The Good Dog and the Bad Bear (Private)

Back of the school is a large garden surrounded by hedges and a large pond with open paths. This area of the school is for you to chat with other characters casually, discuss your school work, practice your technique without fear of running into creatures of Grimm, and to meet new people.
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The Good Dog and the Bad Bear (Private)

Post by Clayton K. Pendalton » Tue Feb 27, 2018

Clayton was taking practice out of stress using his baton to smack around a poor mech that looked rather scared himself holding mats as a mean of protection "The nerve of him calling me a kid, I hate him everytime he treats me like a kid no matter how old or mature I get I am I not good enough for his approval." Clayton was, of course, mentioning his older Brother Brian who treats him like a kid every chance he gets.

"I not hot-tempered when people bring up my height." hitting the mat making the mech move slightly showing the strength of each hit.

"I just wish that he see just how strong I've gotten without Dad to be around." Clayton took a deep breath before growling and swinging at the mech denting its head making a spark and a snapping sound.

"Lets. Take. Five" mech said falling to the ground powering it down.

Clayton sighed as he made his way the counter he was using for his equipment taking apart his sidearm and examining it looking through the stock and cleaning empty mags with a small wet whip.

"He frustrates me like no other, his clean suit, the cocky smile, and those glasses of his, why wear glasses? And does not have anything wrong with your eyes?" Clayton continued to mock his brother slighting looking around in case he wasn't around before sighing thinking of what Ruri saying and thinking about Seb and his team before realizing that one of them doesn't like Brian not one bit making Clayton fear that he'll be a focus of that as well "I pray that I don't encounter her, but this school is big my chances of bumping into her would be slime to non plus I haven't seen her yet so it's a start." slightly wagging his tail a bit out of joy.
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The Good Dog and the Bad Bear (Private)



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