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Bliz Visco
1st Semester
Emblem: ... go.svg.png
Outfit Desc:
Bliz dresses as a stereotypical punk rocker might. He wears a pair of scuffed black combat boots with the laces more often than not undone and trailing behind him. Above these are a set of set of grey skin tight jeans with a large number of rips and tears running through them. The jeans are a little too short for Bliz, just stopping short of the tops of his boots. Hanging from a few of his belt loops are a couple of tarnished and battered looking chains. The belt itself that he wears is black and looks like it's seen better days.

With this he wears a torn white band t-shirt that hangs loosely off of his skinny frame. It's had its sleeves removed, turning it from a t-shirt into more of a ragged vest. Over the top of this is a cracked leather jacket that is covered in badges, pins and studs. This also has a couple of chains hanging from the right shoulder. On his left hand he wears a black fingerless glove to protect his fighting hand.
Character Photo: ... 89-720.jpg
Physical Appearance:
Bliz is a short and skinny looking character. He's shorter than the average individual and is oddly pale for someone who spends a lot of time outdoors. Bliz certainly looks like he needs to eat more, but doesn't seem to be particularly unhealthy. He carries himself with a swagger and his face usually has a rather obnoxious smirk on it. His face is thin and smooth for someone his age. His eyes are a pale blue, almost grey. His hair has been gelled making him look like he has been electrocuted, and has been badly dyed a brilliant yellow. You can still tell that the original colour was black. There seems to be a nervous energy about him, always ready to be on the move.
Bliz has a tendency to be a little obnoxious. He can be arrogant and confrontational, but that is not the primary aspect of his character. He is an adventurous and easily excitable person who lives for the adrenaline rush that comes with being a hunter. He is loud and talkative and can make and lose friends just as quickly as he can make them thanks to his over the top demeanour. Quite often he can be irrational and at times even comes across a little paranoid. He likes to imagine himself as a lone wolf type, but more often than not he is forced to rely on others to help clean up the mistakes that he had caused by rushing in without thinking. In combat he likes to be the first to run into action, and can be a bit of a glory hog. Overall though he is learning to be a better team player, and thinking less about himself and more about the others he works with.
Bliz was born into a well to do family in Vale. They weren't anything particularly special, but his parents had made a nice living out of being lawyers. They had expected Bliz to follow in the same footprints as them, but when he begun to hang out with what they considered 'inappropriate' friends at school, he quickly became obsessed with the punk scene. It begun to dominate his life, from his clothing to his attitude, and his parents did not approve. In the end, to sate his growing need for adventure and excitement, he decided to try and become a huntsman. Although they were still concerned about him, his family begrudgingly agreed with his decision, please that he would at least be doing something good with his life.
System Smasher
Weapon Image: ... N6520n.jpg
Weapon Desc:
The System Smasher is in its first form a simple looking machete. Unlike the rest of Bliz, this weapon looks well maintained with a well kept good shine to it. The cutting edge has be painted red to add to the weapons 'character'. Its use is very simple, a hack and slash weapon used for butchering grim in a rather grisly fashion.

System Smasher blade can split vertically to allow the two barrels of its shotgun from to extend outward. A large cycliner magazine also extends, allowing him to load the necessary shotgun shells into the gun. This usually alternates between explosive rounds and electric dust. ... hotgun.jpg
Chaotic Energy
Semblance Desc:
Bliz is able to emit a violent amount of lighting from his body, radiating outwards to strike and burn anything that gets too close to him. The attack is indiscriminate and quite effective at clearing gatherings of enemies. The attack will more often than not leave him looking slightly singed, smoke coming off of his body. This attack can leave him quite exhausted as he expends a serious amount of energy to give out this type of energy.
Transfer School:
Signal Academy
Brave to the point of recklessness. Easily motivated and not one to shy away from a challenge. Able to learn from his mistakes and when needed can make a good freind.
Implusive and brash, arrogant at times. Not one to think too long before going taking action.
Excitement and adventure, anything that can get the adrenaline running. Fighting grimm, and in fact anythign else that needs fighting.
Sitting around for too long, being bossed about, 'the system'.
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Skill Slot 1:
Chaotic Energy
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
Bliz's semblance allows him to project a storm of lighting from his body, damaging anything within his radius: Area of effect, engaged range, does 7 damage and pierces block, costs 1 aura.
Skill Slot 2:
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Bliz fires an electric dust round at an enemy: Dust Infusion, medium range, does 24 damage, costs 2 dust.
Skill Slot 3:
In the Zone
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
As Bliz loses himself in the fight, he will often become more reckless and more agressive. The adrenaline this creates can keep him in the fight for a prolonged period of time: Surge, recover 3 health when he hits an enemy with a melee attack, costs 1 aura.

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