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Terra Fennel
Faunus Type:
Wolf Faunus
Outfit Desc:
Normal Outfit: Terra is usually seen wearing her blue and violet hoody with her wolf ears popped through two cut slits in the hood. Underneath the hoody she often wears bright colored tank tops and jeans. She's recently taken a preference to adding the occasion dark green tank top to the mix.

Combat Outfit: Terra's combat outfit is a deep violet colored dress, with a single long sleeve covering her right arm. The beginning of the vicious scar from Laus could be seen on her left shoulder and down its trail on her upper chest through the sheer mesh inset that revealed part of her torso. The single sleeve design allowed her left arm and the branching scars resembling a lightning bolt from shoulder to wrist and bearing a golden bracelet with a freeze dust core to be clearly seen. Most important was to the design was the aspect that had become standard in all of her clothing, personally infused by her hand with various dusts.
Character Photo: ... 0x1440.jpg
Physical Appearance:
Terra Fennel has sandy blonde hair that has been cut into a pixie cut. Since the first Summer Spectrum Festival, there are violet highlights streaked through the blonde hair. After her 17th birthday, her insomnia seems to be a thing of the past, the girl's appearance has taken a sharp turn towards the better, leaving an attractive young woman with mischief always hidden behind her eyes. The soft rounder features of her Atlesian heritage and slightly upturned nose have become more noticeable.

Slim and short for her age, Terra would typically go unnoticed if not for her obvious faunus traits, a large pair of wolf ears on top of her head, the right one bearing a bullet hole through the center, her tail, and golden eyes. Her more feminine features have grown enough for her to no longer be mistaken for a boy.
Terra's grown quickly in her time since coming to Beacon. When determined to accomplish something, she never gives up, and the would quickly throw her life on the line to protect a friend. While it has passed, her insomnia took a severe toll on her and leaving the young wolf faunus quick to reach emotional highs and lows, but even while emotional she can manage to think things through, if she bothered to. Still somewhat impulsive the wolf is quick to act without thinking. Even quicker to flirt with those she interacts with.
Terra was born in a Faunus slum in Atlas and lived with her brother. Like many Faunus in the slums they were approached by members of the White Fang offering them a home and a way to earn their place in the world, both jumped at the opportunity. They had been orphaned when a peaceful protest against a notable dust company was attacked by a group of Faunus haters. Her brother saw to it though that she was only taught basic combat skills so that he wouldn't have to risk his only family in combat missions. Terra refused to just sit on the sidelines and started studying first aid, dust, and aura. Due to her strong aura and the semblance shared by the siblings, she became a useful tool for the White Fang. Despite her skills though, she was never able to rise in the ranks like her brother.

She began to feel that something was off as she had to use her skills more often to save White Fang injured in attacks and heists. It was around this time her brother began discussing his new found "faith" in his weapons. She overheard him mentioning how with a little work, they would give him the upper hand against any hunter or huntress who tried to fight him. Hearing her brother talk about killing people often referred to as heroes scared her into making a decision. A decision to steal his "faith" and leave the White Fang.

It was shortly after the theft that she left Atlas for Mystral to attend Sanctum. With her advanced healing skills she drew more attention than she knew. Not only did her skills get the attention of other Hunter Academies, they also drew the White Fang to her again. She fled to Vale when she discovered they were still after her. Terra applied to Beacon due to her desire to help people, and to fix some of the damage her brother was causing.

Her time at Beacon has been eventful, from early in her stay fending off an attack of the White Fang at Beacon, helping end a protest at a funeral, and participating at a dreadful battle with the phoenix Sanjay, she's become more experienced in combat than she imagined. Each battle has earned her myriad scars due to her handicapped aura that doesn't heal her or protect her without active thought. Her studies in dust have grown rapidly due to this experience and the terrible illness one of her friends suffers. Many a night is spent researching methods concerning biological dust infusions.

Despite the suffering in her past, the friends she's made at Beacon have made her life more stable, and brought the wolf from the brink. Her medical knowledge and skill in healing has even further tied her to Beacon through her employment in the infirmary on top of her being a student.
Chosen Fates
Weapon Desc:
The dust weaving gloves created by Drake Grimshaw allow her to manipulate aura and dust with much finer control. Using her aura to control the flow of dust makes her abilities an extension of her will. Using the metal claw-like tips, she can weave different kinds of dust together like threads on a loom creating devastating combinations. The current dust types she uses in combat are Freeze, Burn, Shock, and she's recently begun working with Gravity dust.
Aura Manipulation
Semblance Desc:
Terra's semblance is a complex thing that often leaves her confused in it's true function. Originally she believed it only allowed her to transfer aura between two people and assist with healing, but as she's had more opportunity to use it she's learned more of it's capability.

Not only can she transfer aura, but she can also pull at an enemies aura and feel activated aura in those around her. Even though she often uses her semblance to give her aura to others, healing them, her semblance constantly pulls the aura naturally given off by living things into herself resulting in incredibly high energy levels that often prevent her from sleeping.

When she links her aura with someone else, it is an incredibly intimate feeling. Some have compared it to falling in love. This makes her incredibly reluctant to accept the advances of people she's healed and sometimes makes her question her own feelings for people.
Transfer School:
Sanctum Academy
First aid, Medical Dust Applications, Knowledge of Aura, Keeping calm while injured or around the injured, she in incredibly adept at learning new types of dust.
Combat, Temper when dealing with Faunus haters (even if she only suspects they may be), Knowledge of Grimm, self healing, aura protection.
Fizzy Drinks, Instrumental Music, and Snow
Caffeine, Being called Puppy, Achieve Men, and Self-hating Faunus
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Semblance Enhancement 1:
Terra can choose to have an ally pay the cost of her Replenish Skill
Semblance Enhancement 2:
Heal may be split between multiple allies.
Semblance Enhancement 3:
Shell may be cast on an Ally.
Skill Slot 1:
Soul Link (Heal Other)
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
Terra's semblance transfers a portion of her aura to an ally, allowing their combined aura to more easily heal wounds that may be too much alone. (Healing: 175)

(Cost: 1 Aura)
Skill Slot 2:
Soul Swap (Replenish)
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
Even without wounds to be healed, transferring her aura to someone else allows her to aid those around her who may have run themselves ragged.

(Replenish 1 Aura:1 Aura)
Skill Slot 3:
Ruin (Catalyze)
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
Using dust offensively is second nature for one who knows how to cast. Using ones aura to the same effect is something every huntress can do. Combining these skills to allow ones dust to have catastrophic and lingering effects on their foes is something few have mastered.

105 Damage at Medium Range. Does 70 Damage on the next two turns. If Block is reduced to 0 this way it does not reset from this attack.

(Cost: 2 Aura and 1 Dust)
Skill Slot 4:
Bane (Enfeeble)
Skill Slot 4 Desc:
Using her Semblance offensively, Terra is able to lash out at the very aura of her opponents leaving their semblance and defenses in disarray.

Deals 60 Damage and cuts Aura and Defense in half for one turn.

(Cost: 2 Aura)
Skill Slot 5:
Dust Infusion (Ally)
Skill Slot 5 Desc:
Still growing in her skills with dust, Terra has learn to further ignite weaponry that already contains dust, especially the dust based ammunition most huntsmen are known to use.

Terra adds 15 to a target allies Range stat for the turn and increases their damage multiplier by 1.

(Cost: 2 Dust)
Skill Slot 6:
Dust Ward (Shell)
Skill Slot 6 Desc:
(To be Fluffed)
Grants a ward of 225 Block. Those warded in this way cannot dodge.

(Cost: 2 Dust)
Skill Slot 7:
Flicker and Flare (Dust AoE)
Skill Slot 7 Description:
(To be Fluffed)
Deals 30 Pierce Damage to all targets within Medium Range.
(Cost: 1 Dust)
Skill Slot 8:
Tri-Disaster (Elemental Casting)
Skill Slot 8 Desc:
(To be Fluffed) Burn, Freeze, Shock
Burn: Enemies damaged by this get 1/2 healing on that turn, and if an enemy is hit they lose Hp equal to your dust stat.
Freeze: Enemies hit gain no dodge when they are next hit on their next turn.
Shock: Ignores enemy Block with -1 to your attacks Dmg multiplier
(Cost: 1 Dust per Dust type used)
Skill Slot 9:
Dust DoT
Skill Slot 9 Desc:
(To be Fluffed)
Deals 60 damage on hit, and 15 Unavoidable Pierce Damage for 3 turns.
(Cost: 1 Dust)

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"It's easy to hurt and kill. When you've saved lives then you can call yourself a hero." ~Terra Fennel #9932CC
For all intents and purposes during RP, this character is a student aide.