Team Trial [KRML]

The Emerald Forest is home to many creatures of Grimm. Beware the dangers and take caution of your enemy. By battling you can hone your skills, test and be proficient with your weapons, and work together as a team to bring unity and organized combat.
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Morpho Lachrymose
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Re: Team Trial [KRML]

Post by Morpho Lachrymose » Mon Mar 12, 2018

Morpho traipsed on mechanical legs through nature, and felt a part of herself relax. Forests could bring back memories of terror for her, but otherwise, they meant familiarity, beauty, safety, home. Particularly as they drew away from the carnage they’d created. She listened, placid as always, as her teammates provided what seemed to be after-action reports? They didn’t follow any obvious form or protocol… but if the commander didn’t want that, Morpho reasoned, it had to be acceptable. That would not keep her from offering. "I will provide a full report later, commander," she informed her right away.

Violette and Mavro’s observations demanded some calculation. Communication had been suboptimal? She had not considered that. Was there something she had failed to inform her of? Morpho rushed through every moment of combat her excellent memory could process. She had told them when she sighted targets, provided notice of her maneuvers, and given some live, not entirely necessary, summaries of her performance. Damage reports… ice cream… There had been the unacceptable incident of her losing control of herself, but that was not a communication error- or, it had led to some brief failures, but… No, it was not that. Morpho was faced with a logic problem: she had not omitted any necessary information! None! Especially not about feelings she shouldn’t have- because that couldn’t possibly be necessary, or useful. Clearly not.

Yet her commanding officer had identified communication as a problem, so there had to be something to improve there. She filed it away for later.

Mavro’s mention of environmental damage reminded her of a previous combat encounter. Storytelling was not necessary, and probably inefficient, but reports on previous actions that could provide useful information were not. An optimal ricochet shot hat had saved their medic at the cost of some minor damage to the plumbing of a nearby home had prompted criticism. Morpho resolved to tell her teammates about that later. She had not taken it seriously, as it had not come from someone professional, but this time was different. Morpho respected Mavro. Even if his unique combat style was unorthodox, it was not necessarily altogether unprofessional. More importantly, he was her teammate. While this did not mean he was correct, it did mean she refused to dismiss out of hand anything he said.

"...Your observations are noted," she stated once they had spoken. "Any later specific feedback will likewise be taken into account. Notice- to the best of my ability I assess necessary levels of environmental damage through a series of quantitative judgments in appropriate order of priority. Further optimization of my protocols may be necessary." Without looking anywhere but ahead, Morpho continued with her own recommendation. "I do not have similar observations of my own. I may after proper debriefing. They will be included in my report. But I have a recommended directive: I propose we cooperate for the replacement of Marias weapon." She couldn’t imagine what she’d do without Infraviolet. There was no chance she would allow her teammate to suffer without a weapon for long if she could do anything about it. Morpho briefly looked to Maria. Her expression didn’t change, but she did give her a single nod. It struck her as appropriate.
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Re: Team Trial [KRML]



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Re: Team Trial [KRML]

Post by Violette Koss » Wed Mar 14, 2018

Violette figured that the damage that they did with those final few attacks was going to be a problem. ”Getting the power down on that move is gonna be a thing, I had trouble getting it to be strong enough to travel the right distance. I’m sure I’ll figure out how to take it down a notch if I need to, it’s my semblance after all. She looked around spotting no grimm anywhere within her eyesight she tossed a glance at the destination. The Cliff wasn’t that far off anymore, the cheery mood must be warding Grimm away from them or something, which was a nice thought.

She considered what Morpho was saying about reporting on what ended up happening, ’I guess that might help with explaining things to Jim. eh he’ll probably need something a little different than what Morpho is gonna bring.’ On the other hand the weapon situation with maria was much more interesting. ”Oh yha, that sounds like a great idea! We can all head into town and shop around, maybe I’ll look into some upgrades while we’re at it. She paused for a moment considering something. ”And I guess I need to buy a bunch of Ice-cream too.” She grinned a bit as they neared the base of the cliff. One last hurdle but nothing that was going to keep her down, perhaps they wanted them to walk around the other side but that was boring. ”I’ll take a note from you this time Princess and lets hike on up to the top.” She clipped in her own grappling hook into her weapon and launched it up.

A relatively short climb later KRML was back up at the top. ”We’re back safe and sound, Relic in hand. Can’t wait to hear what you think Professor.” Her smile was calm and confident as they handed the pieces back to Pearl.
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Re: Team Trial [KRML]

Post by Pearl Silver » Sat Apr 14, 2018

Thirty Seven... That was the number of little plum flavored paper sticks now littered somewhere over the cliff-side. One of which was actually accidentally aimed at the climbing students, but according to her Scroll, missed them by a wide margin. The events transpired had been broadcast to her Scroll, and plenty of words came to mind. All of which would have been suitable and accurate descriptions. 'Uncoordinated. Unbalanced. Sloppy. Unnecessarily Flashy...' The list continued in her mind and quickly surpassed the stick count in the ravine even as she increased it to thirty-eight. Nobody would've known when she ended up standing again, or if it had been from worrying every time another Grimm appeared or attacked.

Of course, having the students back was a relief. They didn't seem to be dead, so that was a bonus, and they even managed to find the relic. There were plenty of answers that she could've chosen from list of criticisms to knock the wind right out of their sail, and after only a short moment to decide which to use, "Well done Team KRML. Good job out there." to leave the criticism with the rest of her discarded sticks for now. A gentle smile bent from her usual scowl. She might as well let these kids have their victory today. She knew all too well, not everyone was so lucky.
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