Hello! ^^

New to the RWBY Roleplay community? Introduce yourself to your fellow RWBY fans! Return the favor by welcoming new guests as well and perhaps make new friends who share your interests.
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Mara Frost
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Hello! ^^

Post by Mara Frost » Sun Mar 04, 2018

Hello! ^^
I'm registered here as Mara but you can also call me Angela. As you can see, I'm new here and still have to kinda figure out how everything works here, haha.

So I was hoping that you could help me figure it out and that we'll all get along well. ^^
(Because I'm really confused about the stat system. Seriously, I have no idea how it works xD)

Anyways, I discovered RWBY just a few weeks ago and I'm already so hooked that I binge watched the entire series in just one week... yeah. xD

It would be wonderful if three kind souls would be willing to form a team with me! ^^
Because I'm still not so sure about my OC and I want to construct her in a way that complements my teammates and just fits overall.

But just as a warning, I'm not really the most active person in the world. 10th grade is pretty hard right now and it's only going to get tougher in 11th and 12th grade, but I'll try to do my best and balance it out. ^^

Anyway, enough about that.
I hope we'll all be friends in no time! ^^

Hello! ^^



Silver Lazurite
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Re: Hello! ^^

Post by Silver Lazurite » Fri Apr 06, 2018

Hello nice to to meet you. I’ll team up with you and i I understand how busy school can get at times. If you have an questions just ask I’ll answer them to the best of my ability. I look forward to seeing you around and maybe rping with you
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Mavro Melani
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Re: Hello! ^^

Post by Mavro Melani » Fri Apr 06, 2018

Welcome! It's always great to see new people around, mi amigo. Hope ya have a wonderful time around. Personally I always have a few things to say, so I'll just let them be said since people often are new to this stuff.

Firstly I'd say try not to rush into anything when it comes to here, especially a team. Personally I would suggest getting to know the characters (and often enough the people behind them). As tempting as it is to rush, it gets awkward when your fourth just disappears on you (as I have seen/known/been subjected to during the point of my long time here).

Secondly, and I guess this goes with the team bit. Always make your character how you like them, make them as unique and interesting as you want. Often enough if you're lucky enough to find a team on here, it can get harder to rp your character if their general purpose was to be on a team (a lot of the older site members will actually say this on the site's discord, pretty much all of them from experience).

And thirdly, while this has no bearing on site stuff, have a great time at school -cherish the memories ya get from it, you only live once after all.

And allow me to say it again, welcome to the site, happy hunting!

Edit: one other thing I gotta say, if ya ever have questions about the site's rules or even the combat rules, feel free to ask around, a community works together after all. And of course head onto the site's discord if ya feel up to it, it's always great to see new people engage with the community and stuff.
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