Draxl's POV if he was at The Fall of Vale

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Draxl's POV if he was at The Fall of Vale

Post by Draxl » Fri May 19, 2017

(This will show Draxl's POV under the invasion of the Grimm and the White Fang)

Vale, once a city that acted as a safe-haven for Human and Faunus against Grimm, now burning under a smoke filled sky with rays of the sun barely getting trough them.

Draxl's feelings under the situation could be described under one word. Worried.
The attack was so sudden, no one saw it coming. He could see different Huntsmen and Huntresses defending different parts of the city. Draxl found himself at the more populated part of it, buildings on fire, falling apart, with people running and screaming from Grimm and
White Fang.

The city of Vale, as you can already tell, was attacked by hordes of Grimm and attacks from White Fang Soldiers. It was also attacked by Atlesian Knights that turned on them, and a massive Dragon Grimm. The Atlesian Knights have been stopped, and the Dragon was attacked by a unknown source of light, and then frozen.

But even as the sun arrived over Vale, the invasion was still going.

This feeling of shock was now replaced with a all too familiar feeling Draxl has known to have at sights and times like these. Rage. He activated his Semblance and green flaming wings appeared on his back. Draxl took flight and began to hail a storm of bullets from his mechanical arm from above. Switching to his two green wrist blades, he began cutting down Grimm after Grimm, White Fang after White Fang.

He knew the city was lost, so he began to escort civilians along with other Hunters like himself. With one thing in his mind. If this happened to Vale, it would surely happen to other kingdoms.
So after leaving the city, he, along with other people, began construction on a outpost outside the borders of the kingdom.

Draxl and others took different roles. Draxl took on the role of constructing a wall to surround the outpost, using little recourses salvaged from Vale, to build turrets. Draxl would learn what it means to recover, to use that spark of hope to ignite a fire inside him and others.

He was no longer living a carefree life, he was living a life of survival built on hope and belief, that if with time, they could expand this outpost, and create a new city of Vale. On this he swore.
The past i lost but the future i found that i shall protect until the day i die

Draxl's POV if he was at The Fall of Vale



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