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Silver Fox
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Re: RWBY RP Community Gaming (+100 Lien)

Post by Silver Fox » Mon Oct 16, 2017

I might as well add mine....

PS4: DJX___707 (3 underscorses)
Steam: DJX_707 (
Discord (Regular): DJX_707
Discord (On RWBY channel): Silver Fox

I'm too lazy to find my 3DS friend code but I rarely play on it anymore so yall don't really need it. Same with my Wii U but I only play Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild on that.


Overwatch (All the time)
Life is Strange
Stardew Valley
Assainss Creed
(Others that I don't remember right now)


Youtubers life
Town of Salem
Slime Rancher
Yandere Sim
The escapists
Plage Inc Evolved
(A lot)

I'm mostly on my PS4. So yeah.
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Re: RWBY RP Community Gaming (+100 Lien)



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Re: RWBY RP Community Gaming (+100 Lien)

Post by Draxl » Mon Oct 16, 2017

Joining in on the fun!

Xbox One: Nylock111
Games: Minecraft, Destiny 2, Halo 5, and Overwatch.
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Oliver Hughs
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Re: RWBY RP Community Gaming (+100 Lien)

Post by Oliver Hughs » Thu May 10, 2018

PS4: treFidie
Discord: Whey Man ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ#8090
Bnet ID: DeWhey#1533

I'm only going to list the games I have that are multiplayer...not much point listing others if we can't play them together, hah

PS4 Games
-Monster Hunter: World
-For Honor
-Destiny 2
-Injustice 2 (fear my Scarecrow!)

-Killing Floor (1&2)
-For Honor (yes I have it on both platforms, I love this game)
-NBA2k (13&16)
-Town of Salem

Blizzard Games
-Diablo 3
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