The Changes

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The Changes

Post by Clayton K. Pendalton » Sun May 07, 2017

Now, this is only for some explanation toward my old alt account Kinbok C. Pendalton. nothing drastic was changed only his name, and backstory and I want to let you in why I changed it.

One: The name Kinbok it was unique and had some meaning but it didn't sit well with me for the name to be in the RWBY universe, Kin-Bok was from Skyrim and it was 'dragon' for 'leader' now the reason and meaning made sense but didn't work.

Two: The backstory, I never had a real set backstory for Clayton only that he took his Father's military style and wanted to be part of something, his emotions and his interactions toward others also have changed only due to him thinking everyone is a "Civi" he has power, I didn't want that I wanted him to see people as people and him as a soldier.

Three: His attitude, like I said before it made him see as people were below him so I changed it as he sees people as people now he isn't this perfect person he's a soldier to be sure he sees you as who are, not what are you are.

and Finally: I changed his reason of going to Beacon at first it was to learn from Beacon for a short time or until he becomes a huntsman and go back to the military life, now he's doing this for a more personal reason getting better so he can protect the unprotected, defend the defenseless so and so forth, like a soldier he wants to protect and serve so that's how he is once he leaves, for now, he's a student and friend to some.

For this topic, it wasn't really needed since some don't care or didn't ask but I thought it'd be good for you all to now see why I changed it instead of just changing for the sake of it.

Any Questions, Comments, Concerns is always appreciated before to add your input in the matter and critics are greatly appreciated also.
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The Changes



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