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Outfit Desc:
Reid often wears a wide brimmed black hat with a pinch in the front and two at the back, scarlet trimming the edge and with a hawks feather in the brim. A long leather and fabric scarlet colored jacket that reaches to about his mid thigh, with black trim on every edge. The jacket has multiple golden buttons along it's length, and on it's cuffs. Small holsters as well as pockets line the interior of the jacket, all holding various dusts. Under the jacket he wears a button up deep blue short sleeve shirt. A black pair of jean like, but tougher, pants cover his legs, along with a deep blue pair of boots reaching up to his upper shin, with scarlet trimming. He always wears a scarlet belt with a golden skull for the buckle. He wears deep blue fine leather gloves, that have gravity dust infused into them to allow him to pretend to be stronger. Lastly on the back of his jacket sits his symbol, a black skull with gold trimming the edges.
Physical Appearance:
Reid has messy short light brown hair. His eyes are a hazel with a golden line in their edge. He is well kept when not looking freshly blown up from experiments, and is an attractive enough guy (Excuse me I am smoking). His confidence more than amplifies this to make him very attractive to many people. He has a leaner build, one that has been through training befitting jobs of stealth and guile most of his life.
Reid is a rather forward, and blunt man on regular occasion. Even though he posses more than enough charisma, and social talent to play the game of social maneuvering with little trouble, he instead opts to play it with his full chaotic nature in swing. Often he uses this to his benefit, making it difficult for those he deals with to tell whether or not the man is playing the game at the moment. (I can be trusted to be distrusted in the fact that the game is always on my mind.) The man also has a nasty self confidence, in that his is all too high for any normal person to have. This shows at almost all times, with failure simply being seen as the option that eventually leads to greater success. Lastly he has a severely obsessive personality, showing itself in just about everything he does. People, objects, goals, all of them subject to being under the lens of his deep obsession. It is this nature that has done the most to bring Reid the success he has gained through his life.
Reid was born into a family of wealthy shipping industry owners. H e spent most of his young life a pompous child, who spent most of their time near the docks, watching the workers come and go on the transports, and vessels. It was there that he met Ni-(Her name is The Marquis). Soon after he was taken from his home, designated by (The Marquis) to become their pupil.

He soon learned of who (The Marquise) was, a woman bearing the title Marquis, given to those in a line of pupil and master to change the world in some way to leave their mark on it (It's a pun get it). The Marquis he trained under was a master of guile and stealth, making their mark in the effects they had on the wealthy elite. It was after her final great change, the death of four wealthy political figures who aimed to use power plays to create a form of control state in the four great cities, and the public release of their activities, that she died. Caught by several of her allies paid to betray her, she was- (I am going to edit this part out. Also their names where Amber Brightwall, Gren Lector, and Rays Len. Have fun with that information.).

After The Marquis death he inherited their title, becoming the new Marquis. With this, and his semblance he made way with great strides in dust application. Developing the use of adding pieces of aura to Dust, and changing ti's properties to allow Dust constructs to hold some form of consciousness before the aura ran out. His next great achievement was with the death of a friend at the age of 29. Using their aura, he was able to apply a crude figure of a soul onto a dust construct (I named it Calcifer). This achievement makes itself known when he brings it from a small pocket in his jacket, and letting it take form. This creation was shown to be able to produce it's own aura while consuming dust as a form of energy intake, and held it;s own consciousness. It was during this year that he was brought on to teach at Beacon Academy.
Weapon Desc:
Leviathan is a single Sabre, with a slightly larger blade width to allow for a flat back half, and a curved blade edge. The blade is about 3'' to 3.5''' wide at widest, and has an array of dust cartridges embedded in the back heft of the blade, along until a few inches from the tip. The blade itself is about two feet and deep blue. The tip is weighted like that of a Romanian kilij, with the weighted end being at the same level as the end of the dust cartridges. The grip is a finely wrapped deep dark red leather, with a gold half basket style guard, and a trigger in the grip for releasing dust into the blade through a network of tubes. Little golden skulls adorn the basket, and the mechanism for changing the chosen dust type sits near the top of the guard. With a switch, the blade separates along the center to create two identical swords from the original, which he calls the serpents heads.
Semblance Desc:
Reid can breakdown and understand the intricacies of something with only a moments glance, due to his hyper analytic nature. Though he shows this ability rarely, it is something he almost always uses, and is the source behind his ability to change dust in ways nobody has before.

This ability passively makes itself known in the way he acts, tending to talk about things as if they where fact, even with no proof or true knowledge to back this up.
Piloting ships, being smooth, dust obviously, being me, attractive people.
Not being immortal (yet), popcorn stuck between your gums, brain freeze, attractive people.
Ships, dust, winning, change, chaos, chaos I am in charge of (Don't question me), vixens looking at my information behind my back (hello Violet), attractive people (Hello again).
Stagnant bloodlines (I'd say hello Pan but he's dead), long lines, Mondays, how sleep is a physical need.

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