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Sanguine Astra
1st Semester
Outfit Desc:
Sanguine wears a long black trench coat that has a crimson inside, under the trench coat he has a red trimmed, black collared shirt. he wears a matching black and red trimmed hat. black chained jeans and black and white converse. a brown leather pouch lay at his hip.
Character Photo:
Physical Appearance:
Sanguine has a very dark and almost soulless appearance to him, two symmetrical crimson marks run down each side of his face. Sanguine's eyes are a deep blood red and are blank. he has medium long pure white hair that flips out in the front covering his left eye which is pitch black except for the red iris. Sanguine is almost always seen with a cigarette or cigar. his arms are horribly riddled with scars and past lacerations from studying his semblance, wanting to push his limits.
Sanguine is very silent and most people actually consider him a mute, he prefers to let people assume things before he actually corrects them and that is only if he wants to correct them. when he speaks his voice is light in pitch but is obviously filled with sorrow, though he is not personally saddened this is just the way he is. Sanguine is not one to start conflict...let alone anything he usually waits for others to do something that he can respond to without verbal confrontation but if it is required he will speak. Sanguine is not emotionless though his outward expression implies that he doesn't care and most of the time has to actually let others know what emotion he is feeling. Most of the time Sanguine is listening to music blaring through his ear buds to keep people from wanting to approach him.
Sanguine was born in an Merc. facility with his twin sister, Osteris. from a very young age he was mentally prepared to be a super soldier, brainwashed to follow every order given to him from his superiors. Sanguine at first though was resilient to the groups attempts to control him, ignoring orders and helping others escape their grasp. After a few years of putting up with his more than unacceptable free will the group broke his mind, forcing him to view his allies, friends, and eventually his sister get punished for his actions. Vowing to follow the group Sanguine became...dulled, losing himself in darkness and refused to climb out. Sanguine discovered his Semblance soon after, afraid of what the group might do to him if they found out he practiced in secret; middle of the night, during solo jobs, and the like. finding new and interesting ways to use his abilities to benefit his jobs, Sanguine began storing vials of his blood in a pouch that lays at his side hooked to his belt. these vials were beneficial in two ways...
1: he is able to access his blood without cutting himself.
2: this allows him to Dustcast his own blood by mixing the vials with different shades of dust and have certain fruitful abilities at the ready.

Relationships: Osteris Astra (Sister)
Perspicere Mors
Weapon Desc:
Perspicere Mors are segmented steel gauntlets that can maneuver into circular saw blades that rests above his hand. these weapons also contain a series of tiny blades within the glove that gives him access to his blood when needed. Sanguine attacks in a fluid style with these gauntlets, using the blades to fend off his opponents at close range and set his bloody traps for when they set distance.
Odium Vermiculus
Semblance Desc:
"Control over Blood." Sanguine has the ability to control the blood within himself, allowing him to turn the blood into weapons that can solidify or liquefy on command. his blood can become as strong as steel and be used as a shield or turned into a sword. By using a rotational effect on his blood he can even have droplets float in air to place for a surprise attack. Sanguine carries several vials of blood that are infused with dust so that he can lay several traps with different effects.
Mistral Region
Transfer School:
Sanctum Academy
Close quarters combat and Long range trapping. Has an amazing poker face. improvising. strategy. Disappearing in a crowd. Standing his ground in the face of danger. keeping composure during battle.
Socializing. Using up to much blood in battle. gets sick often. smoking
Playing video games. listening to music especially metal. confusing people. Cigarettes and Cigars.
being sick. losing to much blood. failing his allies.
Aura Pool:
Dust Pool:
Skill Slot 1:
Redime Sanguinem
Skill Slot 1 Desc:
Sanguine accelerates the healing process of his body, closing all wounds open wounds. (-1 Aura. +36 health)
Skill Slot 2:
Regnante Vermiculus
Skill Slot 2 Desc:
By injecting himself with one of the vials his own blood that infused with dust boosting his abilities. (-2 Dust. +6 to speed)
Skill Slot 3:
Sanguinem Clypeus
Skill Slot 3 Desc:
Using the blades within Perspicere Mors he slashes open a wound within his hand and creates a shield made out pure blood hardening to the density of steel to block an attack. (-1 Aura. Blocks damage for one turn)
Alt Accounts:
-Takneil Valoren
-Siranna Maeorra
-Leaf Flame
-Crimsa Decelent
-Inna Terror byte
-Rahn 'Firestarter' Mavious
-Nero 'Sleeping Dragon' Collisus
-Ser Vivens Defectus
-Valakore Thrandire
-Xalor Thourne

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"...if you are going to attack...make sure to make me bleed..." ~ Sanguine Astra

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