, and a slightly pointy chin. She wears light eye makeup at most and bothers with a more involved routine only on special occasions.

Telu lacks many clear distinguishing markings aside from a single notable scar - a large one that extends in a half circle from the center of her abdomen right beneath her ribs around her side and ending a few inches away from her spine on her back. Telu's nails are well-cared for - they are slightly long but not so much that it generally causes her issues, and she usually paints them in colors to match her attire.
Telu is an intelligent, quick-witted young woman with a quiet, occasionally inexpressive demeanor that establishes her quickly as a bit of an introvert. This is not intended to imply that she is socially inept; quite to the contrary, she can be very social and enjoys making friends just as much as anyone else, though she is selective about the company she keeps and prefers small, intimate gatherings with people she has learned to trust rather than large groups or unfamiliar personalities.

Much like her brother, Telu has a creative streak to her personality. Rather than predominantly manifesting in her musical talents (she sings and that's about it), it shows in her problem solving skills. She's an open-minded, flexible thinker with a wisdom that exceeds her years. She is calm and diplomatic in most cases, even though she can seem like a bit of an intellectually arrogant 'know-it-all' at her worst. She is at least usually able to admit when she's wrong.

While Telu can sometimes accidentally be emotionally insensitive, she is usually apologetic upon realizing what she's doing. At times she can seem ethereal, fey, otherworldly, and unconcerned with reality. Her brother has been good at keeping her grounded at times like this, but as she has started to become more independent this has been a growing issue for her. Despite these eccentricities, Telu has the makings of a great, loyal and protective friend.

Telu's semblance, Vortex, is in essence a manifestation of Telu's protective instincts for others - these instincts are what drove her to pursue huntressing. Despite these implications regarding her personality, she is still discovering this facet of her own character as she wrestles with her desire to protect herself vs. the desire to protect others first.
Telu is one of the two 'Satou Twins', along with her brother Felix. Her full name is Telu'lai Hue Satou - no one really uses her full name. The two were born and raised in the Agricultural District of the City of Vale, and commuted to Signal Academy via the southernmost docks of the City when they began attending. Telu and Felix shared a pair of pleasant, honest, hardworking parents near the edge of the district, and while there wasn't always much to do the pair were usually fairly good at finding ways to kill the time anyway. Their parents were the owners of a small but lucrative farm that specialized in artisanal goods - fittingly called 'Satou Farm'.

Where Felix took great interests in music, Telu's interests were much more moderate and ended up fluctuating to include interests in farming (like her parents), cooking, and reading. Her interests in combat grew at a young age in part thanks to an overabundance of time spent in the company of her twin, and the two wrestled and playfully sparred long before they began training formally - it didn't develop as a career prospect until later. As Felix started to become more social, Telu kept up for a time only to start backing off and spending more time on her own. When the two began attending Signal, Telu was motivated to succeed mostly by romantic tales of glorified huntsmen and huntresses in history by movies, books, and in music. She quickly discovered her semblance in training and learned to use it constantly.

Telu's romantic notions, however, were unsustainable. Near the end of her schooling, she underwent a crisis of faith as she started to come to terms with the dangers and realities of her work, as well as the many tales of failed or slain huntsman that were not sung and written of like the ones she knew of growing up. She began contemplating other career options - she has started to entertain thoughts of potentially giving up huntressing and opening a small business such as a bakery, a restaurant, or a bookstore. She nearly dropped out of combat school entirely after an unfortunate training incident in which overreliance on her semblance resulted in an unexpected collapse of her aura. She was struck with a sideways slash in a sparring match that very nearly bisected her - this incident left her fearing for her future and to this day she still experiences a significant degree of anxiety when confronting human opponents in training matches.

Despite her worries and fears she has stayed the course, but she has not fully overcome her crisis of faith in her future as a huntress. Her time in Beacon will be the final indicator if she has what it takes to stay the course.
Grand Chocolatier & Dame Blanche
Weapon Image:
Weapon Desc:

Telu's most reliable upon weapon is a concealable 'voltaic gun' that is wrist-mounted below her right hand. It has been lovingly dubbed 'Grand Chocolatier' as the cases for her individually-crafted bullets initially reminded her of boxes of chocolate truffles. Grand Chocolatier is essentially a miniaturized gun that magnetically accelerates round metal projectiles like a tiny railgun. The loading mechanism is slow but each shot fired packs a substantial punch, and the rounds flatten on contact with stronger materials that are difficult to penetrate, transferring kinetic force that can still knock targets off balance even if the round does not penetrate hide or flesh. The weapon is fired via application of her semblance in a small space near the bottom of her palm, and requires no finger movement or wrist-flicks - if she can't use her semblance, however, then she cannot fire her gun. Grand Chocolatier is designed to operate hands-free so that it does not negatively impact her ability to use her semblance.

Dame Blanche is an ivory-handled blade named after a delicious frozen dessert. It's blade is steely and dark-edged, though it is short - a bit too short to be accurately called a sword, but a little longer than a conventional dagger. Telu refers to it as a 'long knife'. The blade is collapsible and telescopic, using mechanisms empowered by energy dust to maintain integrity of the cutting edge. It is essentially a harmonic blade that uses thermal and sonic energy to create a high-frequency vibration that can enhance the cutting properties of the blade. While Telu has an elaborate and flashy method for forming or collapsing the blade, the mechanism is actually pretty simple and could easily be figured out by anyone that holds it.
Semblance Desc:
Telu is able to project a 'Vortex' with her aura from either hand. This 'vortex' is a short-range field that catches objects and attacks while it's in place, and then releases/refires them directly back to where they came. The maximum size of the field essentially covers a short range immediately in front of her, making it suitable for protecting herself and people directly behind her at most. Maintaining the field over time taxes Telu's aura even if it is not actively catching any projectiles or forces, meaning precise use is necessary. The field can only exist for several seconds at a time, with this duration decreasing the more force is absorbed in a short span of time. After use, Telu usually needs several moments to 'refocus' her aura before projecting another field.

People and objects encapsulated by an aura (melee attacks) are naturally resistant to Telu's vortex - in these cases, the field she creates acts as little more than a manifestation of general, slightly more protective than average aura. She can't capture or 'refire' melee attacks or living people.

Telu cannot use her semblance reliably if there are physical layers or objects in her grip, as they cause interference that weakens the field and makes it inherently unreliable. For this reason, Telu tries to always keep a hand free.
Transfer School:
Signal Academy
- Rational
- Clever
- Creative
- Diplomatic
- Level-headed
- Nimble
- Kind-hearted
- Stealthy/Quiet

Telu, at her best, makes a passable and cooperative teammate. She's a creative problem solver that tries to consider all sides of a problem. She tries to be communicative when she needs to be. She thinks outside the box in combat and has a specialized role as either a hit-and-run attacker or as a survivalist that focuses on protecting herself and others. Telu has a very powerful aura and an extremely combat-useful semblance. She's a natural caretaker and looks after people she's close to.
- Reserved
- Awkward
- Fearful
- Struggles under pressure
- Unimposing
- Passive
- Unhappy
- Solitary

Telu, at her worst, simply is not as communicative and straightforward as she should be. She sometimes prioritizes rational outcomes before considering values and feelings and can come off colder than she truly is. She has a freeze response at times when she is scared and is less good at masking her fear than she'd like to be. She's small, lacks force of personality and charisma, and can seem meek and weak-willed through no fault of her own. Most of all, Telu can seem very bitterly unhappy at times, making her unapproachable to people and an inviting snack to the Grimm.
- Nature
- Spirituality
- Singing
- Family
- Books
- Sugar
- Baking
- Animals
- Sports
- Confrontation
- Sparring days
- Drug-use
- Bullies
- Meat
- Being stuck indoors
- Staying up late
- Glorifying Violence
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Skill Slot 1:
Hard-Bitten Caramel
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
[Bulwark (Aura) - Stance, Consumes 1 Aura]
Skill Slot 2:
Quatre Quarts
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
[Bash (Aura) - Consumes 1 Aura]
Skill Slot 3:
Twilight Truffle
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
[Stealth (Aura) - Consumes 1 Aura]
Alt Accounts:
Ax L. Rose

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