A Grimm Ambush (Combat training)

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Re: A Grimm Ambush (Combat training)

Post by Silver Fox » Tue Mar 06, 2018

Although Silver was able to get out of the line of fire, she immediately collapsed once her feet hit the floor. A pounding sensation was running through her mind and when she opened her eyes, all she could see was a spinning world. From the bottom of her stomach, she could feel the blood rise to her mouth. She, for the most part, kept it inside her, only a little bit of the sticky red substance dripped out of her mouth. God damn it Silver! she thought holding back the blood. Get up, your team needs you! She continued to think as she pushed herself off the ground, but before she could a Grimm ran over to her and bit her foot, it's sharp teeth sinking into her skin. Silver's instincts kicked in again has the Grimm threw her leg around like a chew toy. She quickly turned to the Grimm and spit blood on its face to distract it and loosen its grip on her leg. She then kicked the grimm with her other foot sending the Grimm flying backward, allowing her to free her leg from the Grimm's painful grasp.

Screams of agony exploded in Silver's mind but only a few small, quiet ones escaped her mouth. She was unable to feel most of her leg when it hit the ground, the most she could feel is the holes in which the Grimm's teeth had entered her skin along with the blood running down her leg. Alas, Silver knew she couldn't just stay there and wait for her comrades to fight off the Gimm, oh no, she had to fight even if it was going to hurt like hell.

Silver limped her way over to the Gimm laying sprawled out on the ground. She looked at it with pitty, she could feel her blood boiling from all the pain and the anger she had contained over the years. "Why....! she spoke out. "Why?!" She yelled at it. "Why must your foul creatures take and take and take and then not even give us some type of knowledge to what you are?! Millions of innocent people die because of you and yet everything about you is a secret!" She screamed at the Grimm and kicked its side to keep it down. She lifted her hurt leg, letting her sticky hot blood fall onto the creatures face. This was the end. Silver has had enough. She took her foot and stomped on the creatures head as hard as she could leaving only dust only her foot.

Silver yelled, not out of agony or pain, but out of anger. She was done with this battle and done with these Grimm. She yelled a battle cry, one that she was sure the others heard. While screaming her eyes had a pricing gaze, she was analyzing everything around her. She had used her aura to active her ability Fox Eyes.

At that moment everything slowed down and Silver was able to see the not flying towards her, she rushed to it, her mind not focusing on her leg so she barely felt it. Silver caught the note and opened it to read 3 O'clock. Silver understood initially and moved to that position looking over at SeaN. She could tell he was really, really badly hurt. Silver moved into a position that if SeaN were to be in trouble she could get him. If need be, Silver can take a few more hits, assuming she can block them, but SeaN, Even if he barely gets stretched he is at death's door.
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Beowolf 9 attacks Silver at close range for 50 damge. Silver is unable to block or dodge. (91 - 50 = 41 HP)
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Silver kicks Beowolf Packhunter 9 while they are unable to block or dodge again, for 25 damage. (40 - 25 = 15)
Silver kicks Beowolf Packhunter 9 while they are unable to block or dodge for the list time, for 25 damage. (15 - 25 = - DEAD!!)
Silver uses Fox Eyes. (2 - 2 = 0 Aura)
End Beowolf Packhunters
Beowolf Packhunter 9 & 15

(Beowolf Packhunter 15 died beacuse of Frosted Decay.)
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Silver Fox
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Dust - 6 - (2/6)
Health - 41/155
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Re: A Grimm Ambush (Combat training)



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Sean Floatsam
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Re: A Grimm Ambush (Combat training)

Post by Sean Floatsam » Mon Mar 26, 2018

SeaN stared down the beast in front of him, chucking as the grimm tried vainly to free it's foot from it's rope binding, the seer whistling as he turned to attention to his allies as they wiped out the grimm. “Wow. And I thought I was needed… But they seem to have it covered....” The seer spoke under his breath, stumbling towards his Baton Rogue that wasn't in use keeping a grimm stuck dangling, his aura feeling less than a couple paper cuts from shattering. Note to self…. Can’t use my foresight for a bit when I get back… God fighting sucks… SeaN griped internally as he leaned on the bat, sweat and blood sticking his hair to his face. Which was a good thing, since SeaN could barely see the woods in front of him with his bad eye at the moment.

Shaking the cobwebs out of his head, SeaN climbed up a tree, stabbing his knife into the bark and dragging his body upwards. If anyone asked, this was just in case a Beowolf decided to go for the weakest link. He leaned back, reaching into his coat and feeling around, swapping out his knife for a small party horn and blowing into it, watching the paper tube unfurl as the small noise marked a location for his allies to lock onto. “There’s a Packhunter hanging from the tree 33° degrees from me. Or to my right if you’re not in the mood for math. But it’s easy mathamatics, so I doubt anyone could need that. If you do go after Bitey, the wolf will know you’re coming, so be careful. I don’t want to have to drag anyone back to the ship, well besides Lavay, but she’s been fighting here for a while so she gets a pass.”

SeaN was speaking on autopilot, his mind rescinding into his semblance once more. One last systems check, one last reminder of the status quo. He was already close to down, he couldn't afford to let a single risk escape his sight. It was always better to be safe than sorry. To the world, he probably looked like he was sitting on the tree branch, sleeping… Which was pretty accurate to be honest. Just replace sleeping with watching. Sleep comes later. It always did. Whether it came with death or victory, that was to be seen..... Or foreseen, in SeaN's case. The rest was up to his classmates.
SeaN has retreated to the trees
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Re: A Grimm Ambush (Combat training)

Post by Zaza Kuroda » Sun Apr 15, 2018

This battle was as good as done. The archer would let his fellow fox faunus finish off the remaining Grimm beowolves. To his surprise, she lashed out on the dreadful creatures. It must have been personal to have her release her anger like that. Still, she finished the job. Zaza decided not to mention it, so he decided to praise her while walking pass the younger faunus.

"Hey, good job" he said to her while approaching the human with the baseball bats. The poor guy took a lot of damage during the battle. Zaza wished he could have done more to prevent that, but all he can do now is be glad that nothing ended up worse for SeaN.

"I'll finish him off!" Zaza hollered to his injured ally. The archer entered deeper into the treeline to search for his prey. He and SeaN had already gave the wolf a few hits. This execution was just a mercy kill by now. The growling of the Grimm made it a lot easier for Zaza to track it. Plus, SeaN gave an estimate idea of where it's located. Zaza made sure to prepare and arrow when coming in contact with the hostile monster.

The noise of the beowolf got louder and louder. Eventually Zaza saw the struggling figure of his tied up pray. The Grimm must have had a little bit of luck on its side since it managed to free itself the moment Zaza revealed himself. After a quick and intimidating roar, it charged the fox faunus. Unfortunately, Zaza's reflexes didn't wither during the battle. He pulled on his newly forged arrow and aimed the bow. The fox faunus couldn't help but grin as his aura worked a bit more magic into the arrowhead of the orange projectile. The tip of the arrow formed into a spiral while the beowolf continued to advance on his position. The wolf managed to reach within arms length of Zaza, but whether it knew it or now, there was no time for the creature to prevent Zaza's attack.

The moment Zaza let go of Razorwind's bowstring, the arrow flew into the beowolf's chest. The arrowhead drilled through the chest, piercing the heart, if the wolf had any, before exiting out of the backside of its torso. Zaza lowered his bow and walked away from the dead body, glancing back once to confirm that it starts dispersing.


Zaza Kuroda
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Dust: 0 (0/0 DP) (0 Dmg)
HP: 194
- Beowolf 8 strikes Zaza for 50 melee damage; Zaza dodges: 11 Dodge - 6 Acc = 5 Dodge
- Beowolf 9 strikes Zaza for 50 melee damage; Zaza blocks: 50 damage - 48 Block = 2 damage: 198 HP - 2 damage = 194 HP; Block resets; Dodge raises to 22
- Beowolf 10-11 strikes Zaza for 50 melee damage; Zaza dodges: 22 Dodge - 12 Acc = 10 Dodge
- Zaza uses Vortex; Range increases to 18, Accuracy increases to 13 for this turn
- Zaza strikes Beowolves 8 for 54 range damage; Beowolf 8 blocks: 54 damage - 14 Block = 40 damage: 49 HP - 40(1.5) damage = -20 HP
Zaza Kuroda
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Range: 12(+6) (54 Dmg)
Accuracy: 9(+4)
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Defense: 7(+3)(+2) (48/48 Block)
Aura: 0 (7/12 AP) - 1 AP
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- Lavay
- SeaN (I think)
- Silver

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