Surprise for Luna..

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Surprise for Luna..

Post by Draxl » Sun May 14, 2017

Draxl: Happy Birthday, Congratulations
Rookie: Happy Birthday, With Salutations
Me: Happy Birthday, May The Sky Stay Blue

Everyone: Happy Birthday To You!

Draxl: Happy Birthday Luna, have a wonderful and best RP this year
Rookie: Happy Birthday Soldier, keep earning those medals
Yung: Happy Birthday Girl, let the wind favor you for eternity
Rictal: Happy Birthday Lady Luna, may you be the most valorous person to be walking on this world
Purlia: Happy Birthday you beautiful woman, and let your beauty shine
Vallar: Happy Birthday Luna, you will go down in history as a great hero
Revata: Happy Birthday Luna, may you be victorious in your quests
Caill: Happy Birthday Young Girl, let fate be yours to decide
Dryax: Happy Birthday Luna, may you be loved by thousands, no, millions
Xyet: Happy Birthday, no one will ever stomp on you like a puny bug

Me: And Happy Birthday from me, may your wildest dreams come true
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Surprise for Luna..



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Re: Surprise for Luna..

Post by Luna Deus » Sun May 14, 2017

0.0 Me Luna?

(i am unaware if this section has the word limit. Hope not!)

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