(Story Mission) Don't Look Down (Private w/ Jim Lavay) (Complete)

A highly sophisticated kingdom that specializes in technology and military might. Atlas homes a school for students to become Hunters and Huntresses.
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Re: (Story Mission) Don't Look Down (Private w/ Jim Lavay)

Post by Ava Blueblood » Sat Jul 15, 2017

A pale blush arose on Ava's cheeks. "I-it was nothing... besides, I don't think it would have come to that if you didn't bite a few bullets first." Truthfully, her feelings for him knew no bounds. Short of seeing her teammates harmed, Ava doubted her ability to reach such emotional disdain - she'd trek over the highest mountains and trudge through the deepest pits of hell for her partner, though. Rather than question the source of her semblance's newfound development, Ava allowed all memory of it to fade from her mind and instead looked to the future; A holiday with Jim, away from the stresses of student life at Beacon Academy.

As the Doctor confirmed Jim would live and suggested he sought medical attention, she breathed a heavy sigh of relief and nodded vigorously. "Thank you." Once the pilots moved away from the crowd and the ring began to disperse, Ava inhaled deeply and released a long breath, steadily laying down beside Jim. The sound of his voice drew her attention, and she stifled a giggle in light of his unending humour. "I don't know, Grandma Blau can be preeetty persuasive," she winked, relishing their first moment as a couple since departure.

Once the last passenger turned away, she moved her hands to her hips. "Yup." She put on a smug look and looked over to her partner. "We're rescuing planes and slaying super-sized Grimm in our second year. Not too shabby for a couple of students, if I do say so myself." She swung around on the balls of her feet, catching a glimpse of the fallen ship on her way around. The endless possibilities of how things could have turned out... she feared to dwell on them.

Sirens blared in the distance as great blue lights illuminated the forest. The Huntress beamed a smile and offered a hand to her partner in crime. "The first of many times we'll save lives together. Let's show the world what we can do."
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