A lot of students for one school

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Clayton K. Pendalton
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A lot of students for one school

Post by Clayton K. Pendalton » Sat Apr 14, 2018

I know that Beacon is the star school of the RWBY series, but what about the other schools?

I only ask cause of all the 'new' students that keep coming and going, some reason can be behind this for some immersion such people not posting are students who left and or was expelled or something and another, but with bullheads 'ships' always the traffic for more students you can see how odd that would be for anyone, Beacon isn't the only school.

I did also think about that, we have no knowledge of the other schools, besides Haven, plus the school were rarely talked about so we don't know much of what they look like, interior wise or exterior, who the teachers are or even that what makes them important (Not counting the relics cause no one knows about them other than the headmasters and Salem.)

We can also say that maybe this isn't the Remnant we know from the story that this is an 'Alternate version' of the RWBY verse.

And I do know the hassle it could add to organize more school threads and making the events a bother adding more teachers and headmasters would be difficult, so maybe I'm now answering my own question.

Anyway, just something I had on my mind for sometime maybe someone could shed some more light on this or add your own reason why we are all only going to Beacon.

(Notice: I just looked more and saw that there is a Haven and Sanctum thread here that I didn't see, but with absolutely no one posted on those threads making them dead threads. but still is something to maybe consider is trying out the other schools? maybe probably not?)
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A lot of students for one school



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Re: A lot of students for one school

Post by Ax L. Rose » Mon Apr 16, 2018

Adding additional schools just creates needless divides between students! If everyone's going to the same school it's much easier to justify characters meeting and interacting. Even in larger-scale MMOs and forums, characters tend to congregate in common locales when looking for chances to interact anyway. So short answer: there's just really no benefit to trying to tell stories that take place all throughout Remnant. It is easier to focus strictly on the students at a single academy and branch outward only when specific story events require it.

While RWBY-RP is an 'alternate universe' by necessity, staff and players definitely try to adhere to the norms and conventions of the setting as best as we can! While we may not be able to perfectly emulate all fashions of the setting due to limitations in the medium (collaborative writing), we can aim for as close to the center of that target as possible. It's in our best interest to, as a matter of fact, as most people that search google for a RWBY RP site are looking for something that's as true to the setting portrayed in the show as possible.
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