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Greetings students,

Welcome to Beacon Academy, a school for both Humans and Faunus in search of knowledge to hone your craft and acquire new skills. For what purpose you might ask Protect yourself, your loved ones, your home or maybe to recognized as the strongest. While it is apparent at this school you will certainly perform these traits, it is up to you what plans your future holds. We will certainly show you the way, but what you choose and where you choose is your choice.

This site and community is a role-playing community, if you are unaware what that means, essentially by creating an account, you are creating your character. The player you choose to be while engaging yourself in this text adventure role-play. It is a play-by-post type of game, the site and everything in and surrounding it is catered to make you feel immersed in the world that RWBY the animated webseries created by Rooster Teeth productions has shown us. The cast and characters from RWBY have been blacklisted from being registered as your username. Your username you choose should reflect the original character you wish to create or have created elsewhere that you wish to bring here. Also, you are free to create more than one account for each character you wish to play, in additional all your accounts may use the same email address.

On the next page you will encounter a series of questions, questions that must be filled; however perhaps you were caught off guard in regards to these questions. Enter anything you feel is a decent placeholder and you may return to your profile after registering to fine tune your characters characteristics. If you have troubles registering an account due to the spambot prevention image puzzle at the bottom or for any reason, email us at containing your desired username and email and we will set you up with an account and email you the temp password you may change after you login. The administrators on this site are identified as Headmasters, and the moderators are identified as Professors. Should you need assistance later, please seek their support.

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Headmaster Erron